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Veronica Mars: Blast from the Past

Keith: "I'm not going to leverage the deaths of seven people to win an election."

What's Veronica Mars without major parental angst? It was Wallace's turn, with his new rogue narcotics detective father, whose appearance seems to have made Wallace re-evaluate his friendship with Veronica. And Veronica didn't come out looking all that good. Was that part of why Wallace decided to take off? I hope they're not writing him out.

Alicia was deeply unamused when she discovered that Keith had Wallace's birth certificate, and Keith and Alicia had "the fight." You know, the fight with the words you can't take back. Is it over? I hope not. That would be too bad. I was sort of into the idea of Veronica and Wallace being step-siblings.

After acting like a jealous two-year-old, Jackie briefly turned into a human being, asking Veronica to prove that her friend Cora didn't steal her credit card. But Jackie's flirtation with humanity didn't last long. Jackie is one of those people who can't understand how a straight male and a straight female can truly just be friends. Wallace may have blown up on Veronica for (quite rightly) not noticing he was going through stuff. But then he loyally backed Veronica up and dumped Jackie. Before leaving town.

More about the bus crash, just as Keith was the victim of mudslinging extraordinaire. Michelle's friend Rhonda called her from the bus as it was going over, and was that message creepy, or what? The explosion we heard meant it wasn't Lamb's scapegoat, Ed Doyle. Keith was right about not taking advantage of the situation to win the election. But Veronica was also right about the bus crash never being resolved by Lamb. Well, duh.

Veronica asked Duncan to get her some Kane Software stationery, but when he asked what it was for, she said something along the line of don't bother your pretty head about it. She doesn't do that with Logan. I've also noticed that the Veronica/Duncan love scenes (like the one here) lack the heat and craziness of her past love scenes with Logan. I miss her love scenes with Logan. Well, duh.

Bits and pieces:

— Veronica nominated Wallace for homecoming king, and then quite possibly stuffed the ballot box, or coerced people. Very cute.

— I liked that Duncan and Logan finally made up. I hadn't really thought about them both being emancipated minors.

— And I just loved that Veronica sent Sheriff Lamb a bug. And it was actually a bug. Veronica discovered that Lamb was blackmailing Jackie's father, sports god Terrence Cook. That's someone who will undoubtedly vote for Keith.

— Alicia lied to Wallace as well as to Nathan. That seemed unlike her.

— Madame Sophie's message from Lilly that Veronica should have stayed away from Logan was sort of creepy. I actually bought it for a moment.


Wallace: "So who'd we put in the ground back in Cleveland?"

Corny: "I'd like to nominate Veronica Mars. Yeah. She's badass, smoking hot, and overall nice to come home to."

Logan: "Veronica Mars. Saving the world, one pointless act at a time."

Keith: "Your father's campaign is riding on a gravy train with biscuit wheels."

Logan: "There's always Winter Carnival. Veronica can be an ice princess."
Jackie: "Can we skate on her?

Duncan: "You're an emancipated minor, I'm an emancipated minor. Maybe we should get together Thursday night. Chug cough syrup, mug some old ladies."

Veronica: (answering the phone) "Chesty La Rue. Hey, Duncan. I'm fine, I'm slathering up my boobs as we speak. Can I call you back?"

Three stars. Another good one,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I actually feel sad that Keith and Alicia ended so abruptly. And one of those things I love about the season is Wallace being more developed.

  2. This is the second episode in a row in which our heroine is looking less than heroic. I had already gone to the "she needs to be a better friend to Wallace" place, so was glad when Wallace called her on it.

    I also thought Veronica's final message to Wallace was incredibly selfish. Not "I'm worried about you." Not "Where are you and what can I do for you?" It was "I can't lose another friend." Sweetheart, this time it just might not be about you.


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