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Doux News: June 30, 2013

This Week: Do You Write This Stuff on Your Calendar, Too? -- Toasters, in Kilts -- This Week in Casts -- So Cool It Deserves Its Own Section -- He Will Be Back, After All -- Buffy News! -- Love is Love -- This Week In Cats

Do You Write This Stuff on Your Calendar, Too?

The end of the month is a good time to plan for what’s to come. (So says the girl whose mother was so, so excited to take her shopping for her first dayplanner the day she turned eighteen. We all have our rites of passage.) There are a few dates of interest in July, most of which are also posted on the Summer 2013 link over there on the right, above the What’s New section:

Dexter returns for a final season tonight, followed by the premiere of Ray Donovan, which looks kinda cool and stars Liev Schreiber. In other words: now is the time to renew your Showtime subscription!

• Wednesday, July 10: The American Baking Competition Finale airs on CBS. (ChrisB, I’ll give you five dollars and a goldfish if you include that in your New Shows roundup.)

• Wednesday, July 10: If pastries aren’t your thing, check out The Bridge, a Nordic import relocated the American/Mexican border on FX.

• Friday, July 12: The short-lived, little-loved Cult airs its last two episodes.

• Saturday, July 13: Being Human, with a new cast, premieres on BBC America. (I don’t know if this is the real Being Human or the American knock-off, and I can’t bring myself to google my way to the answer.)

• Sunday, July 14: The Newsroom.

Toasters, in Kilts

The Starz network has given the official green and bonny light to Ronald D. Moore’s television version of the Outlander series of novels by Diane Gabaldon. I think this is exciting, although I don’t really trust Moore—I was one of those left cold and disappointed by the BSG finale, and I got bogged down in the middle section of Outlander, which seemed to be a lot of sex under kilts, on top of kilts, and using kilts as exciting props. Okay, maybe I’m not that excited.

This Week in Casts

Ken Marino’s alter ego Vinnie van Lowe will return to the sun-drenched world of Neptune, CA in the upcoming Veronica Mars movie.

Amy Brenneman (Private Practice) will join Justin Theroux (Mulholland Drive), Live Tyler, and Emily Meade (Ella from Fringe!) in Damon Lindelof’s upcoming HBO pilot The Leftovers, which I’m going to try to mention each week until the darn thing finally airs.

So Cool It Deserves Its Own Section

Sarah Shahi has been upgraded to a series regular on Person of Interest, which is probably one of the coolest shows on TV that you’re not watching. In fact, summer is a great time to catch up on this adult, witty, philosophical show.

I couldn’t find a clip of Sarah Shahi’s premiere as Samantha Shaw on PoI, “Relevance,” and I think that might be a good thing. Although “Relevance” is one of the most exciting episodes of television I’ve seen in a long while, it is best viewed in the context of the rest of this excellent show. So again, I’ll remind you: please try Person of Interest.

He Will Be Back, After All

Paramount is rebooting the Terminator franchise: the first film in the projected trilogy will arrive in theaters in July of 2015. (Which sounds so far in the future that I imagine SkyNet will have killed us all, but is in fact only two years away. God, I hope I haven't been slaughtered by robots running a Google operating system by then.) No word in the press release of whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger will participate—I hope he’ll at least do a cameo.

I also hope that these films don’t suck, because the third and fourth ones kinda did.

Buffy News!

Our rewatch is going smashingly—and now we have a timely added bonus. Stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt recently released a 30-minute home video of behind the scenes stuff from Buffy, including Joss Whedon directing some parts of the end of Season Two’s “Becoming, Part Two,” which we are all rewatching in just a few short days. Be wary of spoilers:

Love is Love

In celebration of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, Kristen Bell proposed this week to her longtime boyfriend, baby daddy, and (already) fiancĂ© Dax Shepherd. They’ve been waiting until gay marriage was legal again—at least here in California—and now their wait is over. “@daxshepard1 will you marry me? Xo #marriageequality #loveislove,” tweeted Bell. “DOMA is dead. Prop 8 is dead. Now let's bring my big, gay marriage to @IMKristenBell to Life!!!!” responded Dax Shepherd. Many felicitations to happy couples all over the country!

