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Lucifer: A Little Harmless Stalking

"Of course I was mad. You broke my heart."
"I did? That's awesome! I mean, that's awful. Awful."

This almost felt like an episode straight out of Season One or Two. The cop side of the "Devil Cop" was on full display this time around.

This really was Linda's episode, and acted as a second part to "Detective Amenadiel." I was not expecting Adriana to show up again, or to play such a major role in a case. I almost wish that we had seen more of her previously. I really didn't have any connection to Adriana and didn't particularly care whether or not she actually killed someone. As it stands, the only reason why this case gets this level of focus is for Linda to work through some of her own trauma.

I was admittedly a little disappointed when Linda was cleared of murder so quickly, but it did allow her to be a lot more integrated into the actual police work. I think this is the first episode in awhile where the celestial world and issues took a backseat to the more mundane murder procedural. Luckily, the case was pretty good. There were maybe a few too many twists and names to keep track of, but it held together nicely enough.

The real highlight for me was Lucifer and Linda's impromptu sting, but especially the reveal that Lucifer had actually cleared everything with Chloe beforehand and made sure that everything was legally done. That's incredibly mature for him, and showed that maybe therapy actually was working, despite Lucifer's sudden decision that the whole thing was pointless. I rolled my eyes whenever he would slip that 'realization' into a conversation. That felt like a regression to me.

It did, however, lead to an excellent scene that could have very easily fallen flat: Linda's angry outburst about how Lucifer hadn't actually changed at all. On the surface, nothing that she said felt wrong or unfair. She was dealing with the fact that her biological daughter possibly killed someone, and he kept trying to bring up his romantic life. It's a dynamic that we've seen many times before. Except, Linda was wrong. Lucifer was actually focusing on someone other than himself and doing everything that he could to help one of his treasured friends. Both Linda's and Lucifer's faces as he clarified that he and Chloe had had a "chat" instead of a "spat" were just lovely.

Okay, how long do we actually think that Lucifer and Chloe will stay in this relationship? I just can't trust it. Lucifer had all of these fears and reservations, and it was like he just flipped a switch and did a complete 180. It's too easy. It doesn't feel earned, which is very frustrating for me. I want Lucifer and Chloe to be together. I want them to be happy together. But at the moment, the ease of which it happened just makes Lucifer's earlier, dramatic declaration that he was incapable of love incredibly pointless.

Maze and Eve felt like they were on a similarly accelerated path. Before I get too far into it though, Eve! Eve is back! I didn't realize just how much I've missed her until she was back on my screen again. She just brings such a youthful energy with her, and I love how she plays off of Maze. They bring out such different sides in each other, magnified by the fact that Maze is now certain that she has a soul. That being said, they really did speed run the typical romance arc. We had everything from the Meet Cute to the Denial of Feelings, the Realization of Importance to the Fear-Induced Breakup.

I can understand where Maze is coming from in terms of her fear of being left again. But she just caused the relationship to end and Eve leave her now instead of however many decades down the line. Eve's confusion when Maze left her in the hospital room was painful to see.

The piece that I enjoyed the most was definitely Amenadiel weighing the decision to become God and what kind of God he would want to be. He really would be good at the job, wouldn't he? Just the fact that he asked so many different people for input on how to do a better job than the current one proved that. Of course, just because he might be good at it, that doesn't mean that it would make him happy. All it would do is isolate him from the life and family that he had built on Earth.

I really, really don't think that Lucifer becoming God instead is the solution, though. My first reaction to his declaration was for me to roll my eyes again. There is just no way that Lucifer is going to permanently become God for the same reasons why Amenadiel won't. I'm feeling very apprehensive about the next episode.

Random Thoughts

More mentions from Ella about how she's actually some dark, morally bad person. I know that she has a criminal past, but I don't think that's what she was referring to.

Amenadiel telling Ella to have faith in herself was also an incredibly sweet scene. I really like the two of them interacting.

Reading back, this review feels a little negative, but I largely enjoyed myself while I was watching the episode. Individual scenes were absolutely fantastic. It was really just a few choices that I wish the show had made differently.

I've been slacking on my record of who says the episode title. It was Linda this time around!

An Honest Fangirl loves video games, horror movies, and superheroes, and occasionally manages to put words together in a coherent and pleasing manner.


  1. I liked the Linda-centric episode better than the Dan-centric episode, for sure. Adriana meeting Charlie got to me. And I also kept thinking that if I could choose a God, it would be Amenadiel, not Lucifer.

    Just FYI, this episode was directed by Richard Speight, Jr. If you don't know who that is, he played the angel Gabriel for years on Supernatural and became one of their continuing go-to directors. Seeing his name pop up as director made me laugh.

  2. Oh, I didn't notice that he directed this episode! He's one of my favorite "celebrity I'm emotionally attached to due to being a formative experience." I'm glad he's getting more work. :)

  3. Speight directed two others in previous seasons and has one more listed for this season. They're obviously happy with him. :)

  4. I appreciated the progress made on three relationships: Linda/Adrianna, Maze/Eve, and Lucifer/Chloe. Especially with the third. I was at the point that I was sick of the will they/won't they and it seems as if the writers were too, because they went with "they will" without too much discussion.

  5. I admit I got teary at the end - I’m so sappy and seeing Linda introduce the two children she had felt very authentic. I wonder how they’re going to resolve the God thing. Does Lucifer expect to share the throne with the Detective?

  6. I didn't like the abrupt-suddenly Linda's adopted daughter is involved in a criminal investigation that falls into Chloe and Lucifer's lap to solve and Linda is saying she killed someone to save her. It wasn't a well thought out plot/story because as you said, we only just met Adriana. Besides her being a Real Estate agent, we knew nothing about the character and definitely nothing about the mother she was so ready to go out of her way for. I know the writer's can do better...why aren't they?

  7. This was charming, although I share the same reservations you all mentioned. Amenedial would be a pretty great God if you ask me.

    Lucifer doesn't really know how to have a relationship, does he? Actions not words, dude. Find your love language and hers. Foot rubs, not trying (again) to take God's spot.


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