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Supergirl: Exodus

This episode was as politically topical as last week. Actually, it was as politically topical as this morning. Was the commentary on the current administration's policies intentional? When was this episode written?

Yes, let's deport aliens back where they came from so that they could once again enjoy famine, poverty and genocide, except of course, since this is Supergirl, the aliens are actually extraterrestrials. I particularly liked the clever teaser that began with the adorable, embarrassing parents on a car trip exuberantly singing out loud, followed by their unexpected capture and reveal. Then there was the raid on the alien dive bar with Maggie and James to the rescue, but not soon enough to save Lyra. I wonder if Winn's new relationship with her was advance set-up for this episode so that it wouldn't be J'onn or Mon-El in danger of deportation?

Of course, Cadmus was behind the raids (which was also a reminder of another major current event issue, police brutality of minorities). Cadmus really does nothing for me as a big bad, but it was fun to see Lillian Luthor and Jeremiah Danvers hanging around their evil lair quoting Nietzsche, and her telling him that he's the only Superman she needs, ha ha.

But the best part of the episode centered on the Kara/Alex relationship, as pretty much all good Supergirl episodes should. Alex, who felt that she was the only one that still believed in her father the traitor, went all 24 and beat up a DEO prisoner. That led to a rather devious and somewhat cruel deception on J'onn's part when he dropped by Alex's place dressed up in Jeremiah's body in order to test her loyalties, and wound up suspending her from duty. Which then led to Alex raiding Cadmus alone in a truly bad ass way, setting off bombs and everything. Which of course, then led to Jeremiah deciding Alex was right, and fighting back.

For me, the best part of the episode was the scene in space with Alex and Kara on either side of the transparent viewport, complete with a lovely Wrath of Khan hand moment, as Alex kept encouraging her sister, who was screaming with effort, to keep the starship from leaving and taking Alex with it.

(Although, since I'm more of a sci-fi fan than a superhero-genre fan, I kept thinking about the value and use of that starship. What are they going to do with it? If humans have access to starships with light speed, shouldn't humans be on them, exploring the galaxy? No one in the Supergirl universe seems interested in space exploration. Is everyone just blase about it because of all of the aliens flying around?)

In an obvious but still pretty cool parallel to Alex getting suspended, Kara was desperate to publish the fact that the National Alien Registry had been stolen, only to run up against Snapper's insistence that she actually verify her source. (Frankly, Snapper isn't much of an investigative reporter if he couldn't see the resemblance between Kara and Supergirl when he talked to "both" of them only a moment apart.) I practically cheered when Kara defied Snapper, even though she lost her job with Catco.

And yes, I completely understand that it meant Kara would be giving up a career that means a great deal to her ("Supergirl is what I can do. Kara is who I am") but the reporter thing has gotten continually more awkward and I don't think it fits in the series any more. If there was no DEO, a job as a reporter would make more sense (see Clark Kent), but isn't saving the Earth from evil full time more important?

The other scene I really enjoyed was when Lillian's inept goons accidentally tossed Lena off the side of her office building and Supergirl caught her in midair. I don't ship Lena and Kara, but even I could see the romantic sparks flying.

Speaking of love interests, after being featured so heavily in an antagonistic know-it-all way in the previous episode, Mon-El spent this one entirely as Kara's emotional support, bringing her take-out and encouraging her to "blob it." Maybe he took Winn's advice to heart. But Maggie gets the "significant other" prize this week by throwing herself wholeheartedly into helping Alex, to the point of fighting Cadmus in the dive bar (which I keep wanting to call "Caritas") and foiling the pick-up of Brian, the shark-like alien with the gambling problem. Funny cute.

There was a cliffhanger of an ending when yet another starship arrived with Teri Hatcher on board, and she brought Hercules with her. Please tell me that Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain will get a scene together at some point?


-- I hope this is the end of Snapper Carr. I've never liked him. He's no Perry White.

-- Mon-El has seen I Love Lucy. Kara, I'm home!

-- Apparently, the Supergirl universe includes Julian Assange. Too bad.

-- The thing with the taillight... was the red tape a joke, as in Cadmus is completely cutting through it by deporting aliens without any sort of legal process?

-- James was back, but only briefly. I really did like the discussion about Dune, and how awesome the Bene Gesserit are.

-- Does Kara know that Maggie knows that Kara is Supergirl? That's been bugging me.

-- Snapper mentioned Danvers.com. I tried it, and it gives you a car advertisement, so don't bother.


Snapper: "Careful, ponytail. You’re at DEFCON 3 with the moxie."

And Snapper again: "One wrong statistic about the stock market and suddenly we're in a great depression. One misattributed quote from a candidate and you put a fascist in the White House."
Like I said, as topical as this morning.

Kara: (to Mon-El) "Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough."
Except I keep getting the feeling that Mon-El is going to die at the end of the season. No spoilers there, since I don't read them. Like I said, just a feeling.

An excellent episode. Three out of four fascists in the White House,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. I like that Kara was fired from Catco because it fuels my "James will leave the show at the end of the seasons" fire. It adds an actual plot point that could go either way.

    The most important part of this entire Cadmus plot is the slow engraining of Lena Luthor in the story. She will become a series regular and I can't wait to see what they do with her character in the next seasons.

    For a moment there the show also made me think that Alex will be stranded in space and we'll have a Save Alex arc, but I guess the show is just as uninterested in space exploration as the population of Earth-38.


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