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Happy Star Trek Day!

It's Star Trek Day!

What's Star Trek Day? Apparently, it's a day when CBS All Access is promoting episodes and panels and all sorts of things. (It's also the day that the first Star Trek episode aired for the first time back in 1966.)

I'm happy to say that we have a lot of Star Trek here on Doux, including reviews of every episode of the original series Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation and all of the new Trek series, plus we're working on filling in Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise:

Star Trek (The Original Series)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: Lower Decks
Star Trek: Picard
Star Trek: Short Treks
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager

I was wondering which episode of which Trek has gotten the most pageviews, so I looked. It's "Mirror, Mirror," the alternate universe episode of the original series. Although the original series does have an unfair advantage because it's been up on the site the longest.

Do you plan to observe Star Trek day in any way? What's your favorite Trek series?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I should answer that question myself. Next Gen is my favorite series, although I'm very excited and hopeful about Strange New Worlds coming next year.

  2. Gosh. Just pick one for that desert island? It would have to be DS9. But I would have a selection of episodes from all of the series hidden on a flash drive somewhere in my clothes when they throw me off the boat. They do have smart TVs on those desert islands, right?

    Until DS9 the Trek formula was mostly "space ship travels to new different episode every week". DS9 turned that on its head with new episodes coming to space station DS9. And we started seeing longer story arcs as TV started edging toward a serial drama format. So save me a bar stool at Quark's next to Morn.

  3. Favorite Trek series? Deep Space Nine, no question. I loved the story. I loved the main characters. I love that they were able to create such a rich secondary cast. I love that faith & religion were such a significant part of the story, and treated so respectfully(not always the case on Star Trek, or in a lot of sci-fi stories). I also love how complete the DS9 story felt. TOS, TNG, and even Voyager felt like an anthology series. TNG and Voyager tacked on an ending to tie back to the beginning, but it was completely disconnected from the rest of the series and could have happened at any time. DS9 told one grand story over seven years. There were some standalones to be sure, but the long arcs were the focus, not the side stories. And even though Anson Mount's Pike came close, Sisko will always be my favorite Trek captain :)

  4. I would have to say Voyager. But that it perhaps because it was the first Trek series I watched from start to finish. I love 7o9, The Doctor and Janeway. And I love The Borg.

    The problem with all Trek series' though is that they often had many bland main characters (Enterprise!). DS9 compensated for that with some great recurring characters like e.g. Dukat and Garak.

  5. That photo of Kirk & Spock says everything that need be said. Star Trek TOS all the way.

  6. This is fun! Hope all the shows get to take a bow.

    Since no one will pick "Enterprise", here's the 3 best things about that one:
    1- they meet their first alien space ship, fire a torpedo at it, and it caroms off like a rock bouncing off an oil tanker. Whole series in a nutshell?
    2- the one with the spaceship full of maurading Vulcan(!) zombies.
    3- dog in space!
    There. All done.

  7. milostanfield, I have a soft spot for Enterprise because I went to the Paramount lot and watched them film a fourth season episode. My friend Tara was interviewing the cast for an article and she took me along as a Star Trek expert. It was one of my favorite L.A. experiences.

  8. BD: That is so cool! Hope you got to stand on the bridge, which would make you Trek royalty. Writeup?

  9. milostanfield, it's been years and I pretty much promised that if I went along to the Paramount interview, I wouldn't write about it. I did talk a little about it in my "Mirror, Mirror" review.


  10. So the Star Trek franchise got jealous that the Star Wars franchise had a day of its own (May 4th, from "may the force be with you"). Anyway, I am a DS9 fan through and through.


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