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Roswell, New Mexico: Give Me One Reason

“Nobody lies about everything.”

Is Mr. Jones a villain or savior? Are Nora and Louise rebels intent on protecting their race from an evil and possibly immortal dictator or soldiers willing to use a child as a weapon to win their war? Is Maria destined to help or hinder the mystery murderer? And are Heath and Anatsa who they appear to be? Our heroes are caught in a web of truth and perception in this week’s episode. What are we waiting for? Let’s dig in.

Mr. Jones claims to be a pawn in a civil war between an evil dictator and intrepid rebels. A wild yarn that does not jibe with what we’ve seen of him so far. Or does it? I agreed with Isobel about the need to hear Jones out and that there must be a few grains of truth in his story. However, I was Team Michael right up to the moment Little Max ran to Jones for protection. Although, if he is as powerful as he appears, there’s the chance he put those memories in Max’s head?

Given that Michael only recently learned of his mother after a lifetime of neglect, his unwillingness to believe Jones’ story isn’t surprising. Yet, I imagine it might also be because humanizing Jones will make sacrificing him difficult. Michael firmly believes only one clone will survive, and he’s choosing Max.

I think Isobel is hoping for a third option. If Jones could heal Max, then no one would have to die. Isobel may be able to sift Jones’ facts from fiction, but it doesn’t make him trustworthy. Can they afford to set a man that powerful loose among unsuspecting humans? After his initial introduction to the US Army, he did a better job of assimilating than either Nora or Louise. Yet, despite being unfathomably cruel, Michael wasn’t wrong. Noah might have been a mind-altering serial killer, but Jones could instigate a war.

And what of Jones’ story? That once Nora and Louise realized they couldn’t defeat the Dictator they cloned his secret weapon and built a ship to escape to another planet? That Jones’ only goal was to save Max? It’s obvious he’s playing to Izzy’s compassion. And while her poker face is better than Michael’s, it doesn’t mean Jones’ schemes aren’t having the intended effect.

If Jones is playing with the truth, Maria is plagued by perception. Limited by the brevity of her visions and terrified by her potential role in a murder, Maria is determined to learn more. Even if she has to resort to death-defying feats to do it. I get that the adrenalin rush of a near-death experience can generate visions but what the hell was Maria thinking jumping off the roof? Was she hoping Max wouldn’t be able to save her? If not, the fall should have conjured up a vision, no matter who came to her rescue. Michael’s arrival just kept her from becoming a Maria-sized pizza. Besides, Maria should know Michael well enough by now to know his drunk wastrel act is just that, an act. Accusing him of not caring about a murder is both callous and untrue.

What is apparently true is Michael’s limitless power. Did we know this before? We knew that healing weakens Max. And while it’s true Isobel got bloody noses while trying to root around Maria’s skull, I assumed that had more to do with Maria’s protective necklace than any weakness on Izzy’s part. That said, I can’t imagine what is going through Michael’s head right now. After bouncing from one toxic foster home to another and meeting your mother minutes before her death, how do you deal with the knowledge that your father is alive but may be evil incarnate? Especially when Jones could so easily be lying.

Perception was the name of the game for Alex as well. His acceptance into Deep Sky depended on his ability to see beyond appearances to the truth. Alex may have seen past his new boss’s uniform, but I imagine he has a better chance of discovering the purpose of the Lockhart Machine before he finds out Deep Sky’s raison d’ĂȘtre.

Rosa is having the opposite problem. How can she be the person she was meant to be while she’s pretending to be someone else? What if Rosalinda is fated to be a contributing member of society while Rosa remains a failure? No matter how protective of Rosa Kyle has become, he can’t save her from her past.

The simple answer would have been for her to go out to the West Coast with Liz, where she could have had a fresh start. But Rosa stayed in Roswell. It was only a matter of time before someone recognized her. Luckily, Wyatt Long has OD’d on Butyricol and all his close-minded and hate-filled tendencies have been stripped away. Does that make this the authentic version of Wyatt, or was he always destined to be a racist shmuck? Also, am I misreading the signs, or is he developing a crush on Rosa? This is either going to be the cutest thing ever or end horribly wrong.

