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True Blood: Love Is To Die

"I swear to God talking to him tonight was like talking to a suicidal toddler."

Do you think we could have a penultimate episode that's all about tying up loose ends? I get why a lot of the more casual viewers might dislike this episode, but it's clear to me that the producers are making a serious effort at giving True Blood fans exactly what they want. And way to go. I loved every minute of this episode.

That said, I'm almost as impatient with Bill as everyone else is. Yes, yes, I get it, vampires are dark, Sookie the fairy is light, the baby was a black void, he done her wrong. But if Bill really wants to die, why not take the cure and see if Eric is right about the disease causing suicidal depression? Bill could always meet the sun later on a la Godric if it's not the disease, couldn't he? This Bill wanting to die flashback thing has just gone on too long – so long that if Bill changes his mind in the series finale and decides to live, it's just not going to ring true.

But I did love that Bill released Jessica, apologized again for turning her in the first place, and told her how proud he was. Jessica has always been one of my favorite characters in this series, and she spent a lot of this episode making amends as well as adult choices. I'm all for Jessica ending the series by rekindling her relationship with Hoyt, but the fact that he still doesn't remember their past is a possible problem. If Hoyt is smart, he'll leave it as it is. We shall see.

I was right about Brigette as Jason's consolation prize. If it hadn't been done so sweetly and skilfully, I would have been rolling my eyes at Jason finally experiencing honest communication in bed with a woman instead of a whole lot of sex. I'm happy that Jason got several fun Jason-like moments, though, with the five minute concussion being no big deal and the frozen peas on the crotch thing. I wonder if this whole riff about Jason wanting to have kids is to counter an ending of the series where Sookie ends up with a vampire and can't have them herself? (And how convenient is it that Hoyt doesn't want kids, and Jessica can't have them?)

Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants if the show ended the way so many fans want it to end, with Sookie and Eric together? I was just so happy with all of the terrific Eric-related content in this episode. The way he was a real friend to Bill and tried to save Bill's un-life. Sookie crying on Eric's shoulder. Eric waiting for Sookie in the darkness of Merlotte's/Bellefleur's parking lot.

Even better, Sookie got to fly with Eric. And that made me realize they were just giving us some closure, and they're not going to give us an Eric/Sookie ending. I usually avoid book spoilers in my series reviews and I won't say how the books end, but my favorite thing about the books was the connection Sookie had with Eric and the lovely way he treated her. Oh, well.

At least they gave us that absolutely hilarious gem of a scene with Ginger on the throne at Fangtasia experiencing the best… minute of her life. (Skarsgard's expression was priceless.) It's too bad they had to follow it up with Eric giving up Sookie's location to Gus and company. Pam has been used to control Eric a few too many times this season. It's losing its impact.

But honestly, this episode rocked and I've been very happy with this final season. I haven't enjoyed True Blood this much since season four. Let's hope they don't blow it all with the finale.

Bits and pieces:

-- The staff party at Merlotte's/Bellefleur's was just lovely, like a holiday or, more accurately, a goodbye party. Jessica made peace with James (with Lafayette watching carefully from the other side of the room), Arlene gave Sookie advice, everyone had a good meal, perfect.

-- Sam has had practically zero plot this season, and now he and Nicole have left Bon Temps in the rearview mirror. Sam wants to see his daughter grow up. That worked with all of this season's emphasis on babies.

-- I did enjoy Jason carefully explaining to Brigette that they weren't having sex because it was very Jason and very True Blood.

-- It would be nice if Jason and Hoyt were best friends again at the end of the series, but I'm not counting on it. They can't tie up every loose end.

-- In this week's hair report, why did Gus make Pam dye Sarah's hair blonde again? So she would look prettier to vampire customers, I suppose?

-- Could someone tell me why Sookie has been wearing the world's ugliest shirt and hairdo for what, three episodes now? She's the lead in this series, isn't she?

-- "Love is To Die." Has anyone died yet? I don't think anyone died in this episode. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention.


Sookie: "Whatever this is, whatever you're doing, you don't get to hide behind the word 'fate'."

Bill: "I'm choosing the true death."
Jessica: "Fuck you, Bill."

Pam: (to the sobbing Jessica) "Cry on my jacket, you're paying for it, sweetheart."
And yet, Pam was right there to hold Jessica, like Eric was there to hold Sookie. Pam can be sweet, but only while accompanied by snark.

Sookie: "You've started over so many times. How do you do it?"
Arlene: "Well, it helps when your ex-husband comes to you in a death vision and tells you to."

Eric: "She loves you."
Bill: "She'll learn to love someone else. But not while I'm on the planet."

Bill: "It was a void. A black void. Sookie had given birth to death."
Eric: "Fuck."

Eric: "I'm over a thousand years old, Bill. If I had an aptitude for marriage counseling, don’t you think I would have figured that out by now?"

Pam: "I need to remove this gag. El gaggo. I need to remove-o. Fuck it. (to Sarah) Listen up, twat lips. I'm going to remove your gag 'cause I can't get the foils where I need to get them with it on. But please don't mistake this for an act of kindness."
Twat lips. That goes on my list of top ten Pam-isms.

Eric: "Can I give you a lift home?"
Sookie: "You don't have a car."
Eric: "I'm aware."

Eric: "Ginger, I spent my entire night flying around dealing with other people's relationship problems. Now does that sound like me to you?"

