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Heroes: Pass/Fail

Apparently, it was a fail.

As I mentioned earlier, I reviewed every episode of Heroes up until "The Fifth Stage" but couldn't make myself continue. So in order to finish the run of reviews and satisfy my urge for completion, below are links to what I thought were the best reviews of this episode.

Dan Owen at Dan's Media Digest wrote:
Overall, if you didn't watch this episode you didn't missed anything a one-sentence recap couldn't rectify (Hiro nearly died, Samuel got dumped, Claire became Sylar's accidental therapist), and "Pass/Fail" ultimately felt like another wasted hour. (For the entire review, click here.)

Robert Canning at IGN wrote:
Overall, all three stories could have been something special. As telegraphed as Samuel and Vanessa's outcome was, given more time the story could have built up some stronger emotions. Hiro's tumor trial could have had more focus and been far more interesting had it been given the full hour. But Heroes has always preferred to pack more into an episode, forfeiting better storytelling in the process. (For the entire review, click here.)

Steve Heisler at the A.V. Club wrote:
Fail. (For the entire review, click here.)

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