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Heroes: Close to You

As I mentioned previously, I reviewed every episode of Heroes up until "The Fifth Stage" but couldn't make myself continue after the loss of Nathan Petrelli. So in order to finish the run of reviews and satisfy my urge for completion, below are links to what I thought were the best reviews of this episode.

Dan Owen at Dan's Media Digest wrote:
Overall, "Close To You" was pretty average but it flowed a lot better than last week's insulting double-bill grind. The annoying thing about season 4, right now, is that you get the impression there was a really good story to be told, and that if the writers could go back in time with knowledge of how these episodes have panned out, they could rewrite the show to fine effect. (For the entire review, click here.)

Jennifer Thomas at Entertaining Ideas wrote:
Ah, much better. Last week's two-parter on Heroes was boring, but "Close To You" had some life. Mainly because of the silly, but cute, great escape out of the mental hospital with Ando, Hiro and Mohinder on the run. (Link deleted because unfortunately, this review is no longer on the web.)

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