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Person of Interest: QSO

“The Machine wants me to send a message to Shaw.”

I’m disappointed. Mostly because I really thought we’d be getting Shaw back by episode’s end and we, well, didn’t. I haven’t seen the second episode of last night’s double header yet, so I don’t know if that episode will finally give the audience what it’s so hungry for. As for what we DID get, it was good. Root’s adventure at the radio station was entertaining. Max (aka Pete from 30 Rock) was perfectly cast as the conspiracy buff who is totally shocked, terrified, and yet a bit delighted to find himself in a conspiracy of his very own.

His death at the end felt…kind of good? That sounds harsh. But I’m totally on the Machine’s side in this argument. Root clearly told Max what the consequences of talking about this on air would be and he stuck to his guns and did it anyway. Team Machine’s job isn’t to babysit the world. They stop what bad they can but if someone values their integrity more than their life, I don’t think it’s the team’s job to get in the way of that. It’s a sad irony that “Max” talked of the virtues of suicide earlier in the episode, given that the real Max essentially killed himself with his confession.

Shaw is so deep into Samaritan’s mind games she literally can’t tell truth from fiction anymore, putting her in the same boat as the audience. I think we’re meant to assume that Shaw really did kill the scientist and injure her hand, but at this point, who can possibly know? Sure, she got Root’s message but that could’ve been a simulation as well. I’m a little worried the show has doubled down on this mind trip too often. They need a way to establish what is definite, absolute reality. I think that touchstone is meant to be the wound on her hand but I’m so distrustful of any scene involving her, even that isn’t doing it for me.

Fusco is off the team and done with Finch and Reese and their secrets. To be honest, pissy Lionel is making me nostalgic. Remember in season one when he had to be cajoled or threatened into every little favor he did for the team? Good times. Again, I have to side against Finch here. Fusco has been shot, tortured, and blown up in service to the Machine and yet he still doesn’t know anything. I know keeping him in the dark is keeping him and his son safe, but Fusco can’t understand the danger he’d be in if he knew what Finch and Reese and Root know. Such a Catch-22. I think it’s time to level with him. They have a back-up plan to send him and his family into hiding just in case and I really want to see Lionel’s face as Finch reveals everything that’s been going on the past four years.

Bits and Pieces

Root’s first mission was likely a nod to Amy Acker’s real life past as a ballet dancer. I don’t know what the butter churning was about.

Why did Samaritan make Warren kill himself when they could’ve just disappeared him in one of their mass graves?


Finch: “I believe Miss Groves is about to do something excessively risky.”
Reese: “Color me surprised.”

three out of four Petes from 30 Rock
sunbunny, person of interest and Bear the Dog fangirl


  1. I'm on Finch's side in his argument about free will.
    Max didn't commit suicide. He was murdered. And that is something that Team Machine is there to prevent. Even if The Machine did not know, she could at least estimate the chance of Max breaking his promise. And keep John and Root around.

    I'm surprised it took Root so long to finally get a marriage proposal.

  2. "Marry me." Really funny.

    I enjoyed this one because it was centered around Root. I haven't seen the next one yet either, but I think Shaw did kill the scientist and did injure her hand, and she did get the message from Root.

    I think.

  3. I thought it was Summer Glau that was the ballerina, not Amy Acker?

  4. "His death at the end felt…kind of good? That sounds harsh."
    It is harsh, lol. As far as I see it Max did basically the same thing that Fusco's doing now, even if Fusco's more understandable about it. But point is I can't see it as basically suicidal... just stubborn and willful. It might've felt kind of good to me if they didn't have that little fake-out with the relief and amusement on Reese's face over none of the callers taking him seriously but then he gets killed anyway and that made me sad. Nicely done though.


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