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Roswell, New Mexico: Hands

“I can tell you alone is a lonely place to be.”

A lot can change in a year. Then again, some things never change. Max is still pining over Liz, and Liz still loves Max. Michael still wants Alex, who is still unattainable. And Kyle is still the keeper of everyone’s secrets. As for the rest, wow!

Max is dying. Again. I can’t say I’m really surprised. Thanks to his conversation with Kyle at the end of last season, we knew something was up with his health. However, there are only so many times you can play this card. Especially when an exact clone with a perfectly healthy heart is already in the picture. Sure, there are ethical considerations, but hey, accidents happen.

Liz believed Max would come for her, and he hasn’t. Is it because he’s dying and he doesn’t want her to feel guilty? That was his excuse to Isobel and Michael. Kyle told Liz Max had moved on. Was that a mercy? A way to get her to move on before she hears about Max’s death? Was Liz’s date with Heath her way of taking Kyle’s advice?

Speaking of ethics, Liz is leaking patent information? She may have the moral high ground when it comes to saving humanity but if she gets fired and blacklisted, then she’s not in a position to help anyone. And her high morals do not extend to her personal life. Taking advantage of a co-worker's crush to break into an office has got to be a new low. Yes, I know she didn’t just tease Heath in the elevator, but that only makes it worse. He has expectations. At least Anatsa knows Max was only available string-free.

So what is Max doing with the limited time he has left? I’d say drowning in wine, women, and song but we’ve established he’s more of a bourbon kinda guy. When not sublimating his fears or regrets, he spends his time writing farewell letters to his loved ones and weeping over audio recordings of Liz’s voice. Say, those wouldn’t happen to be the notes for Liz’s miracle cure? If so, they might come in handy somewhere down the road.

Max isn’t the only one with health concerns. Should Maria survive her “alien” attackers, and we all know she will, she still has her slowly deteriorating mind to contend with. Despite having a front-row seat to her mother’s failing mental health, Maria seems intent on following in her footsteps rather than wear the mind-saving but vision-blocking bracelet. And knowing someone’s life is at stake, does anyone believe she’ll change her mind? Which is a shame because you’d have to be blind not to see the sparks between her and Gregory.

And just who were our mysterious alien attackers? They entered the Wild Pony with a purpose, and I doubt it was to rob the cash register. Do they have anything to do with Deep Sky, Project Shepherd, or some new group with ties to the ‘47 Crash?

And just what has Alex been up to all year? Was his “at war but not really at war” a military deployment or more alien-related? His and Forrest’s relationship progressed too far for me to believe Alex was gone the whole year, which made the ending so much worse. I never thought Alex and Forrest would be each other’s “Happily Ever After” but I thought they’d make it past the first episode.

Then again, I didn’t expect Forrest to work for Deep Sky. Last season Forrest was pretty adamant that aliens didn’t exist. Was that all an act? Considering I ended last season thinking Deep Sky was just a cover for Flint Manes and Helena Ortecho’s shenanigans, I’m looking forward to discovering just how wrong I was.

That Alex is going to accept Deep Sky’s offer is a given. I’m more interested in his reasons why. Is Alex so desperate to make amends for past generations of Manes transgressions that he’ll sacrifice his opportunity to be happy? Or is it the fact he cares about Forrest but is not in love with him that allowed him to say goodbye? And are the amends he’s making on behalf of all aliens, or one in particular?

Another addition to the list of unexpected and not entirely welcome events was Steph dumping Kyle. Kyle used to be my least favorite character but after two seasons, he’s grown on me and he deserves a little happiness in his life than yearning for what he can’t have. The smart play for Kyle would be to take the job in New York. It’s got to be better than keeping his lips sealed about the medical miracles he’s been a party to while helplessly watching his friends and frenemies waste away. But since when has Kyle made the smart play?

The Devil known as Mr. Jones spent the year safely ensconced in an alien egg. Given that he instigated the human-alien war in ‘47, neither Michael nor Izzy are itching to set him free. However, Max’s bombshell changes their calculations. Mr. Jones might be dangerous, but now that his knowledge could be the key to saving Max’s life, it might be worth the risk.

