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Lost Girl: Fae-ge Against the Machine

"You're smart and you're fast, and you're a heckuva lot cuter than him."

The Dawning thing hasn't thrilled me yet. But if the rest of Bo's challenges are like this one, I'm down with it. This episode was a lot of fun.

In particular, loved the weirdness of Brazenville, the woman wearing the Mad Hatter hat, the Squonk with the tears, the gunfight and the cookie. (I kept thinking, did he actually say "cookie"? and then I kept thinking of computer cookies, not fortune cookies.) It was all very weirdly Lost Girl-like. They've done stuff like this before; it's like they slipped sideways into Wonderland or something.

(And here's where I confess that I pretty much let Lost Girl wash over me and don't spend a lot of time trying to track the mythology, so if I screw this stuff up or don't make observations about important stuff, post a comment!)

For me, the best part of this episode was Tamsin. It was unclear to me whether or not Tamsin knew what was going on or if she just felt compelled to help Bo, but I honestly think she was just trying to help. And there was obvious and rather intriguing sparkage between Bo and Tamsin, too, even if the kiss wasn't actually a real kiss. It was also fun that they carried out Bo's quest while wearing the hot clothes they wore to the bar. (What would Lost Girl be without cleavage?) Personally, if I had to go on a quest, I'd go for jeans and sneakers and a great big backpack with supplies, but of course, they had very little warning and no time to change. Plus, cleavage.

I also liked that Trick, as Bo's closest family, had to go through the trial sorta kinda in tandem with Bo. He even got a love scene with the lovely Stella, and woo hoo! And I have to give them points for the machine itself. Somebody in the prop department had to actually make that thing, and except for the fact that it kept reminding me of boobs (or maybe because of it), it was awesome. Machine cleavage.

On the couple front, things weren't going so well for "BoLau." Lauren, bubbly, dressed to kill and half-drunk, was absolutely cuteness itself -- especially when she was trying to tell doctor jokes. (Dan and I were both going "Awww.") And yet, the message was that the BoLau relationship isn't all that strong. Bo may have had a damned good excuse, but she didn't show up for Lauren's big evening, or even get Lauren's joke. (Shawn Doyle from Frequency did, though -- he showed up and got the joke.) Bo said she had to deal with life and death situations while Lauren dealt with petri dishes -- bad Bo. And the bad pixie told Bo that Bo lies to Lauren all the time, which is true.

And then Bo got drunk and what did she talk about? Dyson getting his love back. In vino veritas.

So Bo is The Wanderer. Whatever that is. It's probably important, since it has its own Tarot card.

Bits and pieces:

-- The Apothecary and his magic medical bag were desperate for a lock of Tamsin's Valkyrie hair. I'm still unclear on what a Valkyrie is, but I'm getting curious.

-- Tamsin called Bo "Hot pants." :)

-- I thought Bo was going to crunch the good fortune cricket. That was probably a bit obvious thing for them to do, though.

-- Where was Kenzi? No Kenzi! How can we have an episode of Lost Girl without Kenzi? I'm reeling.


Stella: "When in doubt, always go with leather."
Something the vampires in the Buffyverse took to heart a long time ago.

Bo: "The feared Tong boss is a teenage hipster?"

Lauren: "Why do chemists like nitrates?"
Bo: "Oh, it's a joke. Why?"
Lauren: "Because they're cheaper than day rates."
Bo looks blank.
Lauren: "And pause for laughter."

Trick: "Bo's favorite drink."
Stella: "No. Her least favorite."
Trick: "One elderberry cocktail with nectar of gnome coming up."

Bo: "So I take it this is a BYO roadkill kind of party?"

Hannah: "Will there be boys?"
Bo: "Super weird boys."

Trick: "Stella, I mean this with all due respect, but shut the hell up."
I love it when Trick loses it, in any way, shape or form.

Kenzi-less but fun. Three out of four quest-related non-computer cookies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Enjoyed this ep, too, Billie.

    The machine is very Rambaldi-ish of the Alias universe. :)

    Tamsin is starting to be my fave character; after Trick, of course.

    It's fun for Trick to have a love interest. Wooohah!

  2. I agree completely. This was totally weird, but in that delightfully Lost Girl way. I enjoyed it very much --- even without Kenzi!

    The Bo lying to Lauren thing is really a problem. I can understand why she might need to play things close to the vest sometimes, but in this case, she should have just told Lauren that she'd accidentally made a deal with a Spriggan and would be otherwise occupied for awhile. Lauren would most likely understand the nature of the obligation, given that she's pretty knowledgeable about Fae.

    I'm kind of bummed we didn't get to see Kenzi telling Bo about why she'd visited the Norn. It was a strange thing to have happen off-screen. At least they found a way to let us know that Kenzi fessed up.

  3. Lauren was just adorable in this episode. The show needs to take advantage of Zoie Palmer's comedic talents more often.

  4. I'm not a big Lauren fan but she was so adorable geeking out! She reminded me of Fred in that Angel episode where she wins an award. Adorable.


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