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Roswell, New Mexico: Missing My Baby

“Things just went from bad to worse.”

Secrets, secrets, and more secrets. They always come out in the end.

The Pod Squad finally realizes that Alex is nowhere to be found. However, Liz claims that since Michael punches first and asks questions later, it’s best not to tell him Alex has disappeared until they have more facts. Max agrees despite his misgivings because as a compromise for not bending on his desire to remain alien power free.

But as I said above, secrets have a way of sneaking out. Unfortunately, in this case, Michael proves Liz right by ripping Maria to metaphorical shreds and body slamming Max before either has a chance to say a word. Liz, as the bearer of the alien power-giving cure, is the only one allowed to explain. She thought she was sparing Michael some heartache by not telling him about Alex’s disappearance. And she’s the one who convinced the others not to tell Michael. He’s reminded that no matter what they did or why they all love him and would do anything to find Alex.

And not a moment too soon, because Michael’s one-and-done attitude towards Max pissed me off. This show is usually more nuanced than “your one mistake has destroyed our lifelong relationship.” But Michael saying something like that in the heat of the moment and then beginning a contrition tour once he’s a) calmed down and b) recovered his powers makes perfect sense.

Besides, His anger at Max, Maria, and Liz, although justified, can’t hold a candle to the hatred he’s aimed at himself. In his opinion, he’d been so focused on the Dark Triad and the possibility of going to Oasis that forced Alex to find other avenues of help instead of him.

Tezca may not have been trying to keep Alex a secret, but she certainly kept him hidden. Nevertheless, he is still making himself felt. Maria is apparently still psychically connected to the people she cares about. Visions or no visions. Luckily, Alex is high on that list. Since Liz is hot on the scientific trail for an alien cure, she calls in Rosa for reinforcements. And it seems that in addition to her artistic exploits, she’s been researching anything that can explain her status as an alien tuning fork. Some of which come in handy in helping Maria find the calm she needs to hear Alex.

Speaking of Tezca’s secrets. She had a doozy that she was keeping from herself. She was originally a member of the rebellion and sacrificed herself to protect Isobel. Jones brainwashed her into becoming his chief lieutenant just to see if he could. Even from the grave, he finds new ways to make me (love to) hate him.

If we’re talking about secrets, then Liz and Shivani hit the motherlode. I was both right and wrong about Shivani. Right in the sense that she knew more about aliens than she let on and that she was aware Liz had alien connections of her own. Shivani also knew Rosa was Liz’s supposedly dead sister and suspected Max was not of this world. I was also correct that Shivani’s desire to save her daughter would supersede whatever arrangements or understandings she and Liz shared. Where I erred was in believing she had any malicious intent. Shivani is not overtly evil, but she’s just not wrapped too tight. In the mother of all secrets, her daughter isn’t ill, she’s dead!

To be fair, given Rosa’s undead status and the alien cure Liz just concocted, it’s not outrageous to assume Liz might pull another miracle out of her hat. And I understand Shivani’s point when she claims Liz could potentially save millions but chooses not to. Liz could cure hundreds of diseases, but at the risk of the world finding out about the Pod Squad. Yes, I know the argument of the needs of the many outweighing the few, but I doubt Liz is prepared to sacrifice Max and her friends on the altar of science.

That said, Shivani only knows part of the story and she’s too desperate to listen to the harsh truth found in the rest. Liz wasn’t the one who brought Rosa back. As she said, she’s not a god. And the “miracles” Liz did produce were with finite resources. There isn’t enough available to cure humanity even if those resources were hers to donate. Besides, Shivani’s argument breaks down once she admits she doesn’t give a damn what happens as long as her daughter Nicole lives.

Despite the grim ending, there were a few bright spots. Tezca's newfound memories have at least dampened her devotion towards Jones and Ophiuchus if they haven’t caused her to switch sides. The Pod Squad knows where Alex is, even if they don’t know how to reach him. Plus, they have enough clues to correctly surmise that Dallas and Bonnie are with him. And Liz and Max have come to an understanding. She’s in it for the long haul. And while she doesn’t agree with his decision, she realizes it is his decision to make.

However, with Liz down for the count and Clyde with almost everything he needs for the Alighting, the Pod Squad has their work cut out for them.

4 out of 5 Alien Tuning Forks

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s title was originally on Selena’s 1992 album Entre a Mi Mundo but wasn’t released as a single until 1995.

I’m worried about Vanessa. Clyde was looking at her like a starving man at his dinner.

I know I didn’t get into the fact that the alien aerosol boosts brain power, but that’s only because I’m still scratching my head. That and the idea if Liz was a genius before, what will she be now?


Max: “it’s never a good sign when Liz Ortecho crosses state lines.”

Michael: “Oh. You’re in your feels ‘cause we’re Muggles now.”

Shivani: “Then be the one to make the improbable possible.”

Liz: “In order to continue testing, we need a pod that’s in working condition.”
Shivani: “You’ve got one in a junk drawer?”

Michael: “So everyone’s on the group chat but me?”

Isobel: “A great warrior will get all the intel she needs before she goes into battle.”

Tezca: “You deserve a say in your own story.”

Michael: “You sure this is going to work?”
Liz: “Given you are my first and only trial? No.”

Michael: “I was so consumed with finding a way home that I lost sight of the home I was trying to build with him.”

Liz: “Life is gonna keep punching. Until you know who you are and you swing back.”

Tezca: “If you’re waiting to hear me beg, you’re going to die disappointed.”

Michael: “You Ortechos know what you’re doing every once in a while.”

Shivani: “Today’s been a day of secrets, and I’ve got one more for you, Lizzie.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.


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