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Person of Interest: Point of Origin

 “You were saying about my hero concept?”

Well, that was dull.

I liked the Brotherhood the first time out. But way back four episodes ago, they were treated like an actual threat. Here, they did little more than bully lackeys and try unsuccessfully to infiltrate the NYPD. Note to writers: incompetence is not scary. The big bad wasn’t the only thing off this week. The team’s banter fell disappointingly flat, the exposition was clunky and repetitive, and person of interest Silva had zero chemistry with anyone. Fusco teasing Shaw over makeup like a big brother was cute, but it can’t make up for an entire episode. Pun intended. One bright point of the episode: Bear. No wonder the promo for this week was so canine-heavy. Bear heroically diving into the pool was the only thing that made me smile for the entire hour. The gang also figured out (gasp!) Mini was Dominic. Which would have been a whole lot more shocking if we didn’t already know that.

I do like Iris and I’m glad she’s sticking around. And from the way Reese smiled at her as she walked away…I think I’m not the only one. She genuinely cares about John and watching him attempt to maintain his secret identity while protecting her and saving Silva all during a very informal therapy session was a fun beat. Although they can’t play that card too often.

From the progress made in the Samaritan arc, we are expected to believe that Shaw may die next week. I’m going to go out on a limb and say she’s probably safe. Last time they foreshadowed a team member’s death that heavily, he ended up being fine and Carter died. Does this mean we’ll lose another member of Team Machine? Root perhaps? Again, I’m going with no. They killed Carter last season about this time. The writers may repeat tropes in their persons of interest stories (she’s not the perpetrator! she’s the victim!) but I don’t seem them revisiting such a major plot point so soon. If we do lose someone, I bet it’ll be in the second half of the season. And maybe not until May sweeps.

Bits and Pieces

Fusco called Shaw Maybelline.


Shaw: “If it weren’t for the perks…”
Fusco: “Perks?”
Shaw: “Yeah, free eyeliner. Well, five finger free.”
Fusco: “You wear makeup?”

Martine: “Sorry to get all Dick Cheney on you.”

Silva: “What about the dog?”
Reese: “Him? He’s SCUBA certified.”

Shaw: “Well that’s one way to bathe the dog.”

Customer: “Any insider tips on eyeliner?”
Shaw: “Yeah, you might try dialing it back a bit, sister.”

one out of four swan diving Bears

sunbunny, who will always put Bear in the lead in picture given the opportunity


  1. I hope they don't kill Root or Shaw. OTOH they are going to try to protect Elias, so he is a potential non-save.

  2. He didn't unsuccesfully infiltrate the NYPD, the guy stole the files Dominic wanted and brought them to him, his mission was actually a success.

    I would love it if the math teacher Dominic was referring to is Finch

  3. Anonymous, I wondered the same thing, but I think Dominic might be too old. But didn't Elias teach, too?


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