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Person of Interest: Sotto Voce

“Maybe the best we can do is trust each other.”

Does it count as a case of the week episode if it’s related to a previous case of the week episode? Does it matter either way if the episode was one of the best we’ve seen this season?

Yes, the twist was predictable as hell but getting there was quite the ride. Explosions and firefights and fake kidnappings and prison breaks and bomb makers holed up in closed down elementary schools. This episode was just a hoot. Yes, a hoot. I’m committed to that phrase. The fact that Chin was working for The Voice and that Easton was The Voice were completely obvious. What’s less obvious is why the show would name a major adversary after a reality show on a competing network.

And all that fun and games doesn’t even touch the best part of the episode. Shaw is back! My beautiful, wonderful, amazing Sameen Shaw is BACK! To be honest, even if the rest of the episode was absolute shit, it’d be getting four stars because of that final scene. I almost cried.

The scene we got between Root and Shaw was wonderful and beautiful and dramatic. So Romeo and Juliet. I wish we’d gotten to see how Root and Shaw went from holding guns to their own heads to everything being fine. Is Shaw finally convinced this isn’t a simulation? She was right, they did break her, if only a bit. Luckily she has her friends to piece her back together.

Fusco’s FINALLY in the loop on the artificial super intelligence front and my only disappointment there was that we didn’t get to watch him process the information. I’m so proud of Reese for finally deciding it was time Fusco know exactly what he was fighting for. After being shot yet again he deserves it.

I know this review is woefully short, but I find myself not having anything else to say besides I loved this episode and I’m over the moon about Shaw being back. Are you guys as happy with it as I am? Let me know in the comments!

Bits and Pieces

Did anyone keep waiting for The Voice to be working for Samaritan or was that just me?


Reese: “You feel better?”
Fusco: “Mucho.”

Shaw: “As long as I’m alive, you’ll never be safe.”

Root: “You can’t live with me, I can’t live without you.”

The Voice: “Compassion and loyalty make people weak.”
Elias: “Well that’s some stinking thinking.”

Fusco: “So what are we doing here? You’re not gonna propose to me, are you?”

four out of four voices
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  1. OMG, yes, yes, yes, I loved it, too. And I actually did cry a little at the Romeo and Juliet suicide scene. It was beautiful. Honestly, what I want most is for Shoot to make it to the end together. I'm just worried that Fusco may have finally learned the truth only to die in the next episode. Doesn't someone always die in the 100th episode?

    Did Harold really bring Elias along because he knew that Elias could kill the Voice? Or was it a subconscious decision?

    What’s less obvious is why the show would name a major adversary after a reality show on a competing network. LOL. :)

  2. They are pushing the "darkness in Finch" theme really hard.

    Fusco learning the truth was long overdue. Honestly, after some of his previous stunts, I'm not sure he is destructible, so, what was the point?


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