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Sleepy Hollow: Magnum Opus

"It is through your eyes that I see myself most clearly."

Most of this episode featured my favorite thing about this series, which is Ichabod and Abbie working on a supernatural quest together like the adorable pair of romantic subtexty Witnesses that they are.

I always enjoy the photography on this show, but this episode was particularly striking: the misty woods, the ruins, the spiral staircase into the depths, the creepy cobwebbed statues, the bright lighting during the "sword in the stone" moment. There was also an emphasis on Abraham's weaknesses: the sunlight (hilarious), and the way he was manipulated by Henry and outmaneuvered by Ichabod.

In fact, I started to wonder if we're about to see the end of Abraham. Especially since there were flashbacks to a couple of crucial moments in his friendship with Ichabod: when Abraham encouraged Ichabod to go to the colonies, and that scene in the pub when Katrina showed an obvious preference for Ichabod. The much repeated theme of this episode was know yourself or die, and if Abraham thinks he was supposed to be the hero, he doesn't know himself at all, does he?

I've always liked the Gorgon myth, and I liked how they showed that creepy thing writhing away as Ichabod watched its reflection on the cave walls and his cell phone. Ichabod dropping his coat over it was also fun, especially when the coat kept moving. The unfortunate people turned to stone (including another of Abbie's Dixon ancestors) reminded me of the weeping angels on Doctor Who. And since this was such an Ichabod/Abbie episode, I particularly liked how Ichabod made a point of telling Abbie that her mother would be proud of her, and how Abbie in turn told Ichabod that he did know himself and that he chose to be a hero.

Meanwhile at Fredericks Manor, I've been expecting developments in Katrina's relationship with Henry, or more cleverness on her part — and possibly a move toward evil — but there's still very little going on there. Henry and his mirror magic knew all along that she was on Ichabod's side, and so much for the potion she made out of lilies. Either the writers don't know what they're doing with Katrina, or they're not getting to it fast enough. Will our heroes and their magic sword get to Fredericks Manor in time to stop free range Moloch from doing something horrible to Katrina, or will this be the end of her, too?

Bits and pieces:

-- There has been too little Frank and Jenny this season, and their unsuccessful road trip in this episode was no exception. At least they're both out of Tarrytown Psych as well as prison, so I assume they'll be around for the fall finale.

-- The "know yourself or die" theme was nicely complimented by the opener with the Celebrity game.

-- The mirror anamorphosis thing was very cool. So was the use of the "Join or Die" cartoon by Benjamin Franklin.

-- I liked Abbie telling a statue to put up its hands. It was such an Abbie thing to do.

-- Ichabod reminded us that demons are fallen angels. Will we get angels on Sleepy Hollow so that I can bring up Supernatural parallels again?

-- Was anyone else expecting the Golem to ride to the rescue and save Ichabod and Abbie? Maybe next week.

-- Abbie wore a cap during most of this episode. Was she having a bad hair day?


Ichabod: "George Washington? He was our Liar in Chief. He formed the Culper Spy Ring. That was a network of liars."
Abbie: "Thank you, colonial mythbuster."

Ichabod: "Brilliant."
Abbie: "Thank you."
Ichabod: "Not you, Grace's code. (sees Abbie's expression) Oh, you have your moments as well."
Abbie: "Too late."

Ichabod: "Our quest will not be without peril."
Abbie: "Crane, you and I can't have lunch without peril."

Ichabod: (as Headless begins to smoke like a chimney) "Good morning, sunshine."

Abbie: "You're telling me you knew exactly when the sun would rise? Did you read the stars or something?"
Ichabod: "You installed a weather application for me. It also foretells a fifteen percent chance of precipitation."

(Henry blathers on in detail about the shofar and its importance)
Katrina: "It's nice to see that you've taken up an instrument. Perhaps after dinner tonight, we can have a recital."
Good one, Katrina.

Ichabod: "I made torches. Fashioned my socks into batting and soaked them in pitch I dug from a new pine bough."
Abbie: "I brought flares. Just light 'em."
Ichabod: "Well... one can never have enough torches."

Abbie: "Don't tell me you're trying to take a selfie with a Gorgon?"

Ichabod: "See? Torches. You're welcome."

Even though I enjoyed the sword quest, this episode was mostly set-up. It should have aired with the finale. So maybe I should wait until next week's to decide how many snake tongues out of four?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I too hope that the Kindred will show up, it looked awesome and it would be a shame to avoid continuity.

  2. Sadly, I couldn't watch this episode. Started watching it, and it was pre-empted for coverage of the Ferguson Grand Jury decision. :(


  3. When Crane was talking about "Watchers," did anyone else flash to another Englishman we all know and love?

    Kat -- the same thing happened to me. I sat down to watch it tonight and my DVR version was rudely interrupted by coverage of the Ferguson decision. May I suggest hulu where you can stream it. You have the watch the tiresome ads, but at least you get to see it.

    I love the episodes with Crane and Abbie interacting with each other and on a quest. The glee in Crane's eye when he said "treasure hunt" made me grin. I knew we were in for a good ride.


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