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Roswell, New Mexico: Crash Into Me

“If I’m gonna die today. You’re coming with me.”

The Powers That Be have been laying down the puzzle pieces since season one. And the view is finally taking shape. Not only did I not see this coming, I have no idea what the finale has in store.

One of the things I love most about this show is despite the speed at which they burn through plot, they do not sacrifice character development. This week was no exception. However, given the ground still to cover, I doubt we’ll get resolutions to all the markers laid down here before the season ends.

Since I doubt Max will die in the season finale two years in a row, I have to believe we will revisit the debate he and Liz are having over her research. They spent much of this episode talking past each other instead of listening. Liz cannot unlearn what she’s learned. And when that knowledge has the potential to save lives, she feels obligated to use it. Additionally, there is the part of her that wants the acknowledgement that immigrants contribute to this country and should be valued instead of discounted.

Liz’s research could spell trouble for Max and the rest of the Pod Squad in a host of ways. The best-case scenario involves more of a demand for their DNA than they could supply. The worst case involves a lifetime in a lab ending in a trip to an autopsy table. Those fears are well founded, but Max has been so wrapped up in discovering his pre-pod memories he has not had a meaningful discussion with Liz to address them.

Maria’s survival is not as assured as Max’s but I still find her death doubtful. Why drop the bombshell of her relationship to Isobel if you’re not going to take the time to explore it? Especially after her recently discovered ability to see the past and the future.

Steph is another person on death’s door, who I think will survive. I believe Liz has found her cure. Though I suspect Diego might steal it for whatever reason he’s doing anything he’s doing. Regardless, if the woman who’s spent half a season dying from a mysterious ailment actually dies from it, I’ll eat my proverbial hat.

In a review from last season, I wished for a deeper dive into the Mane Family dynamics. Be careful what you wish for. Jesse’s physical abuse was reserved for Alex but the psychological abuse extended to his other children and, I suspect, his wife. When Helena Ortecho can credibly say the man should not be a parent, you know you’re in trouble.

For the record, I love Gregory. He has no idea what he walked into, but he will protect Michael solely because he matters to Alex. I’m sure it’s his way of apologizing for not defending Alex when they were younger. Unfortunately, it does not give me high hopes for his survival. I don’t see how the season ends without someone dying. And he is one of the more likely candidates.

Flint’s belief in the alien threat is absolute. They must be destroyed. His adult life has been working towards that singular goal. So, he’s more than willing to pick up the baton he believes his father has dropped. The question is whether Flint is dead and if he is/was redeemable. Unlike his father, he had no plans for collateral damage or the deaths of Alex and Charlie, which is an argument in his favor.

Where Flint is a blunt weapon, Jesse is a surgical instrument. He has manipulated his children, his friends, and his position in the military in service to his personal mission. He was even willing to sacrifice Project Shepherd to achieve his long-term goal of eradicating aliens. Yet, Jesse is irredeemable. His need to be seen as Earth’s savior supersedes his legitimate fear that aliens might want to colonize Earth. He’s willing to sacrifice humans in his quest for that title.

Which brings us to the events of the episode. Jesse’s hero complex may be his undoing. If he had included Flint on his plans, they would not have worked at cross purposes and might have succeeded in their mutual goal. Instead, Flint believed the only way to salvage Project Shepherd was with Helena’s help.

Speaking of, the hunting van was Helena’s. She was responsible for Mimi’s “abduction” although it sounds more like an extended slumber party punctuated by psychic flashes. She and Flint also kidnapped Cam and blackmailed Charlie. How Helena hooked up with Flint remains a mystery, but her intentions are not.

Helena wants payback for the death of her lover. Despite their infidelities, it seems she shares his code. Her revenge will only work if Jesse attempts to kill the aliens. Unfortunately, she is oblivious to the first half of his plan which involves the sacrifice of a carnival full of innocents which includes her daughters.

Does this mean there is no Deep Sky? Or is there still a Deep Sky somewhere out there looking for Charlie? If the Pod Squad defeats Jesse in the season finale, Deep Sky would be a viable antagonist for next season.

So would Diego. If you had any doubts before, it’s now clear that he is not in Roswell because of his deep and abiding affection for Liz. My only question is whether he’s just jealous of her brilliance and wants to know/steal what she’s working on or whether he’s involved in extraterrestrial shenanigans. Is he working for the government? Would that give him clearance to get into her lab? Inquiring minds want to know.

There are so many unanswered questions that I doubt we’ll get to all of them in the finale. Charlie is in dire straits and the only person who knows she’s there is Helena. Liz worked so hard to get Arturo to leave CrashCon. Why am I afraid he’s headed for a confrontation with Officer Hinkle? They dropped the Alighting seed in last year’s finale and watered it in this year’s premiere. But it doesn’t look like that will bear fruit this year. And what of Travis and his crazy twin? I find it hard to believe they were just red herrings.

Stock up on your comfort food of choice and be sure to bring plenty of tissues. I have a feeling we may need them for the finale.

4 out of 5 catalytic toxin atomizers

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s title brought to you by the Dave Matthews Band’s 1996 hit.

Max took a sheet of paper of alien writing from Grant Green’s CrashCon tent. I’m sure it meant nothing...

Mimi can slip into the past and future? But only through the women’s line. The sky was red when Isobel was a baby. Other facts that probably won’t come back at a future date.

I am deeply disappointed that Max spent his “final moments” trying to kill Flint. Doesn’t sound like the Savior to me.


Max: “You’re so stressed trying to keep me from getting stressed, it’s becoming very friggin' stressful.”

Isobel: “I’m your cool Aunt Isobel. Hopefully, we can get to know each other under better circumstances sometime.”

Cam: “I’m officially in too deep. I understood literally all of that.”

Maria: “You go. I’ll wait here in case you pass out off that chair.”
Isobel: “I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

Cam: “Pining after an Ortecho for years and years. It’s so weird. Who does that?”

Diego: “Who are you? Elizabeth Ortecho doesn’t do feelings. She believes in facts and evidence.”
Liz: “No, I do feelings now. I’ve evolved.”

Alex: “Yeah, they took my prosthetic. I tried to bludgeon my brother with it.”

Isobel: “You are an idiot. You don’t comply with a kidnapper’s ransom demands. Without telling me.”

Helena: “Jesse really broke that boy. Some people were never meant to be parents.”

Rosa: “You have to eat. I need you to be all filled up to support the meltdown I’m gonna have once I process everything we’ve learned today.”

Max: “Is this about the people you’re trying to save or about becoming the poster girl for immigrants everywhere?”

Michael: “I was held hostage, Max. I deserve to ride the Sizzler until I barf cotton candy and maybe watch a bad man die.”

Maria: “This is the social event of the year. How are we gonna convince the geeks to leave geek prom?”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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