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Doux News: May 20, 2012

This week: New shows this fall (Revolution, 666 Park Avenue) -- Big changes on the CW -- Big change on Community -- Summer shows -- Haunted hospital -- Tweet of the week

Usually, there's an article or three during the week that I want to talk about and pass on. This week, there were way too many. I'm going to pick and choose what interests me the most. If I miss anything you think is important (and I'm sure I will), please post it in the comments.

New shows this fall

There are a lot of shows coming our way this fall, and a couple in particular that I'm very much looking forward to.

Revolution is the brainchild of J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau and will boast Supernatural's Eric Kripke and Lost's Bryan Burk as executive producers, and Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito in the cast. It's in the dystopian future Jericho/Falling Skies arena. And it's airing on a so-called "major network," NBC, meaning that more than a dozen people will actually try it. It's number one on my fall hopefuls list, and I'm planning to review the premiere, at the very least. (For more about Revolution, check out here and here.)

The second prime time major network show that intrigues me is Terry O'Quinn in 666 Park Avenue, a series about an "unusual" apartment complex, that will be airing on ABC. I'm planning to review the premiere. (More here.)

NBC will also be giving us a modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde called Do No Harm.

TNT is planning a couple of new sci-fi shows, The Last Ship (sounds like Jericho/Falling Skies/Revolution) and Legends (sounds like Human Target). Could be good. Could be awful. Hard to tell.

Big changes on the CW

Maybe not so critical, but the CW has moved every show on their primetime schedule, with the exception of The Vampire Diaries. They're pairing TVD with Beauty and the Beast, Supernatural on Wednesdays following the new show Arrow (which they're probably hoping will replicate the longevity magic of Smallville, but I'm betting it won't), and Nikita will follow America's Next Top Model in Supernatural's longtime death slot on Friday. Cult, which features everyone's favorite history teacher from The Vampire Diaries, will premiere midseason.

I don't mind Supernatural on Wednesdays. My favorite shows don't usually get eight seasons, and I'm taking what I can get of Supernatural for as long as it lasts. Arrow is probably the most intriguing new show of the lot, too, and probably a better match for Supernatural than some of the other shows it's been paired with. But the reboot of Beauty and the Beast just looks ridiculous and bad, probably because it stars my least favorite Smallville cast member, Kristin Kreuk, who is sooooo not in Linda Hamilton's league. I usually try new genre shows at least once, and I'm not planning to try B&tB at all. And why renew the low rated Nikita and then move it to Friday at 9:00? It's like they're kicking the show when it's down.

I've read several times that the CW is in serious trouble, and I mean WB and UPN type trouble. It'll be interesting and probably depressing to see how it plays out.

Big change on Community

We were all thrilled when Community was renewed, even though it was just for 13 episodes, which made it sound like that was all we'd get. And then we got the reverse double whammy -- show runner Dan Harmon, the creative genius behind the show, was canned. I'm trying to be optimistic, but this certainly doesn't sound good for our favorite twisted sitcom.

Summer shows

True Blood returns on June 10, and I'm so there; I'll of course be reviewing it. They've released an exciting trailer. I'm a huge fan of the Charlaine Harris books the show is based on, and in fact, during the past few months, I've reviewed all of them for us as well as for True-Blood.net, but I must confess -- what I find most exciting about the True Blood trailer is that it's completely unfamiliar. I guessed last summer that season five would leave the books behind, and it appears to be happening. Woo hoo!

The last season of Syfy's Eureka is currently airing, and the series finale will air July 16; Jess Lynde has reviewed the entire series, and we're all going to miss it. Warehouse 13 and Alphas will return July 23; we'll be covering both. Lost Girl will move to Fridays on July 20.

(Is anyone else loving Lost Girl as much as I do?)

Why doesn't Syfy ever make announcements about Haven? It's like their poor relation. I assume Haven is returning, too.

And Breaking Bad, of course, returns in July. I really do hope rumors that they're going to split the final season aren't true. But they probably are.

Haunted hospital

Why would we put a bit about a haunted hospital in Doux News? Well, I'll tell you.

Josie found an article about Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles, a supposedly haunted medical facility which is used constantly for filming. It's been in numerous movies as well as (and here's why I'm talking about it) Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, Moonlight and FlashForward. (More here, with a list.) And now it's being turned into apartments for seniors. Let's hope the seniors won't mind the ghosts. And the filming, which I assume will continue.

Correction to last week's Doux News

Cougar Town's final two episodes are airing on Tuesday, May 29. And Awake's finale is next Thursday. If Awake's finale is as good as the rest of its run, I'm going to be even more pissed at NBC for cancelling it.

Tweet of the week

Yes, it's another one from Tim Carvell. I never knew why he was so hilarious before, but now I know -- he's the head writer for Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.

I would totally watch a version of "Game of Thrones" set in the clockwork diorama-world of the opening credits, starring costumed mice.
That's it for this week. Opinions, raves, rants, questions? Post a comment!


  1. Does Community without Dan Harmon mean some sort of retooling of the show into an awful Two and a Half Men style sitcom mess or a Jim Belushi style borefest?

  2. Yeah Patryk, i'm afraid it does... They specifically said it's to "broaden the show's appeal". They're gonna ruin our community. The only redeeming thing in this disaster is that the producers are being brought from happy endings, which is quirky and innovative so let's hope they bring their originality with them.

  3. I believe I read something this week that said Haven would be returning in late September. I think it was a press release on TV by the Numbers. Said something about a couple cast additions as well.

    I was really pleased by the Supernatural move. Having that show and Fringe in the same time slot was challenging! The half-hour overlap with Modern Family will be easier to manage for me! :)

    I'm still enjoying Lost Girl, but the last several episodes haven't been as strong as the end of season one. I'm hoping for a return to form soon.

  4. Unfortunately, it's been confirmed that Breaking Bad will be split in 2.

  5. I was going to write something like Patryk's comment LOL Way too much mainstream, and not enough clever and brilliant.

    No 6 six seasons and no movie, how will that great show finish without his creator....

    A while back, Amy Sherman Paladino really FOUGHT for her vision with her show the Gilmore Girls.

    It titanic-ked when she left...

  6. @celticmarc:
    Wow i cannot think of a better analogy.

  7. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/ustv/s166/breaking-bad/news/a382811/breaking-bad-fifth-and-final-season-air-dates-confirmed-by-amc.html

    AMC has confirmed the air dates for Breaking Bad's fifth and final season.

    The first half of the season will begin on Sunday, July 15 at 10pm, with eight episodes. The second half will then air in summer 2013.

  8. Thanks, MischievousNinja. I don't understand why they're not outright calling it a sixth season!


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