Lucifer: Manly Whatnots

Lucifer starts to move a little bit away from the Case of the Week format. I can't wait until they do away with it completely.

Lucifer's desire to sleep with Chloe is not his most endearing quality. In fact, it's rather annoying. Chloe's growing exasperation and annoyance mirrored my own. Lucifer crossed the line more times than I could count. So I spent most of the episode wishing that Lucifer would grow up, or that he would just stop for five minutes. And I was right. When he did stop, we got some of the best moments of the series so far.

Lucifer's demeanor changes instantly the moment Chloe showed concerned and worry over his scars. He looked completely vulnerable, something that we haven't seen yet before. Plenty of people must have seen them, but Lucifer didn't want Chloe to look at them. Didn't want her to touch them. For a moment, we saw someone beneath all of the swagger and charm.

We saw that someone again in the car when Lucifer asked if Chloe was scared of him. He looked rather pleased when she said no. Here's someone who acknowledged that Lucifer might be telling the truth, and yet she still didn't fear him. I can't imagine that that reaction is very common. But then again, when Chloe saw a glimpse of Lucifer's true face, she looked more than a little freaked out.

Was that what pushed her to finally shoot Lucifer? I'm not sure who was more surprised when Lucifer actually started bleeding, her or him. Especially considering that we've already seen Lucifer take six bullets already. It's one hell of a shock for the audience. The first time I watched this episode, my jaw dropped. But, again speaking from someone who has watched all of the episodes, it feels a little contradictory. I don't know. Little things tend to bug me when they shouldn't. It's a character flaw.

Amenadiel is back after a one episode absence. I love it whenever he's paired up with Maze. As I've said before, they're on two completely opposite ends of the divine spectrum, but they both want the same thing: for Lucifer to return to Hell. Is Lucifer getting injured enough to push Maze into an alliance with Amenadiel? She definitely looked like she was considering it at the end. Lesley-Ann Brandt might just be Lucifer's secret weapon. She always lights up the screen, no matter what she's doing. But the chemistry that she has with D.B. Woodside is insane. Amenadiel was definitely affected by her licking him. I have a feeling that they're going to get together a hell of a lot sooner than Lucifer and Chloe will.

I am curious about Maze's relationship with Lucifer, though. It's obvious that he trusts her. He had her cut off his wings, and she's the one demon that he brought out of Hell with him. Or did she consciously decide to follow him? Regardless of how or why she left, it's obvious that she wants to go home. And more than that, she doesn't like this new, nicer Lucifer. If he turns too human, will Maze's loyalty to him start to fade away?

Random Thoughts

"You shot someone. Again?" Again?

Chloe had a scar on her shoulder from being shot in the Pilot. Good continuity there.

Okay, I actually liked the Dr. Linda scenes this episode. I giggled when it was revealed that she was with another client.

The scars were beautiful and really well done.

Chloe believes in Good and Evil, but none of that "Bible stuff."

Lucifer does not have horns or a tail. Apparently, TV and movies made that all up.

I really felt for Dan in this episode. His line about not wanting Chloe to spend more time with Lucifer felt very real and genuine to me.

I did like that Lucifer immediately told Dan that no, he and Chloe did not sleep together.

Lucifer doesn't lie, but he's okay with not telling the whole truth.

I love a good fight scene. And the fight between Maze and Amenadiel was very good.

Despite Lucifer's aggravating behavior throughout most of the episode, this is probably Lucifer's best episode so far.

8.9 out of 10

~An Honest Fangirl
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