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Veronica Mars: Donut Run

Sheriff Lamb: "You need to be careful with this one. She's slippery."
Agent Morris: "Sheriff, we have interrogated al Qaeda members at Gitmo. I think we can handle a teenage girl."

Did they just write Duncan out? Please tell me they just wrote Duncan out.

I was deeply conflicted about what Veronica did. Yes, Duncan was baby Lilly's only living parent, and the laws do not favor unwed fathers. Yes, leaving Meg's baby to be raised by the Mannings was not an option, although a legal resolution would have been preferable to parental kidnapping. Sometimes breaking the law is the morally right thing to do, and this was one of those times.

But Veronica scammed her own father, and it completely threw me, plotwise. (Yes, her very public break-up with Duncan was out of character and should have clued me in, but still.) Yes, Keith would never have let Veronica mastermind a kidnapping, no matter what the reason, but it still bugged me. And it was kind of a shame that the whole "Virgin Suicides" depression scene was faked, because it was nice to see pseudo-adult Veronica acting like a teenager for a change.

I've been mildly unhappy with Veronica herself this season, and Duncan is a big reason why. I've always thought their relationship was boring, even with all the incest and murder stuff. It was like she backed the wrong horse. She should be with Logan, instead of doing cutting banter with him in an elevator.

Is it wrong of me to hope that they just wrote Duncan out? Maybe they'll bring him back for a big kidnapping trial drama at the end of the season. No, no, no.

Lots and lots of bits and pieces:

— Lucy Lawless was fun, as she always is, as snarky FBI woman Agent Morris. I loved how totally unimpressed she was with Sheriff Lamb.

— Despite how nasty it was, I just loved Logan and Veronica bantering in the elevator, and quoted most of their dialogue below. I also loved Keith covering for Veronica with the FBI, even though he had to be furious with her.

— We finally saw the fortune that Duncan gave Veronica on her eighteenth birthday: it said, "True love stories never have endings." (But... but... I want this one to end.) The fortune cookie had numbers on it: 4 8 15 16 23 42. They're the famous lottery numbers from Lost.

— Thumper said that the only PCHers on the bridge when Felix died were Hector, Bootsy, and himself. We also learned that Felix was involved with Molly Fitzpatrick. And that Weevil's predecessor was Gustavio Toombs, a.k.a. Reaper Gus.

— Wallace appears to have left a serious hit-and-run problem back in Chicago. Just for what it's worth, Veronica also lied to Wallace, her best friend.

— The line-up of blondes that looked nothing like Veronica was just hilarious, as was Veronica's expression.

— Astrid, Celeste's hand maiden, was a red herring again.

— The baby's name was Faith Manning, probably given to her by Meg's parents. In the truck, Duncan named her "Lilly." Very touching.

— Vinnie Van Lowe was back, and ended up working on the right side for a change. For thirty grand.


Logan: "Hi, ho."
Veronica: "What did you say?"
Logan: "Your uniform. Heigh ho. It's off to work you go."
Veronica: "I guess that makes me Snow White."
Logan: "You must be on your way up to see Mopey."
Veronica: "How's he doing, Sleazy?"
Logan: "Wouldn't know. He doesn't come out of his room. Old Italian ladies don't grieve like this. Boy, he must have really loved Meg."

Logan: "There she goes, the angel of mercy. Time to fake the doughnut. Uh, oh. Did you catch him waxing his board?"

Kendall: "Tomorrow, you're just going to call me at two in the morning saying you want some company. For your information, that really doesn't satisfy me, Logan."
Logan: "Really? You always come."
Logan Echolls. Master of the double entendre.

Dick: "Well, the one they call Bootsy told me no, and went on to suggest I perform sexual intercourse upon my own person."
Logan: "Doesn't he understand that if you could do that you'd never come to school?"

Coast Guard: "No one on board. But we did find dirty diapers and twelve empty cans of SpaghettiOs."

Four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Veronica duping her father was kind of sad but I think she did the right thing. If she had told Keith, he would have never agreed and probably would have taken things legal and we would have the Mannings telling nothing but lies about Veronica and Duncan. I really think this was the way to go.

  2. I like the long con theme of this episode. I facepalmed that i didn't see this coming what with veronica moping in her bedroom, and crying. VERONICA CRYING OVER A BOY IN PUBLIC... in what universe would that be plausible.
    But yeah, i loved every minute of this, it's the episode i always watch whenever i'm facing my veronica season 2 dvds. That and the haunting last scene of the premiere.

  3. The character choices they are making with Veronica this season are interesting. I commented earlier that she has not been entirely trustworthy. Here, she wasn't at all.

    I understand that Duncan and Veronica were (rightly) worried about the baby, but kidnapping Lilly (much better name than Faith) was not the answer. Besides, how is an eighteen year old going to raise this child? Are we meant to believe that Vinnie and Astrid are going to help?

    I'm kind of hoping they wrote Duncan out as well. Veronica and Logan are much more interesting and have much better chemistry.

    I laughed out loud when I saw the fortune cookie numbers. Great shout-out.

  4. I realize I'm rather late to the party on this, but....my favorite aspect of this episode is the complete lack of Veronica over-voice except for her thinking about Wallace's basketball snafu in Chicago. It's such a dead giveaway, but only after you realize it isn't there. She can't be an unreliable narrator if she isn't narrating. Brilliant.

  5. When is Duncan coming back???
    We just got Wallace back, and we presumably lost Leo...
    OK but seriously, gonna miss Duncan as her investigator-buddy, if not as her romantic partner. And I know it was now faked but mopey Veronica in the beginning was charming/cute lol.

    These departures are kind of jarring. Hey speaking of which, where's Jackie? She's in the opening credits and she already seems to be gone. The other black female character from season 1, that 'new' teacher also didn't wind up doing much lol.. >_> Not that I mind, I don't miss the forced rotation/screen-time of certain other shows. But I don't want Jackie to return only because Wallace is back too... she needs her own subplot.


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