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Five Infamous TV Traitors

Judas, Juda-ah-ah!

Judas, Juda-ah-ah!

Judas, Juda-ah-ah!

Judas, Ga-Ga!

Warning: This list contains some pretty old spoilers!


For its first sixteen episodes, Grant Ward was the Riley Finn of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He was a bland, good looking Dudley Do-Right with about as much personality as the show's logo. Then 'Turn, Turn, Turn' happened and he suddenly became the show's Angelus.


During the show's first season, Nina was Jack Bauer's loyal second in command at CTU. She was also his ex-lover. Which made things awkward in the workplace. Then we found out she was a traitor and had murdered Jack's pregnant wife. That made things super awkward in the workplace.


You’d think I would've gone with the series' most famous traitor, horny computer genius Gaius Baltar. But his initial betrayal was unintentional, whereas Gaeta’s was deliberate and all the more heartbreaking for it. After being shot and losing his leg, Gaeta grew disillusioned with Adama and Roslin's leadership and their new alliance with the rebel Cylons. So he teamed up with Tom Zarek and staged a bloody mutiny on the Galactica that ended with both of them facing a firing squad.


Michael was willing to do anything to get his son back from the Others. Turns out this included betraying all his friends by leading Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley into a trap so he could trade them for Walt and safe passage off the island. Oh, and there was also the small matter of him murdering Ana Lucia and Libby so he could free "Henry Gale".


The second treasonous Michael on this list. When he first showed up on the station, Eddington didn't seem to be anything more than your typical Starfleet stiff, there simply to remind his more rebellious captain that he couldn't disobey Admiral Whatstheirface's orders. So it came a something of a shock when it was revealed he was a Maquis spy who really didn't like the Federation. Captain Sisko took his betrayal personally. So personally that he poisoned an entire planet just to catch him. This is why you don't fuck with the Emissary.

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  1. I can't believe no one from Alias made this list.

  2. I've forgotten so much about Alias, including which side everyone was really on.

  3. I think with Alias, how much actual "betrayal" was there? I think most of the characters whose allegiances shifted were already shady af, so while their turns may have been surprising, they definitely weren't a major gut-punch.

  4. It's been awhile since I watched Alias and I can't come up with anyone, either. But definitely Nina, Gaeta and Michael. I remember how infuriating Michael's betrayal was.

  5. One of the interesting things about Battlestar Galactica is that almost all the characters are traitors at one point or another, at least from some points of view. The show had a habit of making people choose between people they cared about, or choose between someone they cared about and their ideals.


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