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Roswell, New Mexico: Goodnight Elizabeth

“Well, you just bumped into a little bit of fate.”

Despite our would-be Bad Guys’ monologuing, this episode left me with more questions than answers. The only thing that’s crystal clear is our little band of heroes is in way over their heads.

The jury is still out on Eduardo. He’d like Alex, and by extension us, to believe he’s a good guy in charge of an agency that may or may not be working at cross-purposes to his own. If that’s the best-case scenario, forgive my skepticism. Eduardo knows far too much. About everything. The crash of ’47 and the reason for the aliens' arrival, the threat Jones posed to them, our present-day aliens, and apparently, their love lives. Given the resources at his disposal, I find it hard to believe he’s been content to sit on the sidelines while the events of the last two years played out.

What does this mean for Alex? I’d find it difficult to work for a man who would assign me a task that drove my predecessor insane. That’s if I could get past the idea that he’d hired me as much for the person I loved as for whatever abilities I might have. And that’s if Eduardo’s telling the truth.

The jury on Mr. Jones is definitely in. My hope that he adhered to some personal code was woefully misguided. Kyle, he is not. Jones might prefer to kill an evildoer, but it turns out anyone will do in a pinch. RIP Deputy Pete. I didn’t like your politics, but I still didn’t want to see you die.

It also means that Jones's connection to Max is more physical than emotional. If he cared about Max, he could never kill the woman Max loved. Yet Jones took a perverse pleasure in the idea of killing Liz. Not only because Liz’s death would be used to shred her best friend’s mind, but because he could see why Max loved her. He was also far too interested in a way to sever his connection to Max. For all of his power, it appears to be the one thing he can’t do. My hope is it’s a vulnerability our heroes can exploit.

Speaking of, what do we know about Jones’ powers? In addition to controlling fire and telekinesis, he can also control at least some people’s thoughts. Plus, he sensed Liz, Michael, and Isobel’s emotions. Basically, he’s got all of our heroes’ abilities on steroids. Considering that, it’s amazing Maria held out as long as she did.

All Michael has ever wanted was a family of his own. After years in foster care, he found and lost his mother on the same day. Unfortunately, his reunion with his father wasn’t quite what he imagined. Knowing that your father is cruel and vindictive isn’t the same as hearing him say there’s no reason to keep you alive. I wonder what affect this will have on Michael’s relationship with Max if and when they defeat Jones.

Honestly, I wonder how Jones’ cruelty will impact Max’s life in a number of ways. How can his loved ones look at Max without seeing Jones? And what story can they concoct to protect Max’s reputation if Jones is out there murdering people? He hasn’t exactly been keeping a low profile.

Gregory Manes fills the role previously held by Maria. While the rest of the gang deals with alien exploits, he throws a fundraiser to deal with mundane things like Maria’s medical expenses. Is he running the Wild Pony for her, too? Doesn’t he have to teach at some point? Exactly how much does he know about aliens? He is a Manes man after all.

As usual, I’ve focused on our characters and the emotional impact of recent events, but there are a few factual things we learned that need to be discussed. The Lockhart Machine was created by the imprisoned aliens here on Earth. Was it an attempt to contact their home planet, Oasis? Or something to help them escape Caulfield?

What is the Lockhart Machine’s connection to March 11, 1969? Was that the date it was discovered by humans? The first day it was turned on? How would Jones know of its importance when he was still in a pod at the time? Am I a horrible person if I’m just hoping to see Tripp again?

The Dictator who took over one planet is now roaming around Earth with the alien Excalibur and nothing but time on his hands. I have a bad feeling about this.

4 out of 5 Maria-ritas

Parting Thoughts:

The Counting Crows released “Goodnight Elisabeth” in 1996. I think this is the first time the title was used as a plot point in the show although they did take a slight liberty with the spelling.

This episode was directed by our very own Maria DeLuca. Great job, Heather Hemmens!

There were a lot of things Jones seemed to know about Max’s life that I wondered about until I remembered Max kept journals. That seems like a dangerous thing to do when you’re an alien, but who am I to judge?

One last thing that’s been niggling at me. How did the thieves in alien masks know where to find the sword and who were they working for? Who else knows about aliens?


Jones: “It’s okay. Everyone eventually bends to me.”

Deputy Pete: “It’s like you know every thought in my head.”
Isobel: “Truthfully, your pond is a shallow swim, but...”

Isobel: “Let’s clink whiskeys once we have consciously uncoupled my family from the walking body snatcher.”

Michael: “Ultrasonic hearing makes you a dolphin, not an asset. Swim along, Flipper.”

Rosa: “I used to get high under the bleachers during physics. Can you explain that last part to me?”

Liz: “You kept my swabs?”
Jones (as Max): “And Petri dishes. And culture slides.”
Liz: “You sure do know how to charm a girl.”

Michael: “Once I fill this bad boy with quick-dry cement, Jones’ intergalactic appendage will be out of commission.”

Liz: “I think in that truth hides a lie. I just haven’t found it yet.”

Jones: “Sit down, and show some respect for your father, son.”

Liz: “I’m as smart as you are confident.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. Yeah, I don't trust Eduardo, either. And while it's clear that Nathan Dean is enjoying being an evil doppelganger, I want Max back, of course. :) This series likes to take Max away from us for way too long periods of time.

  2. I agree I miss Max. But I guess it's hard to have star-crossed lovers if they aren't star-crossed.

  3. Disagree, Max is more fun this way. Though I liked the further limiting of his healing with this parasitic networking thing he has going on with his rescued survivors, that he'll have to deal with upon his return. That was pretty cool and got me interested in the sci fi again. I'm tired of the heroes on this show flirting with death because they can't help but overuse their abilities for good despite clear and numerous warnings about known consequences (the worst example of this was Maria, of all cliff-jumping people, berating Kyle for overexerting himself).

    1. Heeey, Shari, you missed out on the best quote of the episode!!!
      (They're outdoors at night)
      Is: "How many people did you kill to get that power?"
      Jones: "Well start counting the stars, darling. I'll tell you when to stop"


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