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Roswell, New Mexico: Kiss from a Rose

“I don’t believe any situation is hopeless.”

After everything the Pod Squad has been through, they should realize that if they have faith in each other, they can overcome just about anything. But what happens when you lose hope? That is the dividing line for our characters this week.

I’m not sure when it happened, but Liz became an optimist. She may be terrified of Max’s new abilities and whatever Ophiuchus’ plans for her and Max entail. Yet, instead of bailing before things fall apart, she is convinced they will get through whatever life throws at them.

Max is not so sure. It was bad enough when he was worried he’d Hulk out or Tezca would use their love against them. Now his “Bruce Banner” side is leaving scorch marks on Liz’s skin. Regardless of Liz’s faith, Max can sense her fears. For him, those fears drown out both her words and actions. He’s petrified that either Tezca’s plans will destroy them or that his inability to control his powers will eventually scare Liz away.

In the end, it may be Max’s lack of trust that pushes her away. Liz is prepared to pull off the impossible as long as she and Max face it together. Max, on the other hand, allowed fear to lead him to a life-altering decision that affects them both without consulting her. If Max truly wants to build a life with Liz, he better learn to let her in. Quick.

Eduardo’s relationship with his daughter is a prime example of what happens when you don’t communicate. Her attempts to hack Deep Sky led him to distance himself from her. A decision that had as much to do with protecting his career as it did to protect her. Guilt and fear kept him away. And only the dread of what Tezca had done to Sonya brought him home to face his daughter and attempt to atone for the damage he’s done.

After seeing the wreck Eduardo’s fears created, Kyle takes a page out of Liz’s little book of optimism. Hiding his feelings from Isobel has only made him miserable. Instead, Kyle opts for complete vulnerability. That she shuts him down does not extinguish his hopes. The honesty that now exists between them leaves him feeling closer to her than ever.

Speaking of what was Isobel thinking? If her relationship with Kyle is as important as she claims, why would she risk it on a rebound? I applaud her honesty in not asking Kyle to wait, but it also feels like the worst of all worlds. Does she really believe they can just be friends after they slept together and given his confession? That said, at least now she can make an informed decision. And I, like Kyle, still hope she’ll realize he is “her person.”

Michael and Bonnie’s relationship has swung from the hope side of the equation to trust. Or in this case, betrayal. He was spying on her and she took away his abilities. Despite this, they both realize their friendship is real. They’ve both risked their lives for the other. Regardless, forgiveness is going to take time. Especially for Michael. He has defined himself by the things he could do. Who is he now that he can’t?

Til now, Dallas’ faith has been unshakeable. He has been a rock for the rest of the Pod Squad since his arrival. This week we saw that faith crack. This time, the Pod Squad came through for him. Michael fought through his illness to jerry-rig the Lockhart machine and gave Dallas the location of the bible it showed them. Maria reminded him that there was still hope. And Isobel cut her trip short to help Dallas find the answers he’s looking for.

The jury is still out on Shivani. Both in terms of her position on hope and on whether she can be trusted. Her prognosis of her and Allie’s relationship is pessimistic at best and she’s not shy in sharing her belief that happily ever after may be an impossibility. However, she has moved heaven and earth to find a cure for her daughter. At least on this point, she has not given up hope.

Which leads directly to her trustworthiness. Where Liz’s scientific explorations help Shivani’s search for a cure, she can be trusted. However, I doubt she’s above sacrificing Liz or the rest of the Pod Squad if their goals diverge.

In the meantime, the Alighting has begun and Ophiuchus believes it will affect both Earth and Oasis. In keeping with our theme, one can only hope the bible Dallas found holds information that will help. As will whatever it is that Mama DeLuca is attempting to communicate from beyond the grave. There’s also the possibility that Allie Meyers will have some pieces to the Alighting puzzle. And is there any doubt that Liz will science her way to a cure for both Michael and Max?

The one advantage the Pod Squad has is that they would do anything for each other while Ophiuchus’ infighting threatens their plans’ success. If only the Pod Squad’s trust in each other matched the sacrifices they continually make on each other’s behalf. Another strong episode.

4 out of 5 Space Alexas

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s title owes its name to Seal’s 1995 hit. Yes, I know it was released in 1994 as well, but it didn’t become a hit till ‘95.

People are starting to notice Alex is missing.

Noah was the one who did the things no one else in Ophiuchus wanted to do and took pleasure in doing them. That sounds about right.


Liz: “Look. It’s like I got signed by an alien rock star.”

Michael: “I’m dying.”
Maria: “You’re not dying. (whispers) Is he dying?”

Isobel: “Of all the men in Mexico, of course I had to rebound with Kyle Valenti.”

Bonnie: “Everyone keeps going on about you being the savior. Well, I need you to save me."

Kyle: “Yesterday was just a one-time thing.”
Isobel: “Technically it was a two-time thing... for some of us.”

Sonya: “You’ve already been pretending I’ve been dead for a decade. Why stop now?”

Shivani: “All those supportive words, the little tokens, they’re just stopgaps. Band-aids over gaping wounds. Words can’t change painful realities.”

Eduardo: “Generous of you to think I deserve sympathy.”
Kyle: “Well, after what I saw back there, you at least deserve a drink.”

Michael: “You’re going to accuse me of double crossing you when you gave me a Dementor’s Kiss?”

Maria: “The apple doesn’t fall from the alien tree.”

Kyle: “Say you need more time. Say you’re not ready. I’ve gotten really good at waiting. So, ask me to wait.”

Michael: “Friends don’t handcuff friends.”

Max: “Was that your dad’s machete?”
Liz: “I told him you insulted his cooking, and he loaned it to me right away.”

Tezca: “Miracles present themselves to those who are patient.”

Max: “You called me the Savior. I’m asking you to save me.”

Liz: “What did you do?”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.

1 comment:

  1. Two breaths of fresh air, for once from the "villain" side. Shivani as a counterpoint to the positive-yet-vulnerable supportive comments they all parrot to each other (well, the women to each other and the men to women..). I don't really see it as pessimistic, just someone seeing the limits for what they are and trying (and struggling) to appreciate the coping mechanisms nonetheless. It's still kind of transparent since it's the only way to humanize a rich person, with a sick kid. But I really enjoy it. Also Bonnie is just really enjoyable too, I hope Michael stops giving her so much crap even though his reaction as someone who actually finds a certain pride in his alien-ness is pretty appropriate. I did not expect Bonnie to betray him in a way that she believes is helpful... that was a pretty interesting direction. I hope she never turns on him. And Max removing his powers... interesting.
    I continue to hate what they're doing with Kyle... he's ruined! I never thought I could find myself saying he had more chemistry with even Steph than Isobel. Who did his actor piss off to turn him into a pining loser?? Even with his earlier wistfulness towards Liz there was a certain dignity to it. Imagine confessing only after they had casual sex. Please come back, Anatsa... or at least un-make Maria as a descendant because I think her and Isobel could work romantically too.
    I do appreciate Alex being out of the picture though, even if it's probably actor availability. To me he's a complete waste of time on his own and his acting isn't good enough. THERE's a character whose scenes should purely be relationship building.


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