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The 100: Nevermind

"I don't go down easy."

It's Clarke vs. Josephine in a fight to the death.

Did anyone get A Christmas Carol vibes from this episode? With all of Clarke's visitors being the ghosts of Christmas past and present Josephine's memory being the future she signed her friends up for.

I have to say I liked all of the scenes with Clarke and Josie, which is saying something because that was a lot of the episode. If they hit us over the head with any more comparisons we will all be suffering communal concussions. They even look similar, right down to the hairstyles. Josephine is the sociopath that Clarke might turn into without Bellamy and Madi and Raven and Murphy to answer to. And for the love of Christmas, someone tell me this hair twirling thing is going to pay off at some point. Anyway, while I liked them together, visiting Clarke's past was nostalgic and sweet but ultimately reiterations of a guilt that we already knew about and Josie's past stopped just short of interesting. I'm almost positive that seeing her deep dark secret should have humanized her a little but it fell short. I got more of a connection from her when she was gently manipulating Clarke in the woods. It was almost maternal. Nurturing.

Clarke sacrificing herself so that her friends could live, felt like her coming full circle or at the very least true to who she is. Doing the thing that saves them all. Having Monty come in as her moral compass and convince her that it isn't selfish to want to live works better if it was really Monty. But it wasn't, right? He was a manifestation of her. She gave herself permission to want to live. Not that she's wrong. I want Clarke back and she does deserve to keep her body. Good for her. She really does do it all.

Josephine took the time to commend Clarke's mindspace, I have to do the same. The writers and costumers and set directors get all the gold stars in existence. If I watched this episode 102 times, I bet I'd find new easter eggs to obsess over every time. The attention to detail was out of this world. Clarke and Josephine's outfits and hairstyles changed to fit the memories they visited. The warnings changed to fit the memories as well. Becca and Diyoza were on the covers of magazines and tabloids before ALIE wiped out earth.

The Morse code tapping is the second time a language played a critical role in Bellamy staying connected to Clarke. When he first suspected that Clarke wasn't herself anymore, it was trigedasleng that he turned to confirm his suspicions. And when that wasn't enough he started talking about their shared guilt, a bong only shared between the two of them – something Josephine couldn't fake. This time they used Morse code to communicate with each other without alerting the others. Even Miller was oblivious because only Bellamy would be watching for that crucial BFF flare.

3 out of 4 code words.
6 out 4 for the amazing attention to detail.

Bits and pieces

This is the second time Clarke's subconscious has conjured her dad when she needed comfort and warmth.

Would Josephine know Morse code?

There for a second I thought we'd get to see Finn or Lexa back. I'm glad we got Monty, though.

Josephine talked a lot about judgement. She told Clarke that she didn't judge her for how many people she killed and told her not to judge her for keeping her memories in books and called Clarke judgy when she was called a sociopath. Judgy wudgy was a bear.

In the woods, Clarke kept Lexa, Finn, Jasper and her father's deaths. They are what has most affected her.

ALIE: "If I were you, and in a way I am, I'd keep this memory safe."

ALIE: "I tried to spare you the pain and horror of your existence."
Clarke: "There is no joy without pain."

Clarke: "Go float yourself."
Josephine: "I have no idea what that means."

Josie: "Even your projections hate you, Clarke."

Monty: "You call this doing better? Giving up isn’t better."

Bellamy: "It means Clarke's alive. And we're gonna get her back."

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  1. Yeah, I really loved this one too, Laure. It was such a blast from the past and all the little easter eggs were a joy to watch. And Bellamy picking up on Clarke's message was lovely.


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