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Person of Interest: 2 Pi R

“It’s a new era now, and things are about to get really weird.”

This week, Person of Interest turned into The Finch Show, and everyone rejoiced.

Finch has been tragically underutilized ever since his kidnapping earlier this season, and it’s nice to see Michael Emerson get a chance to show off his acting chops. When the episode first started, I was surprised and a little disappointed that this looked to be a standalone episode. Then I forgot my disappointment for about forty-five minutes, when it first occurred to me I wasn’t missing Reese. Now, obviously, the show works because it has both Reese and Finch, but it was a nice change to see Finch take point on a case.

Finch has really grown. He handles this week’s person of interest with relative ease and minimal help. I can’t see Finch from early season one doing that, can you? He’s gained a lot of confidence in his own abilities. He might not be able to compete with Reese on speed, strength, fighting ability, or precision knee-cap shooting, but he can talk someone down from a ledge (or subway platform) with the best of them. Now that I think of it, it sure is lucky that the one week Reese is out of commission, the Machine pops out the number of a lonely, guilt-ridden, hyper-intelligent kid that Finch seems uniquely qualified to deal with. What a shocking coincidence.

Finch really might have missed his calling as a teacher. He’s so unjaded when it comes to the importance of education and the magic of learning. It’s adorable. I adored how Finch connected with Caleb and how he talked him out of suicide. I love Michael Emerson. I love Finch. I really can’t say anything else. The scene on the subway platform was beautiful. I want to hug Finch. I am unclear on the link between Caleb dealing drugs and Caleb’s genius coding. Are they related? If not, why would he do something illegal and stupid to make money when he was expecting a bazillion dollar payout? Did I miss something?

Person of Interest’s weekly stories usually don’t keep me guessing for too long, but this one managed to surprise me. I loved the twist that Caleb’s brother was killed in a drunken dare gone awry and not in a violent altercation. It’s a very real touch. I also loved the reveal. The actor who played Murphy the cop was simply incredible. He literally drove me to tears. It was a truly beautiful performance in a thankless, expositional role. I also loved the compassion Murphy showed to Caleb in letting him off the (legal) hook.

Speaking of compassion, did Beckner’s seem a little too effusive to anyone else? It’s kind of him to help Caleb sell his code, but to not take ANYTHING for doing so? Only someone horrible would take 50% of the profits from a teenager, but 10%? 5%? 1%? Nominal finder’s fee? Anything? He’s a public school teacher in New York. Don’t tell me he can’t use the money.

Okay, now let’s talk Reese. Despite Carter’s meddling, Reese remains in jail. I’m glad the show isn’t taking the easy way out, not that I expected them to. I was sort of hoping Elias or an HR goon would turn up at some point, but I suppose there’s always next week. Speaking of next week, Carter has to interrogate Reese? Count me in. Should be fairly awesome, yes?

Bits and Pieces:

The dates on the transitions say “2012.” This bothers me. It is not 2012.

Orange is explicitly not Jim Caviezel’s color.

I love how Finch uses his money to help people. Not only did sending the math teacher away allow him to get close to Caleb, a harried public school math teacher got a free trip to Hawaii.

I hate really short classroom scenes. The teacher introduces themselves, there’s time for a short conversation, and the bell rings. I remember my high school classes being longer than three minutes.

Also, it may have been a few years since I’ve been in high school, but I don’t remember ‘The History of Hacking’ being taught.

So, I didn’t miss Reese. You know who I did miss? Bear. Where was Bear? WHERE WAS BEAR?


“They’re terrorists? Look more like investment bankers to me.”
“Well, warden, three of them might be, but one of them is the most dangerous criminal I’ve ever pursued.”

“Math is NOT punishment!”
I love how outraged he sounded.

“That line you’re talking about, I crossed it a long time ago.”
That she did. I hope all the risks she’s been taking on behalf of our dynamic duo don’t get her in trouble. She’s still using the silly little girl act on Donnelly, and it still seems to be working.

“Wait, that would work.”
“I know, that’s why I suggested it.”

