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Angel: Over The Rainbow

Aggie: "You're not going with them?"
Lorne: "Hey, I'd rather have a hydrochloric acid facial. I'd rather invite a hive of wasps to nest in my throat. I'd rather sit through a junior high school production of Cats. You see where I'm going with this?"

This was a somewhat fun episode, with some Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Alice in Wonderland sort of tossed up and thrown into a Buffyverse demon dimension. I loved Angel's absolute determination to do something NOW, Wesley figuring out how to get there, Angel's long phone message to Gunn and Gunn's response to it, the Host's desperate attempts not to go with them while all the while trying to help them, and Angel's transparent delight at being able to walk in the sunshine. I just really liked the way the four of them were interacting in this episode, can you tell?

How like Cordelia to arrive as a slave and end up running the place. What a great ending. And didn't she have a great Princess Leia/Gypsy Rose Lee look going for her?

Bits and pieces:

— Loved Cordelia at the beginning clicking her heels together three times ("Worth a shot.").

— How appropriate that the dimensional portal was at a movie studio.

— I had a feeling that Fred from the library would show up.

— Wesley has handcuffs? We keep getting hints that Wesley is not the quiet type that he seems to be.

— Angel was in the Tower of London?

— Was that hellbeast the same as the ones Buffy slew in the prom episode? Probably. Why waste a good costume?

— Wolfram & Hart are buying the hotel out from under Angel? Does that mean we're going to have a new headquarters for Angel Investigations next season?


Wesley: "There's obviously not going to be any big swirly hole jumping without a big swirly hole."

Lorne: "At first I didn't know what the heck it was. But when I went to take a closer look, the forest goes all bendy, big flashy light and whoosh! through the portal and bang, I'm in another dimension. This dimension, which I love and adore and will never, never, never, never leave."
Angel: "But then who opened the portal?"
Lorne: (holding his hand like a sock puppet) "Gift horse. (opens the puppet's mouth) Mouth."

Aggie: "You're hiding from the mob?"
Lorne: "Don't get me started. I know it's Hollywood chic going incognito and all, but this hat's really chafing my horns."

Aggie: "Hm, I see. And the big flashing neon warning light in your aura means what?"
Lorne: "Eat at Joe's."

Angel: "I'm just waiting for Wes to have that eureka moment."
Wesley: (off screen) "Eureka!"
Angel: "Oh, jeez. Thank god."
Lorne: "You mean he actually, really says 'Eureka'?"

Angel: "Ha! I'm not on fire."
Wesley: "And we're together. And we didn't merge into some freakish, four-men Siamese twin."
Gunn: "That was a risk? How come nobody told me that was a risk?"
Angel: "Can everyone just notice how much fire I'm not on?"

Lorne: "Just remember, keep your heads down. Xenophobia, kind of a watch-word where I'm from."
Gunn: "I don't get it. Why're they afraid of Xena? I mean, I think she's kind of fly."

Narwek: "For the crime of assault, against those judged to be your betters, you are to be detained until our royal highness passes sentence upon you."
Gunn: "I'm guessing community service is out. Too bad. I really like those orange vests."

Wesley: "No. No, these impenetrable stone walls are proving to be rather..."
Gunn: "You say impenetrable and I will kick your ass."

Let's say two and a half out of four stakes, and I'm interested in seeing how far they go with this Pylea thing,

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.


  1. Angel: "Ha! I'm not on fire."
    Wesley: "And we're together. And we didn't merge into some freakish, four-men Siamese twin."
    Gunn: "That was a risk? How come nobody told me that was a risk?"
    Angel: "Can everyone just notice how much fire I'm not on?"

    This is such Whedony dialogue.

    Once you've seen the commentary for the Pylea episodes and know that they used an old Old West fake town from Hollywood's Western era, you can't unsee it. I'm always expecting John Wayne to poke his head around the corner.

  2. The Pylea arc is so weird - I kinda love it because it's so funny and provides a much-needed balance to the darkness going on over on Buffy at the same time. But it's also full-on fantasy, so different from Angel's normal MO. The dialogue saves it though - loved the not on fire bit!

  3. I really enjoyed this episode, and now I'm going to have to go and watch it again to see the western town!

  4. Lorne: (holding his hand like a sock puppet) "Gift horse. (opens the puppets mouth) Mouth." The look on Lorne's face as he turns away from his hand always makes me laugh out loud. I love the dialogue the writers give his character.

    I'd forgotten how much fun the Pylea arc is. As Juliette says, it is a welcome relief after the darkness that is Buffy these days.

  5. Cordelia finally getting to be a princess - worth the price of admission.

  6. ^Hell yeah

    Fred looked ADORABLE in that very first shot she appears in after Cordy's forced to follow her new owner.
    Lorne angrily saying "Oh, like THE BOOK?!" was neat, just seeing him pissed off.
    Wes pinching Angel and being pinched in return, cute lol.
    Our third LOST (AFAIK) alum now with whoever that lawyer Jin's actor plays appearing this episode. All good guys playing antagonistic roles here! I really felt Angel when he asked immediately after how soon can they get out of this world (and I'm sure I'll be saying by the end of this arc "We have to go back, Kate").
    Yeah the full-on fantasy element could be a knock against the end of the season's direction but I still somehow found it less jarring than the horseback men chase on Buffy happening around the same point this episode aired (well, definitely episode 20 just like this one).


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