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Jessica Jones: AKA I Wish

“I choose you.”

In a tense and even gruesome episode, Jessica Jones and Trish begin working together to collect information about the man who’s holding every card.

Is Sallinger insane? I haven’t decided. There’s the moment in this episode where he looks at himself in the mirror, says “You’re right. I lied. I never tried,” and nearly bursts into tears. He has a meticulous carefulness and planning skill which screams serial killer. And let’s face it. Dismembering bodies, putting them in tanks? Not a great move, according to Sanity Fair. We don’t get to learn too much more about Sallinger in this episode but it sets him up perfectly as a terrifying antagonist.

Jeri’s another person whose sanity I have to question. I was sickened by how she started trying to manipulate Kith from the beginning. But then I also felt the same about her husband Peter. Both are treating Kith like someone they can control. Both use emotional and societal blackmail to produce that control. I’m not even sure whether Jeri’s more shocked at the suicide video because of the content – or because of the impact on her life. In the end, I’m thrilled that Kith seems to escape Jeri. Whatever Jeri is going through, she has no right to spread it around like a bad flu. Like Shari said about the previous episode it just isn’t clear what Jeri really could gain from this.

And let’s talk about Erik, Berry and Gor. I loved the introduction of Berry, even if she’s a total Sassy Prostitute cliché. Having Malcolm supervise her was classic. And having Malcolm get knocked out by the pimp Gor? Priceless.

Trish and Jessica for once seem to have the most healthy relationship in the episode. By opening up and starting to trust each other again they’re re-laying the foundation of their sisterhood and the way they worked together was just comicbook awesome. I have hopes that they’ll get Malcolm back, especially after he got his ass handed to him by Gor. Nothing like a little righteous anger to gel out the old righteous ragenoids. When the two of them admit the secret, unrealizable wishes they each hold, they've taken a great step towards true partnership.

I just hope they’re really intent on the teamwork. They’ll need it now Sallinger has Erik, dead or alive.

Bits and Pieces

Jessica's relationship with Erik lets us have a couple cute moments. I think Erik has a lot of potential as a boyfriend.

Malcolm and Jess are still estranged; it was great to see Malcolm open up that door a crack. Malcolm's girlfriend. Anyone think she was more instrumental in Peter Lyonne's knowledge of Jeri's activities than Malcolm realizes?


Jessica: You’re gonna need, uhh... water, kelp juice or whatever.
Trish: Hey I've done a stakeout before. Everything I need is in my car.

Sallinger: You’re right. I lied. I never tried.

Peter: You can’t have her.
Jessica: You can’t either.

Jessica: It’s important.
Malcolm: (soberly) Okay.


In my opinion much better than the previous episode. Four out of five sassy prostitutes.


  1. Of all the Netflix Marvel shows, this is the one I'll miss the most - much as I loved both Daredevil and Punisher. Just finished binge-watching last night. Can't wait to read the rest of your reviews.

  2. An awesome episode. The scene in the tank where Jessica nearly died was super creepy, the Jessica/Trish scenes were all really good, and the bagged hand landing on the floor in the middle of Sallinger's apartment made me laugh out loud.

    I almost feel bad about Jeri and Kith, but it's so hard to do because we just don't know what Jeri was doing. Was she just trying to reconnect with the love of her life before her illness catches up with her, and couldn't help bringing Peter down? Or was everything she did selfishly motivated? I honestly can't tell. Although Jeri's past does suggest selfishness.

  3. Just an FYI for the Quotables section...
    it should be Jeri - not Jessica.

    Peter: You can’t have her.
    Jeri: You can’t either.

    Love the reviews. Thanks!


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