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Roswell, New Mexico: How's It Going to Be

“So, what do we do now?”

To quote one of my other favorite shows, “Endings are hard.” Especially when the realities of production impact the show’s artistic endeavors.

The announcement of the show’s cancellation came after the season had been shot but before any of it aired. As disappointed as I was to hear the news, my biggest fear was that it would end with a massive cliffhanger that they would never resolve. Despite my railing about the lack of closure, that did not occur. In fact, they tied up just about every loose end. My biggest problem was the speed at which they did so (well, maybe my second biggest problem).

After building Clyde up to be this super-powered adversary, the final confrontation felt a little underwhelming. Although that might have had more to do with timing since it came before the halfway mark of the episode. However, having an unpowered and memory-challenged Liz use Clyde's own hubris to defeat him was perfect. And given his many abilities, outwitting him was the only viable option. Besides, The Powers That Be needed to kill Clyde off early in order to wrap up all the other loose storylines they’ve been dangling this season.

Such as Malex. It’s now public knowledge that Tyler Blackburn (Alex), requested and was given time off from the show to deal with health issues. I’m happy that he’s doing well, but it meant Malex’s season long story arc was condensed into three episodes. An expanded version of Michael’s journey is now consigned into the hands of fanfiction writers. From his tentative first steps of living with Alex to him confidently striding down the aisle. But at least we got to see their happily ever after.

TPTB answered most of my burning questions regarding Allie and Shivani’s relationship. Yes, it was Shivani’s inability to accept their daughter’s death that fractured their relationship. Although Allie’s obsession with science and mezcal didn’t help.

If given another season, I’m sure there would have been some attempt to redeem Shivani. However, her willingness to drain Rosa of blood based on Clyde’s promise to bring her daughter back to life is not an easy line to uncross. After all, Rosa was someone’s daughter, too. And did anyone other than Shivani actually believe Clyde was telling the truth?

I wasn’t crazy. There was more going on between Maria and Dallas. Or at least there might have if given more time. Instead, Dallas’ need to understand who he is and where he comes from trumped his and Maria’s potential relationship. Lest we forget, he’d had the least amount of time to deal with the reality of being an alien. That said, like a certain other couple yet to be discussed, this wasn’t a “no” so much as a “not right now.” I must admit I was glad to see Maria mention Gregory, although I think she at least owes the poor man a phone call.

Which brings us to Max and Liz.

Just when I was going to cry “Plot Hole” the reason for the blue flame was necessary became crystal clear. It wasn’t necessary to travel to Oasis. It was necessary once you arrived. This was both a convenient explanation for Noah dubbing Max “the Savior” in season one and the cause of my, and I suspect many others, biggest disappointment.

After years of introspection and quite a bit of nudging from Liz, Isobel, and everyone else who cares about him, Max has become the man Liz always knew he could be. And that man could never sacrifice a planet full of people for a life with Liz. Max had to go. I just thought that Liz would go with him.

It could have been the culmination of Liz’s series-long arc. Liz ran away when things got too tough for her emotionally. She ran when Rosa died. She ran from her first fiancé. She ran when she and Max faced the first genuine crisis of their relationship. And while Liz may not have physically run away this season, she certainly hid from the things she was too afraid to face. Having her be the one to propose to Max brought her season-long journey full circle. However, a decision to stand with Max, no matter which world he was in, might have been a fitting end to the series.

Was it everything I hoped for? No. As a season finale, I thought it was a worthy effort despite the pacing issues. As a series finale, I’d hoped it would be a little more final. However, I doubt this is the finale we would have gotten had The Powers That Be known this was their last season. But this is the one we got, and like I said, endings are hard.

3.5 out of 5 alien engagements

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s title comes Third Eye Blind’s 1997 hit.

Loved Allie (AKA Liz 1.0) taking the antenna hair band “to remember Roswell by.”

I know I didn’t talk about Isobel and Kyle, but their story was tied with a pretty neat bow in the last episode. The one loose thread was Tezca saying that Max would need Isobel, the warrior, at his side. I assume that was a seed for future episodes.

Considering Maria’s relationship with both Alex and Michael, it was appropriate that she gave the groom away.

Alex Guerin. Need I say more?


Michael: “Maybe we should explore other options before we kaboom literally our only way to return to the home planet.”

Liz: “I’m not worried about what you can do. I’m worried about what I can’t.”

Clyde: “I’m a man of my word.”

Allie: “There’s a thin line between determination and obsession. And the thing with obsession is it grows in our blind spots.”

Liz: “What better Hail Mary than reaching out to Mary herself?”

Kyle: “It’s a classic Roswell #7. Narrow target, impossible timeline. Lives hanging in the balance.”

Allie: “It’s like they say, ‘Alien bio-engineering is easy.’”

Dallas: “I won’t let you pass.”
Clyde: “Your ethics say different.”
Clyde: “This is a revelation. To beat the woman that my savior couldn’t.”

Michael: “Who wants to go to a wedding?”

Rosa: “Papi says life can be a crucible. You either burn up in the heat or you become something stronger.”

Liz: “I’m not afraid of the other shoe anymore.”

Allie: “Love is like science. It’s always evolving.”

Liz: “I love you. And you are damn well gonna marry me when you get back.”


  1. Shari, congratulations on finishing this series!

    I'm sad that it's over. I've been trying very hard not to read your reviews yet because I've been waiting for the final season to hit Netflix. As soon as it does, I'll be reading them and posting comments.

  2. Thanks, Billie! I look forward to reading your opinions.

  3. I agree with the author about ending. Liz saying to Max “I’ll follow you, ANYWHERE” then going with him would have been a full circle/better series finale. But since she’s human would she have been able to cross portal or be able to survive on Oasis? I think another great ending would’ve been: Right after Max crosses through the portal Liz gets a phone call from Kyle reporting her recent medical checkup he made her have (after Liz took the cure her mentor Allie made/for brain damage caused by alien “mist”. Kyle tells her he needs to see her right away, Liz pushes him to just tell her and get it over with, she’s had a rough day. Kyle says “Liz, you’re pregnant”. Liz drops her phone and puts one hand over her stomach and the other where Max left his healing handprint from very first episode. Then she stares at the now closed portal and the shot fades out……
    👽 🤰🏽I would’ve LOVED that ending!

    1. I wouldn't have minded your suggestion if they had ended the season that way. If that had been the end of the series, I might have gone ballistic.

    2. Agree!! Would be a good ending for S4 IF a S5 was coming!!

  4. A year late, but I just finished the whole show while reading your reviews. So I just wanted to say Thank You for all your work. This was a blest, both the show and your reviews.

  5. Hi Juls,
    Thanks for the compliment. I was sorry to see it end when things had just gotten interesting. But more than that, I wish they had known it was ending and gotten to plan accordingly.

  6. The conclusion at least worked for me, I liked all the departures. Liz not going with Max after all felt right somehow too. It makes me sad but I don't think I could buy them immediately shacking up together, even with her marriage proposal (and again I liked Max kind of snatching it from her). For a surprise cancellation I'm impressed with how it all worked out.
    Gonna miss this show, for all its faults. It kept me engaged even if it was through provocation... But I'll miss Liz. Hope I see her on TV again


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