In one of the bigger surprises, Rosa stayed in Roswell. Using the fact that she hasn’t aged to protect her from anyone suspecting her true identity. Unfortunately, she didn’t account for Wyatt’s unadulterated hatred for the woman he believes responsible for his sister’s death. Considering his hatred of the whole Ortecho clan, I doubt she would have been safe even if he believed she was Rosalinda. Luckily, Butyricol to the rescue.

I’d say the contours of the season have been laid out except Roswell has a tendency to blow through plot at warp speed. So maybe the next three episodes. Either way, I’ll be along for the ride.

4 out of 5 alien cages

Parting Thoughts:

The episode is named after Jewel’s 1998 hit.

Just for the record, how in the world are Forrest and Wyatt from the same gene pool?

Does organ rejection cause hallucinations? Or was Liz’s appearance in Max’s car wishful thinking?

It appears Rosa’s powers did not disappear with Max’s resurrection.

There was nary a parental unit in sight unless Mr. Jones counts.


Max: “He told me that he’s the Savior and that I’m the clone.”

Heath: “I’m not asking you on a date, Roswell. I’m just asking you to do what normal colleagues do. You know. Get out of the lab.”

Isobel: “Boys are gross.”
Michael: “We are.”

Isobel: “So Max, do you miss the waitress who shall not be named?”

Michael: “After eight tequilas maybe we should have a moratorium on truth exercises.”

Maria: “If you ask me, I think you’re a hero.”
Gregory: “Well, there’s a statue in the town square that super disagrees with you.”

Kyle: “I know you’re trying to save the world–”
Liz: “Right now I’d settle for saving Maria’s mind from degenerating every time she has a vision.”

Rosa: “Talk therapy doesn’t exactly work for bipolar disorder when you’re covering up an alien resurrection.”

Maria: “Why am I having these visions if I’m not supposed to do anything about them.”

Wyatt: “I’ve known the Ortecho family my entire life and there is no such thing as a Rosalinda.”
Rosa: “Okay. Well, then go with the logical explanation. I’m her ghost... Boo.”

Michael: “You know it was the craziest thing. My girlfriend dumped me, I’m broker than I’ve ever been, Alex took off, there was a global pandemic, and yet, I was happy. Because this. Because us three. We were good.”

Maria: “Alex is back. Did you come to invite me to the wedding?”
Michael: “You had to go and make it awkward, DeLuca.”

Kyle: “I need to get a social circle that can’t unlock doors with their mind.”

Heath: “I’m not trying to ruin you. All right? You’re brilliant, and there aren’t enough people like you on the planet, so... You, know, if you’re gonna go all mad scientist and break the rules, just... break ‘em better.”

Michael: “Howdy, Partner.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. It's back! And I just finished a rewatch. And wow, what a lot of set-up and/or exposition.

    I think what I liked most was the introduction of yet another of my favorite actors from The Originals -- Steven Krueger, who played the wonderful Josh, as new character Heath. It was great to see him again.

    And I was also thinking about how convenient it was that Max needs another heart and there's this new clone, right there. It can't be that simple, can it?

  2. Awww, Billie. You put a big ole grin on my face. I'm so glad you decided to give the show a second chance. And yes, they do manage to cover a lot of ground on this show. But I love that they rarely drag storylines out.

    I was happy to see Steven Krueger too. I loved Josh. Here's hoping Liz doesn't break his heart.

    I'm sure there'll be many twists and turns but if a heart is what Max needs...

  3. 1 measly episode and Forrest is already gone?! F*ck Alex... *raises finger* HOWEVER, Steph got the same treatment and I'm just glad Kyle's story is free from romance for now. Though I don't like him being Max's accomplice and telling Liz he's moved on.
    I don't have a problem with her "using" this Heath guy. His blatant come-on in that first scene gave me the impression he wasn't taking his pursuit all that seriously.
    Max and Maria are pretty bad at taking care of themselves... they should learn from Rosa. And while I don't think it will come to fruition, I was thrilled with that opening scene with the suggestion that Max wasn't the Savior after all. But I can already feel how they're going to re-correct that.


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