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Roswell, New Mexico: Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space

“Everybody in this town is haunted.”

It’s been two weeks since the events of the last episode. And as much as the main characters would like to be there for each other, they spend most of this episode suffering alone.

Liz is like a swan, gracefully gliding across the surface while madly paddling just to stay afloat. Trying to balance her shifts at the Crashdown and supporting Maria are hard enough.  But now her quest to revive Max is at odds with needing to keep her sister safe from both prying eyes and the ugliness that has engulfed Roswell since Rosa’s death.

The latter might have worked if they had gone to Palo Alto as planned. But the possibility of saving Max keeps them trapped in a town where Rosa is both known and hated. Plus, it’s kind of hard to get around when you’re supposed to be dead.

Last week I said I couldn’t understand how Rosa was feeling. But the idea of being confined in one’s home is completely relatable given the Stay-In-Home Orders and Social Distancing Guidelines currently in force around the country and world.

Rosa does what most of us would like to do and escapes those confines. We soon learn she is responsible for the recent spate of vandalism. Rosa needs to make her presence known, even if she can’t openly claim credit.

Tagging buildings serves a dual purpose in that art is one of her coping mechanisms. Lord knows waking up from the dead after a decade and realizing everyone has moved on without you is a lot to contend with. To learn you’re considered a murderer and the man who framed you is your sister’s boyfriend? I hope she’s the next Picasso.

As for Liz, how do you explain ten years of history to someone without simplifying it to the point of meaninglessness? Especially to a 19-year-old who already feels misunderstood and marginalized. Yes, Max framed Rosa for Kate and Jasmine’s deaths. But he was in an impossible position and he could never have foreseen the hatred it would inspire or that Rosa would ever have to suffer for it. After all, she was dead.

Which is what Max wants to be. He is in agony and wants Rosa’s help to end it. As angry as Rosa is with both Liz and Max, in true big sister fashion, she puts her sister’s happiness above her own and refuses. Instead of ending his suffering, all he does is push Rosa towards her more self-destructive tendencies. A fact he realizes too late.

Isobel’s pregnancy is confirmed. As I suspected, fears that she might be carrying Noah 2.0 are damaging her calm and wreaking havoc with her control over her abilities (or is it the pregnancy itself?). Unlike Rosa, she’d be happy to hibernate in her home. But her mother is having none of it.

I’m still trying to get a handle on the Evans family dynamics. Is Ann an overbearing mother or simply a concerned parent? Based on the few hints we’ve been given, both Max and Isobel held her at arm’s length. Was that to hide their secret or due to her preoccupation with what “the neighbors” will think? And where is dear old Dad?

Regardless, Ann convinces her daughter to join her in what turns out to be Maria’s latest money making enterprise. “Woman as Warrior!” Isobel is unimpressed. However, the day is not complete fluff and Isobel walks away empowered.

Empowered to do what is unclear. Was Isobel trying to end her pregnancy or to commit suicide? Considering she took a drop of poison instead of injecting the whole syringe, I’m leaning towards the former.

I don’t know where to start with Michael. His inability to concentrate is understandable between the trauma of losing his mother and brother in the space of a day. Which could explain his see-sawing behavior towards Maria. However, his behavior towards Alex has been honest and respectful even when declining Alex’s advances. Why is it so hard for him to do the same for Maria?

Maria never struck me as someone who would let any man treat her poorly. Certainly not after teaching a seminar on female empowerment.  So, while I understand the vulnerability, she must be feeling since her mother’s disappearance, I am disappointed in how quickly she fell back into Michael’s arms. What happened to Maria DeLuca being her own savior?

Jesse Manes’ return to consciousness is an issue for all our heroes. So, I found it surprising that Kyle only saw fit to consult Alex before waking him up. Jesse’s right. They may have evidence that he killed Papa Valenti, but they can’t use it. Meanwhile, the mere accusation that Kyle put Jesse in the coma would ruin Kyle’s career. Not to mention, he knows the alien trio is just that. Do they believe he’ll keep quiet out of a sense of honor?

Kyle’s code may override his sense of self-preservation. But to say Alex’s feelings regarding his father are conflicted is an understatement. Which is why he is unable to move when Jesse’s seizures begin. Unfortunately, Jesse’s death would solve far too many problems, so I expect some medical heroics will be implemented to save his life.

Finally, there’s the introduction of Steph, AKA the Dean of Surgery’s daughter. Is she simply a new foil for Kyle or are her interests interplanetary? She seemed a little too curious about Rosa’s test results. And was it just me, or did the camera linger just a little too long on Steph’s bottle of nail polish remover?

The mystery of Roswell’s newest graffiti artist may be solved. But the questions surrounding Mimi DeLuca’s disappearance, the health of Isobel and her unborn baby, Jesse and Project Shepherd’s ultimate plans, and Michael’s personal love triangle remain. It’s going to be an interesting season.

3.5 out of 5 lentils

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s episode was named after the 1997 album and song by the band Spiritualized. I did not know this.

Just in case you were curious about Indian Boarding Schools. Another disgraceful chapter in American history.

Alex has a team that works for him that doesn’t ask questions and follows orders. That could come in handy.

I wonder how much money the Longs donated to the Mayor’s campaign to secure Wyatt’s release?  And we won’t discuss Wyatt’s abominable understanding of history.


Isobel: “Wake up, cowboy. We got us an alien problem.”

Rosa: “Ugh, affection. I’m allergic.”

Rosa: “Maybe that’s what growing up is. Grieving in secret for all the stuff you can’t get back.”

Max: “I can’t take it anymore. Just end it!”

Liz: “In the meantime…”
Rosa: “Don’t go outside. Don’t order pizza. If somebody calls asking my favorite scary movie, don’t engage.”

Jesse: “Do you know how many ways I could kill you, Kyle?”
Kyle: “It’ll be a few days before you’re strong enough to continue your systematic elimination of my family tree.”

Maria: “Why are you awake. It’s still daytime.”

Liz: “I’m trying to focus on the science. I’ve never failed at the science.”

Isobel: “And what if I have a body-snatching bundle of evil?”

Rosa: “The future is creepy as hell.”

Liz: “Is it really that hard to care about somebody?”
Michael: “How’s it working out for you?”

Michael: “I’ve been thinking. And I think if anything bad happened to you, I would really hate it.”
Maria: “Last time I checked, you were a bad thing that happened to me.”

Max: “I’m in so much pain, Rosa.”
Rosa: “Oh really? So is everybody. Man up.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. Hey I know Spiritualized. Their best known song was probably the one called "Medication." Doesn't really make a good ep title.
    Anyway that album is rad. Am I dating myself?

  2. Since all the songs are from the 90s. I think we're all dating ourselves if we know them. LOL. This just happened to be the first band I wasn't aware of. Now I have a new album to look up. Thanks.


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