And for a celebration with fewer exclamation points, check out this New Yorker cover, which I think is lovely.

This Week in Cats

Still reeling from last week’s Mad Men finale? Well, reel no more: just imagine how hard it would be to get a read on Don Draper if he were covered in fur and didn’t have thumbs. If you can’t imagine that, let this video do the work for you (and please, turn the sound up):


  1. I've been catching up with Person of Interest in my week off and am really glad that Sarah Shahi will be back as a regular for season three. They should have Shaw team up with Bear, there's no denying that those two have chemistry.

  2. Yay for Sarah Shahi! I just wish I knew what they were going to do with Amy Acker. Bear has chemistry with everyone; he's just one of those kinds of actors. I firmly believe he will get an Emmy nom.

    Also coming up: Drunk History premieres on Comedy Central July 9! I'm inappropriately excited about this.

  3. He's the most deserving on a nom this year, after Tatiana Maslany of course.

  4. I will, of course, review the finale for you, Josie. The American Baking Competition was one of the few reality shows that didn't get a red from me. I believe it made it all the way up to blue. Shocking, I know.

    Person of Interest is, I agree, one of the great shows on television. The problem is TPTB at CBS. For whatever reason, they do not stream the show so it is impossible to catch up with it until the DVDs are released. I just hope they come out before next season begins.

    This show is one of the reasons I went back to a cable/DVR subscription. I managed to cut the cord for nine months, but with all the new shows and the idiots at CBS, I found I had to go old school.

    I sent a copy of the New Yorker cover to every gay and lesbian couple I know. It ranks as one of the best they have ever done. And, if you missed you, check out how the Empire State Building was lit. Absolutely smashing.


  5. I've decided I'm not terribly excited about Ron Moore's Outlander for Starz either. I really like the book series (although it is starting to get a bit overlong for me), and feel like there is far more to it than sex and kilts. Although, on Starz with RDM, I'm pretty sure it will just be sex and kilts. Erg.

    Minor correction: Emily Meade played Ella (Olivia's niece), not Etta. I got really confused when I read your blurb and started wondering if Georgina Haig had changed her name, or if Ms. Meade had played the little girl version of Etta! :)

  6. LOL, Josie, more than once.

    I *knew* they'd add Sarah Shahi. Person of Interest needs to be more of an ensemble. Two people cannot carry a one hour action series alone without burning out with exhaustion! Just ask Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. I suspect only their youth and their maniacal fan base (and rising salaries) has carried them this far.

    I agree with Jess that Outlander was more than sex and kilts (time travel! Culloden! gay intrigue!) but I did get tired of it and after the Torchwood debacle, I've decided I'm never subscribing to Starz for something specific again. :)

    Rachel Maddow actually had the two weddings of the Prop 8 plaintiffs on her show. It made me cry.

  7. Haven't seen Person of Interest..but good for Sarah Shahi..I last saw her in the swiftly cancelled Fairly Legal..That included some BSG folks but the second season was so bad that I'm glad she's moved on to better things.

  8. I just played that Meow Men thing. My cat found it disturbing.

  9. Billie - I knew I couldn't have been the only one who cried at Friday's Rachel!

  10. Thanks for the correction, Jess. I duplicated the error from the source (TVLine) and didn't bother to double-check that they'd gotten it right. Obviously, I also didn't really think hard about it, either. :-)

    Wonderful Empire State Building picture, ChrisB!

  11. No worries. I'm apparently in correction mode lately. Sorry to be so pesty with it! :)

    I probably wouldn't have even noticed this one, except that I saw a blurb earlier in the week that said something about "Emily Meade from Fringe" and I had no idea who she was. So when your blurb said she was Etta, it doubled down on my confusion and I finally had to go look her up!

  12. "I also hope that these films don’t suck, because the third and fourth ones kinda did."

    Come on, you know it's going to. Sequels usually suck and remakes/reboots almost always do. I would prefer that studios start yanking random scripts out of the slush pile and producing them, rather than giving us yet one more sequel to (or remake) of some tired property. Enough is enough.


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