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Angel: That Old Gang Of Mine

Gunn: "Hey, don't go reading me."
Lorne: "I wouldn't. But sweetie, you're a billboard."

A Gunn-centered episode was way overdue, and wow, this was a good one.

Gunn has gotten way past the "demons bad, people good" point of view; he's had to. But it made perfect sense that his friends (and that nasty guy from Miami) have not, and to them, even the Host is just a monster that needs killing.

The standoff in Caritas was shocking; we're all used to it being a safe, nonviolent place. Poor Fred; she finally had the nerve to go out, Cordelia took her to a place that was safe from demon violence, what do you know, the humans opened fire. It was cool what Fred had the nerve to do, but of course, you could see it coming a mile off.

Great ending. Go, Wesley, telling Gunn he'd fire him. The Angel thing was even better. It goes without saying that Angel knew Gunn would kill him if he turned, but it was touching having Angel tell Gunn that he was depending on it.

Bits and pieces:

— I loved the song Fred chose to sing at Caritas.

— I liked the part about Merle being in therapy because of what Angel did to him. Right up until he got hacked to pieces, anyway. Merle, not Angel.

— David Boreanaz didn't look quite so drawn this week. Maybe he's eating his Wheaties. And he was back in leather pants, even without being Angelus. What's with that? Is he officially out of mourning and ready to crack a smile?

— Speaking of leather pants, Dan noticed that when Angel mentioned going dark and killing Merle, Cordelia looked directly at Angel's leather pants.

— Speaking of mourning, there was no reference to the fact that, on the other network, Buffy just returned from the dead. I wonder why? I wonder if they're going to address it at all. Turkeys.


Angel: "You don't like her?"
Cordelia: "Sure, I like her. What's not to like? (Looks at Fred) She's sweet and adorable and seems to be laughing at something that shrub just said."

Wesley: "Charles, things aren't always so simple as going out and slaying the big, bad ugly. There are in this world shades of gray..."
Gunn: "Yeah. And shades of green, and a kind of sickly looking yellow with pink eyes, and sometimes puce with horns, too."

Fred (singing): "Crazy. I'm crazy for feeling so lonely. (giggles) I'm crazy..."
Cordelia: "I swear to god she picked out the song herself."

Angel: "Here. I want you to go to this address."
Cordelia: "What is it?"
Angel: "Transuding furies."
Cordelia: "Gesundheit."

Cordelia: "For a guy who's a couple of centuries old, not very big with the wise investing. And when you say 'equipped,' that isn't what you mean, is it?"
Furies: "Mmm, Angel."
Cordelia: "Got it. And eww."

Gunn: "No matter what else, I think I proved that you can trust me when I could have killed you and I didn't."
Angel: "No. You'll prove that I can trust you when day comes that you have to kill me, and you do."

Three out of four stakes? Was this a four? It was pretty darned good,

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.


  1. I don’t love this episode; I’ve always been uncomfortable with Gunn’s background, in which Black seems to equal “street warrior,” and all the sets are covered in graffiti. It seems like an attempt to subvert the Black-gangsta stereotype that nonetheless reifies it.

    I do love the leather pants moment, though.

    I also love other tiny moments: in the opening scene with Merle, Cordelia says to Merle “Don’t blame the writing” (about the cards Angel is reading off of). It’s a subtle indication that she wrote the cards, and yet we never get some clumsy sitcom “Oh, but I wrote those!” punchline. Tim Minear just lets the joke simmer.

  2. "Speaking of leather pants, Dan noticed that when Angel mentioned going dark and killing Merle, Cordelia looked directly at Angel's leather pants."
    Hahaha I missed that.

    Best line is still Cordelia's "I swear to god she picked the song herself." lol!

    Loved this episode despite the unpleasantness I felt at the whole situation in Caritas. That villain was pure villain, I'm glad the meek demon finally disposed of him. The Angel crew was just so cool in the situation. Angel vamping to make it easier for Gunn... and the other instances of coolness are already mentioned.

    But lookit the state of Caritas :( Our sanctuary..


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