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Supernatural: The Gamblers

"Places like this don't exist for no reason."

A fifteenth season episode with a hopeful message. That was new.

Where did the gods in Supernatural come from? Finally, an answer. People imagined them and prayed to them and Chuck was jealous, so he made them real so that they would take the blame for bad things that happened. So the gods, and we've met many on this show through the years, are Chuck's victims. Maybe it wasn't that surprising that the goddess Fortuna ultimately connected with Dean and Sam after they told her they were Chuck's victims, too.

What I liked most about this episode was that it showed the Winchesters as the heroes they've always been, even without their mojo. Dean and Sam took on that last bet to save the people trapped in the pool hall, not themselves. This, the very core of their characters, isn't something that Chuck can ever take from them.

And it was their heroism that won over Fortuna. Up until the surprise ending, I thought the boys would get their mojo back somehow, but the story would still end tragically. And no. It was lovely to see those people finally getting to walk away from the hell of being trapped in that magical pool hall. (Although I kept wondering how they were going to get back to civilization from the middle of nowhere, Alaska. Yes, I'm too practical.)

Meanwhile, with Chuck "off world" (where, I'd like to know), Billie (not me, Death) sent Jack back into the world to... kill angels? At least they aren't regular old angels, who are bad enough, but the Grigori, ancient angels who fed on human souls.

It's nice to see the real Jack again. He's changed, too: he's calm, mature, and full of purpose... and angel hearts. It was sweet to see Castiel and the Winchesters simply glad to see him again – no baggage, no anger, no discomfort over what happened to Mary.

Jack told them that he can become powerful enough to take out Chuck. And I say, it's too soon for us to have the answer to Chuck, since there are nine more episodes to go. We shall see.


— I enjoyed the quirky, offbeat jazz score that accompanied the pool hall scenes. And "North to Alaska" was a gold rush song about someone named "Big Sam," no coincidence there.

— The note on the table was addressed to "Cass," not "Cas." A long-time fan question finally answered. I've always come down on the "Cas" side because there's only one "s" in Castiel, but whatever.

And of course, Misha Collins had the last word.

— So Sam and Eileen are texting. That's sweet. I'm sure we'll see her again before The End.

— The location where the bar sat reminded me of the bar in the second season episode about the crossroads. There were two signs in the windows, and I have no idea what they meant: "Setaski since 1954" and "3 Sheeps." Anyone know?

— This week: Lurlene's bar somewhere in Alaska, and Cushing, Oklahoma. Castiel was Agent Lizzo, which made me laugh out loud. And perfect, after several outings of Castiel as "Agent Beyonce."

— The next episode airs Monday March 16, a new night. A break, and possibly for the last time. With only nine episodes to go. Forever.


Dean: "I don't know how much more of this normal life crap I can take, between the credit cards, the car trouble, the constant freaking heartburn…"

Sam: "No no no. No no no no no. No way."
Dean: "Man, I've been slinging pool cues since before you were born."
Sam: "What? When you were four? Really? What, between nap time and snack?"

Sam: "Places like this don't exist for no reason."
Evie: "Most people think it's a godsend."
Pun intended, Evie?

Fortuna: "When I play someone, I get a read on them. And you – you're just a beach read. Sexy, mm, but skimmable."
Dean: "Beach read? Lady, I'm Tolstoy."

Evie: "She said she thought your kind had gone extinct."
Sam: "Our kind?"
Evie: "Heroes. Like the old days. And she gave me a message. She said, 'Don't play his game. Make him play yours.'"

I liked this episode, especially the magic pool hall and the Winchesters being themselves even without their mojo. Three out of four Dean-is-not-a-beach-reads,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I liked the episode and I totally agree that Dean is not a beach reads.

  2. I am from Wisconsin where the set guys came from. If I watch the signs in many of the episodes they are places from there home area. 3 sheeps is a brewery in Sheboygan wi. The other sign i don't know yet. Jerry Wanek producer and production designer is from Manitowoc Wi. and I see lots of set things from our hometown area.

  3. I liked this episode as well and I am thrilled that Jack's back! Like you said Billie he's calm,mature and more in control. I guess dying will do that for a guy... 😉 😀😃🙂

    1. I don’t know Anonymous. Dean’s died over 100x and he’s most certainly not calm and in control. LOL

      We’re on a re-watch and I forgot how BAD the last episode was (we even turned it off 1/2 through, yet we watched all of ‘Bloodlines’). This was was more in line with the SPN we know & love.

      Also Congratulations to Ruthie & Rob on their upcoming new baby. The Queen of Hell & God having a baby. What do you call that?


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