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Roswell, New Mexico: Recovering the Satellites

“It’s over, isn’t it?”

It doesn’t matter if you are the daughter or son, sister or brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. Love makes you do the wacky. And that is proven over and over in the roller coaster that was this season’s finale.

In an admittedly subjective move, I’m going in reverse order of how heartbreaking I found each storyline. This is for our mutual benefit as it gives us time to mount our defense or gird our loins or whatever it is we need to do to keep our hearts from breaking all over again.

First up, Maria. The fact she is the only main character on the outside looking in to the true goings on in Roswell means she’s the person we’ve spent the least amount of time with and is arguably the one we’re least invested in. However, her feelings for Michael are as strong and genuine as is her loyalty to Alex. And the struggle between the two is killing her.

Liz may have sought out Maria for a little non-adulting time, instead she gave Maria the advice she needed. We don’t get to choose who we fall for, and we shouldn’t blame ourselves when we do. Hearing that allowed Maria to act on her feelings for Michael instead of wallowing in guilt. The only question is, will her love for Michael outweigh her curiosity about his miraculously healed hand?

Kyle now has confirmation of what he long suspected. That Jesse Manes killed his father. His vow to do no harm wars with his desire to protect himself and avenge his father’s death. Which leads him to a gun store and the only bit of comic relief in the episode. Dark comedy, but comedy nonetheless. And I must admit it was the first moment I really liked Kyle.

The doctor won out. He didn’t buy a gun. He also wasn’t crazy. Manes really was out to get him. But not wanting to kill and not being prepared are very different things. It’s amazing how a bulletproof vest and a syringe full of barbiturates can change things. At least now Jesse Manes can’t hurt anyone else.

But the damage has already been done in Alex’s case. He too has confirmation of what he long suspected. Jesse Manes really is a monster. And now Alex can add murder to his father’s long list of sins. For Alex, this knowledge comes with the realization that in his quest to not be his father’s victim, he was becoming just like him.

Alex decides he’s done living someone else’s life. He has to be true to who he is and honest about what he wants. And what he wants is a life with Michael. Unfortunately, Michael’s psychic connection to Max and Isobel interrupts their heart to heart. And the events of the evening lead Michael to Maria’s door rather than home to Alex. Call me crazy, but I don’t think their story is over.

Isobel is a mess. Finding out your husband is a serial killer is bad enough. Having him continually take over your body to put the ones you love in danger is even worse. Still loving him? Gut-punch. Recovering from Noah would always be difficult. To do so without her brother... let’s just say, I’m not sure discovering her new telekinetic powers is a good thing.

Michael’s life has been nothing but pain. He’s been unloved and unwanted for as long as he can remember. The one bright spot, his love for Max and Isobel, is tainted with envy. When he met Alex, he thought he’d found his person. The only problem is the most painful moments of Michael’s life are entwined with his love for Alex. Is it any wonder he wants to turn the page?

Then there’s Liz and Max. Liz has overcome her righteous anger, her lack of trust, and her fears about opening her heart to be with Max. Max risked his safety and the lives of Isobel and Michael for Liz. And it finally led to their one moment of bliss.

And then it was gone.

Liz and Max reminded me of the O. Henry short story The Gift of the Magi. They would sacrifice anything for the other’s happiness. Unlike the story, it included themselves. Liz refuses to go to the hospital for her knife wound because it could put Max’s secret at risk. And Max, determined not to keep anything else from Liz but unwilling to break her heart again, used the strength he gained from Noah’s death to bring back Rosa. Unfortunately, at the cost of his life.

And I truly believe that Max is dead. But considering he died bringing back a woman who’d been dead for a decade, I refuse to believe he’ll stay that way. Especially not since we already know the show was renewed for another season. That does not mean The Powers That Be won’t wring every second of pain and suffering possible out of our heroes before finding a way to bring him back.

In addition to the emotional upheavals this episode wrought, there was information given and groundwork laid for next season. In the information to be filed away, we learned the alien power-suppressing powder comes from a rare plant that’s only found in the Libyan desert. And for some reason, that same plant has been in Maria’s necklace this whole time. More importantly, we learned that the power suppression effects wear off.

Some other fun facts we should not forget. There is a bomb out there that will only affect aliens. This implies that Jesse wasn’t working alone and that someone new may be introduced next year who has the authority to use it.

Finally, whoever won the war on our alien trio’s planet is coming for the Savior. Soon. For the alighting, whatever that is. I wonder what happens when they find out the Savior is dead. Besides, if they were the good guys, Max, Isobel, and Michael wouldn’t have been fleeing from them on a spaceship.

Except for Noah’s final comeuppance, and Jesse being responsible for Papa Valenti’s death, I had no idea what would happen in this episode. That is both rare and impressive. But why, oh why, did they have to break my heart to do it?

4.5 out of 5 lightning strikes

Parting Thoughts:

"Recovering the Satellites" is the title of the Counting Crows 1996 hit.

I thought Kyle had told Liz the truth about Rosa and his father. You mean, she’s believed that Rosa had an affair with Papa Valenti all this time?

Just for the record, I may not have wanted Noah to kill anyone, but I wasn’t sorry to see Hank go.

They can explain Noah’s death as a lightning strike, but how the hell are they going to explain Rosa?

For non-fans of Roswell 1.0, the song playing at the end was the original show’s theme "Here with Me."  However, the original was sung by Dido, and Daniel Blake recorded this version.


Max: “Whatever you saw out there, I am so sorry. But Noah is not the answer you’re looking for.”
Michael: “No. He’s not. My... my Mom was.”

Maria: “Rough night? You need some tequila.”

Liz: “You can’t choose who you fall for. Love is scary. If we could choose, we wouldn’t fall at all, and... what’s the fun in that?”

Max: “Noah’s on the loose.”
Liz: “No. He’s not, actually. I have him in my freezer.”

Noah & Isobel: “Isobel can’t come to the phone right now.”

Max: “You got it all wrong. I’m no savior.”

Noah: “Take care of her, Isobel.”

Max: “Quit looking in your rearview mirror, Michael.”

Isobel: “He was the only person I ever loved. What does that say about me?”
Michael: “Nothing. We are defined by what we can control. Love is out of control.”

Isobel: “You do realize that my romantic troubles now officially trump your flimsy little closet, right?”

Liz: “I always thought if I had all the answers, I would feel better but... somehow now that the mystery is solved, that the villain is vanquished and it’s all really over... she feels even more gone.”

Kyle: “I hope your doctor is a real man of honor. Someone with a code.”

Liz: “Rosa, where’s Max?”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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