Eric: "On the throne it is."

Four out of four plates of etouffee and dirty rice,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Any theories on how the series will end next week?

  2. Well, let's see..
    Bill does not die but turns human so he and Sookie can have kids.
    Jessica and Hoyt together, ditto James and Lafayette.
    All the vamps get cured by the synthesized blood somehow.
    Eric kicks major ass and is with Pam.
    Sara become a martyr messiah,Gus gets defeated.
    Ginger ends the show by screaming.

  3. Wow, mazephoenix, I don't even need to watch it next week, LOL, that was really good.
    Except can I still want Eric and Sookie to be together?
    I don't remember laughing out louder watching a TV series than when watching the "On the throne it is" scene. I think that was hilarious and made me remember the 6-hour-sex eric had back on season 2. He now officially holds the records for both longest and fastest F8cks in TV history. Way to go, Ginger!
    This season is so good it makes me sad it will end next week, and makes me wonder why the heck we ha d the two previous seasons. They seem utterly unnecessary.
    And finally, Skarsgard looked as handsome as it gets on this episode. oh, Billie, before I go, don't you think the way Eric fixed his hairdo after Ginger's messing it around also deserves to be on this week's hair report?

  4. In my opinion, they should never have had the season with the Authority, the one with Lilith and Bill becoming some sort of God. I didn't like last season, with the Vamp Camp, but it was probably necessary to get us to Hep V, Sarah Newlin's role in all that, etc. So, they could have had 2 seasons to start wrapping things up instead of just one (especially when you consider that the seasons are so short as it is). I'm enjoying this season, but it's simply too short to get it all in... and I believe they are making sacrifices with character to drive plot. To finish, I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I don't want anything to happen to Andy!!

  5. Aw, I was thinking how much I liked Sookie's shirt!

    I agree - Bill will probably becomes human. I hope Eric and Pam end up billionaries from selling New Blood somehow and kill the irritating businessmen (and somehow make up for selling Sookie out, albeit with good reason - I hope Eric comes up with a plan).

    Are there any other stories to finish off? I guess there'll be some more of Jason and Brigette.

    I loved the scene between Arlene and Sookie. It's a shame Sam was written out so abruptly though (I don't really like Nicole which doesn't help). It was great to see some Sookie/Eric stuff - they went full on Lois Lane! - though I'm sad we never got to see them properly together, even for a short time, on the show (the whole time they were together Eric had amnesia).

  6. Bill human? I'd never thought of and I find the idea ... strange. I think we focus too much on men and forget Sookie. I think the final punch is there. Eric has already sacrificed one great love for Pam. I do not see why it would be different for Sookie.

    So my predictions: Bill dies. I do not see any other option. For Sookie, or she also dies (because of Eric ...) or she is turned in order to save her life. And if that's the case, I predict Eric as her maker.

    I'd love to see a sequel with Pam / Eric / Sookie as a trio of vampire ... That would be a lot of fun!

  7. I have a different twist. I think Sookie is going to cure Bill with her special fairy powers. Didn't her great grand Dad tell her she could use a special fairy mega power one time on a vampire and then loose all her fairy powers forever? They would both be human and could lead a normal life.

  8. "You cry on my jacket you pay for it, sweetheart." - Awww, wasn't it nice to see Pam's maternal side come through. Beneath that gruff, sarcastic exterior lies, .... well, a gruff, sarcastic interior. Speaking of Pam, I am think her as a damsel in distress is irksome, this is like the 3rd time this season. Once maybe, after that I just don't see the Yakuza "silvering" Pam again.

    One question, why are Jason's "bad decisions" so hot? I would gladly trade one of my "bad decisions" for five of his. Or should it be the other way around.

    Hard to predict how it will end, there are still too many things left dangling to tie up in one hour. But, however the producers choose to wrap it up, I will just enjoy the ride.

    I wish there would be a spin off show all about "Russel Edgington". That is a vampire whose story I would love to learn more about.

  9. My thoughts on why they've wasted(?) so much time on Bills death-wish is that now he has nothing to lose. In other words, when the Yakuza show up to kill Sookie - he will not be afraid for his life and will be willing to die in order to save Sookie (and Sookie will probably save him with the Fairy-magic-thingy in the end).

    I've enjoyed this season but think it's just a liiiitle too perfect. Everyone is getting what they want and closure. Too sweet, not as edgy as True Blood has been. There are no obstacles anymore.

  10. "One question, why are Jason's 'bad decisions' so hot?"

    As I told my wife "He's like the Forrest Gump of the boudoir."

  11. Roman here,

    Anon, that's why the damsel in distress stuff with Pam makes no sense. It's happened three times by the same people, and it's always off-screen. That tells me it's bad lazy writing and that even the writers don't buy that she would keep being silvered like this. I hope she gets a few good licks in on the finale at least.

  12. I mean why would Eric even let Pam out of his sight if she's in this much constant danger with the Yakuza? Yes, I agree, this is a hearty misstep for the season and there's loads of 'okay, writers, but a little too little a little too late' all over the place.
    But alas I can't hold a grudge. This show has given me so much joy over the last 7 years that I am crying into my keyboard even as I type this. I'm bad at predictions so I don't have any to add but I love reading everyone's. :)

    Thanks, Billie, for the review.


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