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3% is a Brazilian sci-fi series produced by Netflix. Set in a distant future, it follows the story of young adults that live in the Inland, a place filled with poverty and violence. They have a once in a lifetime chance to go through a process that will select 3% of them to cross to Offshore, a Utopian island they don't know much about. But not everyone is happy with the status quo, and a group called The Cause wants to bring down the Process and end the social divide that exists between the Offshore and the Inland.

Season One

1.1 Cubes
1.2 Coins
1.3 Corridor
1.4 Gateway
1.5 Water
1.6 Glass
1.7 Capsule
1.8 Button

Season Two

2.1 Mirror
2.2 Toaster
2.3 Static
2.4 Napkin
2.5 Lamp
2.6 Bottles
2.7 Fog
2.8 Frogs
2.9 Necklace
2.10 Blood

Season Three

Coming in 2019?


João Miguel (Ezequiel)
Bianca Comparato (Michele)
Michel Gomes (Fernando)
Vaneza Oliveira (Joana)
Viviane Porto (Aline)
Rodolfo Valente (Rafael)
Rafael Lozano (Marco)

Season Two Cast Photo