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Angel: That Vision Thing

Angel: "He might be able to reverse the process. Then he might be able to use Cordelia in order to trace the call back to the Powers."
Lorne: "Way outside of my area of expertise, I should caution, but who knew William Shatner could sing?"

Much better than last week. We had a cohesive plotline (Wolfram & Hart hacking into Cordelia's visions); Angel heroically questing to another dimension to save her (loved Skip the demon); and a lot of witty repartee ("I've been forking with Gunn"). Where was all of this last week? And who was the guy Skip was guarding? A more evil and less ambiguous replacement for Lindsey? Can't they just bring Lindsey back?

I am liking Fred so far. She adds something to the group, even on top of her obvious role of having a crush on Angel. Gunn seems to like Fred, too. Did they decide that Cordelia didn't have chemistry with Gunn but maybe Fred will?

The Darla thing looked just a bit less stupid this week, since they at least acknowledged that vampires don't have babies. I was disappointed that it was Angel's baby and not Lindsey's. If it's a baby at all. Maybe it's a hybrid like in the movie Blade.

All of this, and Cordelia's vision problem remained unresolved. I'm sure we'll be hearing about it again.

Bits and pieces:

— Gavin Park from Wolfram & Hart was played by Daniel Dae Kim from Babylon 5: Crusade. (Note from later: And Lost!)

— That brain guy with the fez reminded me of Hannibal, a movie I really wish I hadn't seen.

— Does David Boreanaz look a little older and tireder? What was he up to this summer? Maybe the five year difference looks more dramatic when you're watching old Buffy episodes right before new Angel episodes. Maybe he just needs some sleep. David, get some sleep!


Angel: "Fred. Good to see you out and about."
Fred: "It is, isn't it? Out and about. I've been forking with Gunn."

Gunn: "How come whatever we're searching for is always in the last place we look?"
Wesley: "I suppose it is one of the unwritten laws of being a dick. Ah, a sleuth, a gumshoe, Sherlock."
Gunn: "All I know is you use the word 'dick' again and we're gonna have a problem."

Gunn: (panting) "Damn. Grandma and grandpa got game."

Fred: "I never understood that saying, 'right as rain.' How is rain right? Or wrong, for that matter. Okay, I suppose if there's a flood, it's wrong. And speaking of floods, or maybe just being overwhelmed, what's it like to have a vision?"
Cordelia: "Wow. You know, next to you, I am downright linear."

Fred: "Has anyone ever told you you're exactly like Lassie? Yeah. You're like Angel's Lassie. Sure, he does most of the saving, but it's your visions that tell him that Timmy is trapped in the well, or the robbers are hiding in the barn. He really needs and depends on you."
Cordelia: "Well, thanks. I'd be flattered, except for the Lassie being a dog part."

Angel: "So the Chinese guy and the boil guy..."
Wesley: "Were also aligned with the forces of good."
Angel: "Damn! So hard to tell these days. You know, they should wear lapel pins or something."

Angel: "What keeps him in the fire?"
Skip: "My will."
Angel: "How come he's not screaming in pain?"
Skip: "Oh, he is. My will prevents him from being heard. I mean, there's only so many 'Oh my god! The pain! Please make it stop!' that you can listen to before it starts to bug the crap out of you."

Good episode. Three out of four, maybe?

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.



    Cordelia: "Wow. You know, next to you, I am downright linear."
    Shirley from Community: "I'll make your ass linear"
    Britta: "That doesn't make any sense"
    Shirley: "I'll make your ass sense"
    Sorry lol don't know why that came to mind

    Didn't know Skip was Roy from The Office, I love it. There definitely was something recognizable about him. So cool, down to the very first thing he does which is raise up-and-down his eyebrows in greeting.

    "Did they decide that Cordelia didn't have chemistry with Gunn [...]"
    Well I'm glad that up to now, unrequited love has never really been a part of the Angel team dynamic. I don't hate how Buffy dealt with that, I actually did like Xander-for-Buffy and even Willow-for-Xander but there's something I prefer about the way Angel has kept that out of it.


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