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True Blood: Beautifully Broken

Eric: "You're going to invite me in so I can protect you. Or have passionate, primal sex with you."

When I think of True Blood, the word that usually springs to mind is "outrageous." This episode was definitely outrageous.

Nazi werewolves fueled by vampire blood? If they've been around since World War II and Eric never found out who their master was, it had to be a vampire. I assume that would be the King of Mississippi? Actually, seeing Eric and Godric undercover in SS uniforms was one of the best things about this episode. I wonder if Godric is one of those dead characters that will keep coming back forever, like Fitz on Highlander? That would be fine with me.

What does the King of Mississippi really want with Bill? He said he wants to marry the Queen of Louisiana. Does he think Bill is important to the Queen? I wonder if Bill really is important to the Queen? Whatever. That multi-course meal had me laughing out loud over and over again. Cruelty-free carbonated blood. Warm blood bisque infused with rose petals. The blood gelato was the best one. And I loved that toss off comment about Thai food.

I don't think Lorena will be all that forgiving after getting a flaming lantern in the face. Maybe Bill should have been a bit more diplomatic.

Alan Ball clearly got the memo that the fans wanted more of Eric and Sookie. The outright flirtatious interaction between the two of them was just yummy. He even appeared susceptible to her tears; his face in that scene was priceless, sort of a cross between dismay and confusion. I hope he isn't faking it for reasons of his own, because that will really tick me off.

And speaking of sexy vampires, it looks like Tara just got one of her own to help her beat up rednecks in the parking lot at Merlotte's. Franklin Mott (his name wasn't given in the episode, but it was in the credits) is almost certainly going to be great big trouble, something Tara most certainly doesn't need right now, but I thought he was cool. (I think I just put my finger on why I've dated so many wrong guys in my life.)

Earlier in the episode, Mott and his distinctive boots were going through Bill's secret files (Bill's secret files!) on Sookie and the Stackhouse family tree. Sookie and her grandfather were circled. I seem to remember Adele saying something about Sookie's grandfather having a gift. Aha.

In other news... now we know where all of Lafayette's money goes. That was actually quite touching. Alfre Woodard is an amazing actress, so I'm sure we're going to see more of Ruby Jean Reynolds. I bet we'll see more of Jesus, too. I mean Jesus the attendant, not the one Lettie Mae constantly brings up.

And then there's Jessica. I loved her not so subtly pumping Pam on how not to kill her prey, and her efforts to dispose of the body. Chainsaws, air freshener... doesn't Bill live next door to a cemetery? Do the math and get a shovel, Jessica.

Except the problem seems to have taken care of itself. Uh oh.

Bits and pieces:

-- Sam's adventures with his bio family made me think he should have left well enough alone. His homicidal little bulldog of a brother has trouble literally written all over him.

-- Hoyt hasn't given up on Jessica. That was sweet. It was also sweet of Jason to stop by and clean the mud, blood and broken branches out of Sookie's house.

-- Anna Paquin did a cute impression of Stephen Moyer saying, "Sookehhh."

-- Calvin Norris of Hotshot was running a meth lab?

-- Jason and Andy might as well tell the world what really happened to Eggs, because it's going to come out of Jason's mouth eventually, anyway.

-- Jason saw a mysterious blonde in the woods. Well, he hasn't had sex in at least a day, so I guess it's time to introduce a new love interest for him.

-- Terry has a diploma in anger management and an armadillo living under his bed. Okay. Arlene needs to tell Terry. Actually, if Terry were more strongly connected to reality, he would have figured it out by now.

-- Silver door. Nice touch.

-- Sam is 34.

-- A Snoop Dogg video entitled "Oh Sookie" aired after the episode. Very funny.


Bill: "Cooter? Seriously?"

Pam: "Let's go in the ladies room and stare at ourselves in the mirror."

Jessica: "But how do you stop?"
Pam: "I think about crying children with soggy diapers. Also maggots."

Eric: (to Sookie, who is crying) "Please don't do that. Makes me feel... disturbingly human."

Sookie: "It's five a.m. What are you doing eating my chicken in the dark?"

Jason: "There's werewolves?"
Sookie: "Yes."
Jason: "Shit. Bigfoot, is he real, too?"
Sookie: "I don't know. I guess it's possible."
Jason: "Santa?"

Terry: "Usually when I see things other people don't, it's because I haven't taken my medication."

Terry: "You know how to use one of these?"
Sookie: "I ain't that blonde."

Jason: "You're my best friend."
Andy: "Now that's just sad."

Jason: "I ain't never been in the front seat before."

Sookie: "Mister Northman, would you please come in?"

Better than the premiere. Four out of four bowls of blood gelato,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I adored James Frain as Franklin Mott. Seeing as The Tudors is over, it's nice to see him in something else.
    And also Grant Bowler as Cooter. My patriotic pride is all glowy because now there are two Australian's in one of my favourite shows.

    Love the recap, Billie. I always look out for your True Blood recaps.

  2. Great recap Billie. **thumbs up**

    Love Eric! even being nice is... Eric -Alexander helps a lot of course- charming, sexy, hard and such a wonderful 'not so bad guy'.

  3. Bill: "Cooter? Seriously?"

    Did you notice that when Stephen said "Seriously?" it was completely authentic to his natural accent, and not his fake American one?

  4. Breaking news -- True Blood just got a fourth season. Yay!

  5. Well deserved fourth season for this show. It gets better and better and this was a brilliant episode.

    Russell is my new fave baddie on this series. Great casting with Denis O'Hare.

  6. Another good one. I like the chemistry between Sookie and Eric.

  7. Kudos to any show that can get Kevin Alejandro, Denis O'Hare, Alfre Woodard (!!) and James Frain (!!!) to guest star in one episode. Spoilt for choice.

    The scene in Bill's house with the files creeped me out. Are we meant to think that he is with her for a reason other than love? Does this mean Eric is now a real possibility?

    Lafayette and Tara certainly do come from dark genes. I thought it was very interesting to see the two sisters in the same episode. I'm not sure exactly what Ruby Jean's issue is, but it doesn't seem all that far removed from Lettie Mae.

    I'm interested to learn more about Tommy. He calls his dad 'Joe Lee' instead of 'Dad' and the scars on his back look just vicious. And, did the music playing while Tommy and Sam were running together remind anyone else of 'Dueling Banjos'?

    And, Billie: "but I thought he was cool. (I think I just put my finger on why I've dated so many wrong guys in my life.)" -- I laughed so hard. You're not the only one, my girl.


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