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Angel: Belonging

Angel: "I'm not cheap, I'm old. I remember when a few bob got you a good meal, a bottle, and a tavern wench."

Geez. Is Angel prone to mood swings, or what?

I do like post-epiphany Angel much better than brooding, dour Angel, but my word, he was almost giggly. Here, kitty kitty? Fake tans? Power walkers? The cost of appetizers in an expensive restaurant? (And was that restaurant scene wild, or what?) Loved Angel doing a triple take at Cordelia in that bikini. Gunn and Wesley reacting when Angel told them about it was fun, too. Gunn's eyebrow moved about a sixteenth of an inch, and Wesley didn't move at all, but you could tell what they were thinking.

The Host has a name, now: Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan. Or Lorne. Lorne Greene. Okay, I thought it was funny.

One thing about both Buffy and Angel: they do seem to end up in libraries a lot. Which allows me to make snotty in-comments. Like, who would be cataloging in the foreign language section? That thing about the Host doing the children's reading program was fun, though.

And they left us with yet another cliffhanger! Or would you call this a portal-hanger? Will Fred the library worker be over there? And why didn't Cordelia go where Lorne's cousin went?

Bits and pieces:

— Poor Wesley. This was the second time we've gotten hints that his father is a monster. A human monster, that is.

— Poor Gunn! He shouldn't be punished for losing touch with his friends by having one die.

— Liked the Beau Geste do-it-yourself Viking funeral.

— The Host didn't call Angel pet names in this one, but he did ask him out to an Elton John concert.

— So which is worse? A Haklar demon, a Drokken, or an egomaniac who directs commercials?


Angel: "Do you want me to rip that guy's head off for you? Because, you know, I can. I can actually just rip his head right off his body. I can do that."

Cordelia: "How was the big fight? All big and fighty?"
Wesley: "We managed to kill the Haklar just as it was about to devour a group of power walkers."
Angel: "Horrible."
Cordelia: "I know. I saw it in my stupid vision, remember?"
Angel: "No, not the Haklar, the power walkers. I mean, walking I get, but power walking? Why not just run for a shorter time? Weird. Plus one of them hit him."
Cordelia: "A power walker did that?"
Wesley: "Apparently she felt that I disrespected the Haklar's culture by killing it."
Cordelia: "This town sucks."

Host: "Call me crazy, but I'm getting the weirdest sense of deja vu here. How come every time you and me hit the big city, we end up in a library? Snoresville. Next time why don't we do something fun?"
Angel: "Like what?"
Host: "Elton's in town next month. What do you say, you and me, back row seats?"

Cordelia: "Vos strp umpt pls plsrts in uft frm pltz. Yeah, Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel."

Host: "Lorne, if you must. Though I generally don't go by that because (indicates his face) green?"
Cordelia: "Huh?"
Angel: "Right. Lorne Greene. (Cordelia and Wes stare at him) Bonanza? Fifteen years on the air not mean anything to anyone here? Okay. Now I feel old."

Landok: "Your mother's burden is terrible."
Host: "Misses her little green boo, does she?"
Landok: "She rips your images into tiny pieces, feeds them to the swine, butchers the pigs and has their remains scattered for the dogs."
Host: "Sounds like Ma."

Wesley: "And you can read these waves? Amazing! All your people do this?"
Landok: "Those who are willing to submit to training."
Host: "Oh, everyone on board. Guilt trip leaving this station."

Host: "I use that sense to help people find their destinies and I'm a freak. He uses it to hunt, he's considered the golden spawn. Go figure."

Two out of four stakes,

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.


  1. I love the dialogue in this episode. Krevlornswatch of the Deathwok Clan is such a sweetie.

  2. YAY! The Pylea arc!! I LOVE the Pylea arc. :DDD

  3. Ditto to what sunbunny said. Plus, lots of Lorne. I love Lorne.

  4. This episode was just fun - as most Lorne sort of centric episodes are. And the dialogue was great. You always pick the best quotes Billie even when there are many,many quotable moments!

  5. Host: "Oh, everyone on board. Guilt trip leaving this station."
    Love the next arc, and call no fan my brethren who does not feel the same!


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