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Veronica Mars: Rat Saw God

Keith: "I'm here because of my daughter."
Aaron: "Now, that's funny. So am I."

Super bad week for Logan, after many other bad weeks for Logan. Arrested for Felix's murder, confined in a cell with his father the murderer, and the icing on the cake? His house burned down.

When they put Logan in that cell and Aaron was there waiting for him, it actually made me gasp out loud. Logan, who manages to hide his real feelings most of the time, got this painful look on his face when he was talking with Aaron, like he was so upset he couldn't control his expression. Aaron insisted that he never killed Lilly and was trying to implicate Duncan; he must be practicing for the witness stand. I have to give props to Harry Hamlin, because Aaron Echolls just makes me shudder.

Amelia Delongpre, dead in an ice machine, was just sad. Abel Koontz spent all those months in prison for nothing, and that was sad, too. It was exceptionally sweet of Veronica to let Abel Koontz die thinking his daughter was rich and well, instead of dead. Sometimes a well-meant lie is the only way to go.

The title completely confused me until we got to the end. What on earth was a dead rat doing taped to a seat on the bus? I didn't get it. But then again, I never figure this stuff out. Makes me the perfect reviewer for this show. I'm such a captive (and often pathetic) audience.

Bits and pieces:

— In his line-up, Logan did a take-off of Sally Field's famous Oscar acceptance speech.

— Logan, now with a brand new ankle-restraint, moved in with Duncan. Just two poor little rich boys living together in the presidential suite. How uncomfortable for Veronica.

— I love Cliff, and his scenes with Logan were a hoot. Cliff is sharp, self-deprecating, and truthful. And funny. Much like Logan, come to think of it. I sort of can't blame Logan for wanting to retain Cliff instead of Neptune's version of Johnny Cochran.

— Clarence Wiedman was back, and was actually rather cool this time. I even rather liked him. Who'd a thought?

— The Casablancas appear to be going the emancipated minor route, too. It's what the in crowd is doing these days.

— Wallace was in Chicago, and not communicating with Veronica. Major product placement: everyone seems to have an Aol address. Aol is the devil.

— Woody Goodman won the mayor's race. Don Lamb won the sheriff's race.

Buffy creator Joss Whedon played the guy at the Lariat Rental Car counter.

— Okay, false note. Most cheap hotel rooms don't have six bad paintings. There's usually two at the most, sometimes three.


Mike: "The last place I saw her was in Ibiza."
Veronica: "You mean, like, there's Tara Reid passed out on the beach Ibiza?"
Yet another disparaging mention of Tara Reid. Maybe she's the one who crashed the bus.

Cliff: "Okay, my name is Cliff. I'll be your if-you-cannot-afford-an-attorney attorney."

Cliff: "I owe you? Who unconfiscated all your fake college IDs?"
Veronica: "Who got the Lincoln out of your ex's name?"
Cliff: "Well, who helped put that lien against Lee's Walk-In Donut?"
Veronica: "And who proved that stripper was colorblind?"

Aaron: "At least I know what it takes to get a visit out of you."
Logan: "I just need a little time to work through how you bashed my girlfriend's head in."

Cliff: "Judge Bloom and I shvitz at the same gym. I'll be billing you for a case of Cohibas and a four-handed Thai massage. There's also the matter of a two hundred thousand dollar bond. So, Chip? How 'bout you thank me by taking the old block's advice? Get a new lawyer."
Logan: "Well, you're kinda winning me over."

Veronica: "Wow. Where did you learn that interrogation technique?"
Clarence: "Harvard. Pretty convincing hysterical routine you got. Where'd you learn that?"
Veronica: "Watching cheerleading tryouts results."

Amazing episode, with a lot going on. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. So many things going on here but all of it came out nicely. And I agree with you, Billie, Harry Hamlin is amazing and Aaron just gives me the creeps.

  2. hey billie- i know i'm incredibly late with this comment, but the episode was probably called "rat saw god" because rob thomas actually wrote a young adult novel with that title.

  3. Never too late, Liz. I didn't know that. Thanks.

  4. Rob Thomas certainly doesn't believe in happy endings -- even for the minor characters. I did like seeing Clarence in a new light and I adore Cliff. His snark just makes me laugh.

  5. -- Okay, false note. Most cheap hotel rooms don't have six bad paintings. There's usually two at the most, sometimes three.

    Veronica had to pay for three rooms [while searching for Amelia DeLongpre]. Three rooms, two paintings each...


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