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Person of Interest: Matsya Nyaya

“It all comes down to a matter of trust.”

This week a fair but unremarkable story of the week was completely overshadowed by flashbacks. Still, I’m not complaining. We find out what happened to Stanton AND learn of a mysterious pre-Season 1 connection between Reese and the Machine. Pass the popcorn, please.

The writers did try to link Ashley and Tommy’s story to Reese’s flashbacks. Betrayal. Partners turning on partners. Still, the story of the week wasn’t nearly compelling enough to hold my interest. I just wanted to get back to China and figure out what the heck was on that laptop. It certainly wasn’t a computer virus.

The nearly dead guy they find says “They took the Machine, the Machine.” But he says it in Chinese. Stanton lied when Reese asked her what he said. Does Reese speak Chinese? Even if he does, is there any reason he should connect this random guy from two years ago with the work he does now for Finch? “Machine” is pretty vague. Does Finch know about all of this? Snow and Alicia made sure Reese and Stanton didn’t have any comm equipment with them while near the laptop. Is this to block them from the Machine? Is the laptop part of the Machine? I have to know!

This episode was largely about Reese’s relationships, with Jessica, with Stanton, with Finch, with Carter, with Fusco. He talks to Tommy about winding up alone, but it should be getting obvious to Reese that he is no longer alone. Finch was really worried about him after tracking him to the hospital. Carter helps Reese with his case and Fusco kills Lynch to save Reese’s life (what a loss to humanity). Stanton and Jessica may be out of his life (for now), but Reese still has people who care about him. It was Finch’s voice he heard trying to wake him up.

The scenes between Reese and Stanton were very good. It was so stressful waiting for Reese to shoot her! And then, of course, she shoots him first. That was a very interesting insight into their relationship and their respective characters. Stanton shot Reese without hesitation, while he tried to warn her first. However, he was able to abandon her to her supposed death with relative ease.

Bits and Pieces:

The title of this episode, "Matsya Nyaya", is Sanskrit for “law of fishes.” It refers to the Hindu theory of government, which is basically that, without some form governance, all the big fish would eat the small fish. The purpose of government is protect the small fish, the little guys. Thank you, internet!

Alicia is the one who sends Reese and Stanton after the mysterious laptop. She seems scared, although I’m beginning to think this is just her default setting. She almost always seems scared.

A great look into Fusco’s character: he spends the money he gets from HR on new hockey equipment for his son. He is not so guilt ridden as to give the money to charity, nor so greedy as to buy something for himself.

Ashley bought $5000 worth of Louis Vuitton suitcases. So that’s like one, right?

Snow’s “preppy friend” got a name: Evans. Then he got shot in the back.

So apparently, Stanton’s alive. Judging from her hair, I’d say she’s been hiding out in the Texas beauty pageant scene.


“I’m coming to get you. I’ll be there in 24 hours. Wait for me.”
“I’ll wait.”
He asked her to wait after all. These two really do break my heart.

“Ours is not to reason why, isn’t that what you taught me?”

“Thing about striking out on your own, Tommy, is that that’s usually how you end up.”
Unless, of course, an eccentric, crime-fighting billionaire offers you a job.

“The people I help, I never know if they’re gonna be the victim or the perp. I think this time, you’re both.”

Three out of four fish-eating-fish


  1. What I loved about this episode, you pointed out. It was how Reese's relationships are evolving, especially as he allows himself to have these relationships.

    Finch's obvious concern was not missed on Reese and I loved the final scene where Reese was trying to give Finch some closure on the case they had just worked.

    The scene at the bar with Carter was fantastic, but I especially liked when she came to get Reese at the hospital. The way he looked at her and the way he allowed her to help him was such a step forward. Not to mention, actually talking to her about what was going on in his head. A sign of that trust they were discussing in the bar.

    But, my favorite was the scene at the end with Fusco. Fusco has always been perceived by Reese as the weak link, someone he can exploit for his own needs. Yet, when Fusco saved his life, did it in such a way that they will both get away with it, then stood up to Reese in a very real way, the look of respect on Reese's face has been a long time coming.

  2. Wow.

    Another great episode. Full of surprises and never a dull moment.

    Liked this one : "If the bullets don't get you, then the boredom will. " But, LOVED this one : "I was always good at this. That's why you picked me in the first place." Ah Fusco, you corrupted cop with a good heart, seeking redemption.

  3. Good points Chris.

    Hooked big time to this show now.

  4. This show closes out so many of its episodes with excellent music, it's really jarring to see on a network TV show for some reason lol
    Seconding celticmarc's picked quotes. Loved those.


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