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Roswell, New Mexico: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

“This will never get less weird.”

After the blistering pace of the season, this episode felt like a reprieve. An opportunity to witness the repercussions of all that has occurred and the setup for the season finale we’re hurtling towards.

Since most of the main characters are now in the know (sorry, Maria), each member of the alien trio decides to come clean to someone they care about. I can only imagine the pressure of keeping a large chunk of who you are secret for decades. Regardless of the potential danger, the relief they feel must be immense.

Max and Cam have it the easiest. Their physical relationship was over before these revelations. However, they are still partners and an argument can be made for that bond being far stronger. It certainly seems that Cam is more offended by the fact her partner lied to her than anything else, potential alien STDs notwithstanding. Their discussion is a two minute affair that ends with Cam begging to go back to hunting bad guys. She was never one to wallow in emotions.

Now that Isobel is cured she has jumped on the “no more secrets” bandwagon. However, Noah confronts her before she has time to confess. Luckily guns are not his forte and he eventually defaults to the fact that he loves her. Once again, I find Noah’s behavior mind boggling. Each moment makes sense but the sum never quite adds up. But more on that later.

Alex and Michael have a similar exchange, although their conversation has less to do with his extraterrestrial nature than his earth history. It surprised me that this conversation never occurred prior to this. Especially since their miserable childhoods seemed to be the catalyst for their relationship. Then again, Michael has always been a master of deflection.

But Alex got more than he bargained for. Michael did as asked and let him in–on everything, even the project he’s only hinted at with everyone else. Michael’s attempt to rebuild their ship and go home. For Michael it is the ultimate gesture of vulnerability but for Alex it’s proof that he never truly mattered to Michael. If Michael loved him, why would he want to leave? In truth, has anyone ever given Michael a good reason to stay?

A side effect of Liz’s alien antidote is the reemergence of Isobel’s memories. Not only does she remember her friendship with Rosa, she remembers having romantic feelings for her, which begs the question if being bisexual is the normal alien state of affairs. Although if Liz’s hypothesis is correct, they may not be her memories at all.

With the truth-telling out of the way, we can get back to solving the two mysteries. Who is the serial killing fourth alien and what happened to Jim Valenti? Chief Master Sergeant Manes appears to have arranged for a fake medical examiner signed off on the deaths of both Jim Valenti and the 14 alien victims. Manes did not know our alien serial killer’s identity. Did he know who or what killed Valenti? Because, until someone discovers a connection between alien hand prints and brain tumors, he’s our only link.

I don’t have a clue how Valenti’s death ties into alien shenanigans other than being certain that it does. On the other hand, I have lots of thoughts about our serial killing alien. For one, I believe it has to be a character we already know. This would limit the pool to three people: Maria, Mama DeLuca or Noah. And there are arguments for and against all three.

The best argument for it being Maria is structural rather than story based. She’s the only friend still on the outside. It would also explain why someone as psychically gifted as she appears to be does not realize that ALL her friends are hiding things from her. However, this would be a MASSIVE departure from the book and it would mean that Mama DeLuca is most likely an alien too.

I can think of no real arguments for Mama DeLuca other than she too is on the outside looking in. But the one opportunity we had to spend time with her, she argued that things from the “other world” were dangerous. At least in her more lucid moments. So unless losing her mind is one huge act to throw everyone off her scent (or the reason she’s killing people?) I doubt it’s her. Plus the whole “it would make Maria an alien and be a massive departure from the book” thing.

That leaves Noah. At first I thought I jumped the gun (no pun intended). Noah’s freak out was believable when faced with the knowledge they had married an egg person. However, while I can see how love for Isobel overcoming his fear, the speed at which it happened left me with doubts. Especially considering the frequency with which she uses and threatens to use her abilities on other humans. But, the real reason I think it’s him is the person who attacked Liz’s lab knew exactly what to steal and exactly where to find it. And Noah is the only one of the three privy to all the information he would have needed to pull it off.

On the con side, he got shot during said attack. Sure, it deflects suspicion, but it’s a risky move. Unless he has direct control over the person rather than being an influencer like Isobel. There’s also the question of motive, but that applies to all three suspects.

All in all, I thought it was a solid episode. It gave me the character moments that I love. And it put forward the idea that Isobel isn’t guilty of Rosa’s murder which, let’s be honest, never made a whole lot of sense to begin with. Besides, I’m a sucker for a good mystery, and now we have two. More, please.

3.5 out of 5 alien antidotes

Parting Thought:

This week’s title is brought to you by the 1998 Aerosmith song of the same name.

Alex and Cam know that Isobel, Max, and Michael are aliens. Although it is not as clear if they know about the trio’s involvement in Rosa’s death. They certainly don’t know about the old man that Max killed.

We’re never given a reason for the people protesting Liz’s research beyond “small minds.” Of all the animals to be slaughtered in the name of research most people don’t get all that worked up about rats, so I’m still left scratching my head.


Isobel: “I forgot what it was like to see you happy.”

Michael: “I just told you I survived a UFO crash. I gestated in a pod for half a century, and I hatched. And you want to know about my family problems?”

Max: “I don’t like lying to you. I’m sorry that I hurt you.”
Cameron: “Can we go chase bad guys now?”

Sheriff Valenti: “What was I supposed to do? Open up a murder investigation over cancer?”

Alex: “Why are you showing me this, Guerin? I just told you my family’s been targeting yours for generations.”
Michael: “I’ve been sick of secrets for a long time now. And if anyone’s gonna destroy me... it might as well be you.”

Noah: “I saw you in an egg, so I freaked out and bought a gun. I don’t – I don’t even want a gun. But I’m married to an egg person.”

Isobel: “I come in peace.”

Noah: “So Max and Michael too. Oh, God. They’re cowboys. And aliens.”

Hank: “He was one shady mother. Untrustworthy eyes. Bad in his bones, you know?”
Max: “I think that’s Hankspeak for ‘he wasn’t white.’”

Noah: “At what point does scientific progress just become about man playing God?”

Isobel: “Look, lady, I’m currently being very courteous. I could jump into your mind and make you do it, but... I’d like for us to be on the same team here, okay?”

Michael: “Liz isn’t so bad. But I don’t trust anyone. If she’s got an alien poison, I’m gonna squirrel away the antidote.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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