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The Flash: Wildest Dreams

“It’s about control.”

This episode takes a deep dive into dreams, both the literal and figurative. Asking what separates them from nightmares, and what happens when the nightmares are real?

Nia Nal’s, AKA The Dreamer, attempts to level up have sent her in search of an ancient energy source. That search is founded on the misguided belief that the more control she has over her abilities, the more powerful she can become. This leads Nia to see the object of her search as a threat and lands her in Central City, hoping Iris can help Nia get her powers back.

In case you were wondering, Nia was a recurring character on Supergirl. Unfortunately, I missed the post pandemic seasons. And while it’s not necessary to know her backstory to understand the events in this episode, I found myself wondering if Nia’s quest addressed an unresolved storyline from that show, as Diggle’s appearances did in previous episodes.

Regardless, Nia’s main purpose is to serve as the conduit for Iris to confront her ongoing issues with her supposed destiny. On the surface, Iris has everything she’s dreamed of. However, thanks to her time traveling husband and children, she knows what her future holds. And though it’s a bright future, she wonders if that knowledge has stripped away her agency.

It’s well established that Iris wants no part of a predestined future. She wants to know she earned the accolades coming her way, and she is not just ticking off items on her life’s To Do List. Which is why her dreams show her the paths she might have taken. Rising from barista to manager at Jitters or following in her father’s footsteps and become a cop as her Earth 2 counterpart did.

Iris’ problem is that she assumed her dreams were answering her subconscious question rather than voicing it. Knowing your future isn’t the same as having a predestined one. As much as she admired what her father did for the city, she took no steps to join the police force. And however much she loved being a barista, she leaped at the chance to become a journalist. It’s those decisions and all the ones thereafter that put her on the path to win a Pulitzer. And most were made in complete ignorance of her so-called destiny.

The more interesting question is whether she would have been as successful had her life not been entangled with the Flash. She may have excellent journalistic instincts and writing skills, but being married to the city’s biggest news maker is a distinct advantage. The question may be moot since the Flash, or the Blur as he was known back then, was the reason she started writing in the first place.

Then there’s Mark. I can’t imagine what it’s like to see the face of the woman you love every day and yet know that she’s gone and never coming back. In a way, that’s been Mark’s problem. He could never acknowledge that Frost was gone.

Mark's attempts to bring her back physically ended in Caitlyn’s death. When that failed, his belief that Frost lived on in Khione led to him trying to force the quiet nature-loving Khione into Frost’s wild adventure-seeking shoes. While understandable, it was grossly unfair to Khione. Now that Mark has let go of the dream of getting Frost back, maybe he can enjoy the good things he still has in his life, including his budding friendship (and possibly more?) with Khione.

With the name Khione, I guess it was only a matter of time before she displayed some kind of ice powers. If I’m being honest, I was a little disappointed. I was hoping her ability was tied to either her affinity for nature and/or what appeared to be empathic gifts.

If I had one bone to pick, it was with the interstitial scenes with Barry, Cecile, Allegra, and Chester. Except for Barry’s justifiable concern over his wife and child’s well-being, the scenes felt like they existed because of contractual obligations. They stood around, with nothing to do except state how dire the situation was.

First of all, why were they in the speed lab when they have a medical bay? Second, you have a near omniscient AI and four highly intelligent individuals, including at least two geniuses, and no one's heard of an ice bath? That said, Caitlyn and her medical expertise have shuffled off this mortal coil. And Grey’s Anatomy this is not.

As the last Berlanti-verse show standing, The Flash has taken upon itself the task of paying homage to all of its sister shows. While the results this season have been mixed, this was one of the better ones.

3.5 out 5 Cheese Fries

Parting Thoughts:

If you’re interested, Nia is an ancestor of Nura Nal from the comics.

Iris is Nia’s role model? I always thought that was Kara. Well, she’s entitled to more than one.

They really do take every opportunity for Mark to take off his shirt. Not that I’m complaining.

The Powers That Be get bonus points for acknowledging the people outside of Team Flash that Barry would have on speed dial.


Allegra: “This is your destiny, and it’s happening right now.”

Nia: “Normally something happens here.”

Khione: “Am I a superhero now?”

Nia: “We are two badass, smart women. We can figure this out, right?”

Barry: “Don’t worry. They call me the fastest man alive.”

Mark: “Can’t you be more like–"
Khione: “Frost?”

Aariz: “She gets everything handed to her on a silver platter. Must be nice.”

Nia: “We’re stuck in a dream. Our bodies are dangerously close to overheating. And you’re worried about an award.”

Khione: “Mark, I forgive you.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. I honestly don't remember where they left Nia Nal on Supergirl, so I can't help.

    I guess I'd better catch up my Berlanti-verse crossover post. Although maybe I should wait until the series finale since this is The End. :(

  2. I've heard there are few more appearances to come, so you may want to hold off. On the plus side, I've been keeping a list. We can compare notes later.


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