“Knock them dead, detective.”
“They won’t know what hit them.”
Taraji P. Henson is gorgeous, isn’t she? If only she would thin out those damn bangs.

“If you think money can replace you, you can’t see the whole equation.”

three out of four dolled-up Detective Carters
sunbunny, Person of Interest and Bear the Dog fangirl


  1. I love Michael Emerson. I love Finch. I really can’t say anything else.

    Amen! While I missed the Reese/Finch banter, getting some quality Finch time was perfect. This show makes me want to hug random people in case any of them are living lives as hugless as his.

    I was confused about the drug-dealing, too. Maybe he just wanted to get as much money as possible, quickly?

    I'd never heard Pi explained that way, and I loved the explanation. So much cooler than "it doesn't end."

  2. I think he was doing the coding AND the drug-dealing so he could maximise the amount of quick money he could make - for his mom. And I was baffled that he'd do the drugs when the coding would pay off so much, but it all fit in when we found out he was planning to commit suicide - he didn't care about the drug gang because he wanted to die anyway. Great, great plot this week (which conveniently required no ass-kicking, just when Reese got out of commission).

    Also loved the Pi scene. Finch is brilliant.

  3. Have I said how weird it was...to watch it live ? LOL

    Party pooper here, but come on, the drugs guys won't come back ? Unresolved story line writers!

    I couldn't but think about Ben Linus at school...with no bruises (for a change). The Pi explanation was very interesting (crap, now I speak like Worf).

    Again sunbunny, huge smile on my face while reading your review(s). Awesome.

    Quoting you : "Should be fairly awesome, yes?" Ohhhhh yessssss. And again : "It is not 2012." Probably because it is related to the previous episode that did air in 2012.

  4. Well, quoting you AND Josie : "I love Michael Emerson. I love Finch. I really can’t say anything else."

    Ditto; big time. Awesome actor.

  5. Actually I just assumed Fusco took care of the drug dealers - couldn't he have?

  6. Fair enough!

    It actually struck me how much the kid would have to face following that. In fact I'm pretty hopeful he'll turn up again - I mean, he's due to be filthy rich, he's got drug gangs after him and Finch even sort of gave him a contact number.

  7. That's a neat idea Nick ! Let's hope someone at CBS reads us !

    I looooved Finch's explanation for Pi : one of the highlights of this season.

  8. Josie / celticmarc - Also loved Finch's explanation for pi. Finch made it seem so elegant and even sort of spiritual.

    Nick - I also assumed Fusco took care of the drug dealers. And, yeah, Caleb has a ton to deal with now. Fortunately now that he's a bazillionaire, he can afford some serious therapy. :)

  9. Sun

    yes ! Almost an Epiphany ! I will always remember when, in my first year in University, the teacher of Statistics (we were in Psychology : we didn't want to be there LOL) explained the origins of the famous bell(ed) shaped curve that they use sooooo much in Science.

    The guy had almost an Illumination; clearly he was deeply touched when he told the story. And only TWO of 200 plus people caught that. Yours truly and one of my newest friends......Epic.

    I REALLY adore seeing Ben Linus in front of a classroom !

  10. Throughout, I kept thinking that Finch should have been a teacher. His enthusiasm for the subject; his beautifully elegant explanation of pi; his ability to reach his students were all played to perfection. Even better, it did not devolve into the ridiculous. Loved Caleb's meta line about standing on the desk, clapping.

    It was nice to see Fusco part of the Scoobies again. He's been a bit sidelined lately.

  11. Love your reviews. Always read before an episode to make sure I miss nothing.

  12. In my other life I am an actuary, and in a previous episode they referred to actuarials (the proper term is actuaries, but some people use the other). Nice to see that actuaries are supposed to be intellectual! Anyway, one reason I love this show - and especially this episode! - is the celebration of math. What a lovely tidbit about pi, its inclusion of everything. Pi is magnificent, a transcendental, an amazing discovery.

    Loved how Finch asserted that "math is not punishment". Math is power.


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