For the record, I love Liz. This does not mean I love everything she does. She doesn’t even notice how horribly she’s treating Heath. From blowing off breakfast (she could have at least treated him to a meal) to bossing him around the lab, and then kissing and scheduling what can only be interpreted as a date. I’m surprised the boy didn’t have whiplash. And there is no power in the ‘verse that makes me think she’ll be back for dinner on Friday.

Not only can Anatsa sing, but she is also a journalist. However, she’s either not a very good one or she’s playing the long con. She’s been in Roswell for days and the Sheriff’s department is not that big. How did she not know that Max worked there? Anatsa claimed she was investigating two of the three things she mentioned. The increase in racially motivated crimes, the Sheriff, and aliens. Considering Sheriff Valenti is leaving town and Anatsa never said what she was investigating her for, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s the other two.

It’s hard to believe this is only episode two. Each one feels almost movie length and yet they are never long enough. Or is that just me? I can’t remember if I’ve looked forward to Monday this much.

4 out of 5 bottles of non-extinct rum or Lockhart Machines depending on your mood.

Parting Thoughts:

This episode is named after Tracy Chapman’s 1999 hit. It also happens to be one of my all-time favorites.

Despite my general protectiveness of Max, Aratsa’s back-handed compliments made me smile.

I have to believe the radio Sheriff Valenti gave to Kyle has more than just sentimental value.

If giving Maria a dose of adrenalin was so dangerous, why didn’t Kyle do it in his office, where they’d have privacy and be so much closer to medical assistance if something went wrong?

Speaking of Maria’s necklace, where is it? I thought she gave it to Rosa, but I haven’t seen her wearing it.

Has Izzy’s powers progressed to where she can repair the glass she shattered? If not, she’s got some ‘splaining to do.


Isobel: “We can’t just kill an alien who claims to come in peace. I mean, first of all, it’s too ironic.”

Michael: “Let’s find out where we came from and save Max’s stupid life again.”

Anatsa: “And thanks for the sex. It actually wasn’t bad.”

Liz: “About last night...”
Heath: “Un, yes. On a scale of ‘colossal mistake’ to ‘ruined for other men forever?’”
Liz: “How about I just see you at work.”

Rosa: “What happened to that Valenti bedside manner I’ve heard so much about?”
Kyle: “It’s reserved for people who don’t pull guns on my sister.”

Michael: “Welcome to our parents died horribly club.”

Jones: “Are you really telling me you wouldn’t do anything you could to protect the people you love?”

Eduardo: “You think they’re just gonna leave us here to die?”
Alex: “Considering that they’re a top-secret black ops paramilitary group with infinite resources, sir, I think they’ll do whatever they want.”

Maria: “After Alex said that we were covering up a murder, I said it was all my fault.”
Kyle: “That could mean a lot of things.”
Maria: “None of them I could live with.”

Kyle: “Death isn’t the only reason to try. Life is a pretty good reason in and of itself.”

Michael: “What happens when you don’t like the answers Mr. Universe has for you?”
Max: “Does anybody?”

Max: “Liz.”
Liz: “Max.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. Well, I'm completely confused by what's happening with Jones. Fortunately, Shari, you seem to have a better grasp on what's happening than I do.

    I was happy to see Liz arrive. But can they please move Josh to Roswell, too? Even if he's just supposed to contribute romantic confusion?

  2. I know how you feel. I think I'm mad at Liz because of how much I loved Josh. That said, I wonder if they cast him because Heath seems like such a good guy or because he's actually is a good guy. I have the smallest suspicion that Genoryx might be paying him for more than his 2 PhDs. Please, please let me be wrong...

  3. Weird stuff. Maria's completely off the rails... and there's Wyatt's memory loss removing his racism (which is funny and absurdly cute but a little irresponsible and potentially problematic from the writers). I continue to enjoy Liz's aloofness with Heath and hope they keep that going. Also I don't know if it's just a weird acting oversight but he makes these weird, strained or wincing faces sometimes during the lab scene with Liz. I don't know if that's something to read into.


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