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Supernatural: Exodus

"See you on the other side, bitches."

This was the second episode in a row that felt like a party. It even ended with an actual party. We don't get parties on Supernatural (well, there was that wake last season), so what a nice change of pace.

Not that the action wasn't action-y. A whole lot happened over there in Apocalypse World. Starting with how unhappy everyone was to see Lucifer, even after he resurrected Sam. Dean was upfront and vocal about killing Lucifer; Sam told him he'd take care of it – and later, he did.

The really big problem was how to handle Jack, who was understandably curious about his father. If it had been shortly after Jack was "born" (maybe a better word would be "emerged"), I bet that it would have been a lot harder for Jack to see the demon forest for the rather pretty trees. But after months with all three Winchesters and Castiel, I was fairly certain Jack would see Lucifer for what he was.

Not that Lucifer didn't try his darndest. This had to be Mark Pellegrino's best episode so far. Lucifer told Jack that he was the fall guy for every evil (which he hilariously referred to as "fake news"). He kept trying to show that he was genuinely part of the team; he killed that angel attack force by snapping his fingers, and he even drove the school bus. He didn't lose his temper when Gabriel carefully explained to him that he was a sociopath; instead, he started to cry, and successfully hid it. I almost felt bad for him. For Lucifer. Really.

Yes, Lucifer was showing his good side, if he has a good side, because he wanted something desperately: Jack's attention and approval. It seems unlikely that Lucifer could actually change, but it's clear that this episode was intended to make us think that it was a possibility. Of course, now that Sam made certain that Lucifer was left behind and was forced to make a deal with Michael, maybe not so much.

I have been greatly enjoying Gabriel's return. Please tell me why he had to sacrifice himself now? Couldn't they have kept him around for a few more episodes, a season or two? Damn. No more Casa Erotica. No more double entendres with Rowena. Double damn.

Losing Gabriel took some of the joy out of seeing Bobby and Charlie again. Okay, and Ketch, who seems to be on the side of the good guys now. ("On the side of the angels" is an expression with a much different meaning in Apocalypse World.) Go, Ketch, giving the bad guys directions to the rebel base by referring to the Monopoly board.

Although the best part of the Charlie/Ketch-being-tortured scene was Apocalpyse World Castiel, complete with a black coat and gloves over what looked like a Nazi uniform, Adolf hair, a German accent and a villainous lip twitch. We even got parallel Castiel torture scenes before "good" Castiel killed "evil" Castiel. It's been a season full of evil twins for Castiel, hasn't it?

The "exodus" on the bus was a lot of fun and a much better writing choice than splitting everyone up again, which would have genuinely pissed me off. Loved Rowena's heroic efforts to keep the rift open; loved the big beer party in the bunker; loved Bobby welcoming Dean and Sam into his rebel family. If Gabriel had been there, it would have been practically perfect.

The boys took a back seat to the other characters this time, but they had some good moments. Dean hugging Sam and saying "I thought I'd lost you, man" was perfectly done with exactly the right amount of emotion behind it. So was Sam telling the rebels, "We are you," and "Let us help you in the fight."

And Sam staying behind to make certain Lucifer didn't come through the rift was a big one. Sam finally got the better of Lucifer, his tormenter. About time.


— Singer Auto Salvage! That made me go "Awwww." Even though it was no Sioux Falls.

— Charlie and Ketch were being held at an abandoned "Gas 'n Sip."

— I thought Alexander Calvert did a particularly good job as Jack in this episode. The intent and conflicted expressions on his face made it easy for us to tell what Jack was thinking.

— Lucifer said he'd lost his virginity to Kelly. That brought up all sorts of questions for me. I don't want to be indelicate, but the writers have always suggested that Lucifer sexually assaulted Sam while they were in the Cage. Did he?

— Was this the first time we saw three archangels in the same place?

— Where are all those guests going to sleep? How big is the bunker? How many rooms? Are we actually going to find out this time?

— How'd they get the bus through the tunnel?

— This week: Apocalypse World and the bunker.

— It's renewal/cancellation week, and unfortunately, it was announced that Wayward Sisters won't be going to series. I was really sorry to hear that. It had potential and I most certainly would have watched it.


Castiel: "How did you get in here?"
Lucifer: "VIP pass. I'm with the band."

Lucifer: "I'm powerful, dangerous, ruthless… in the best sense, though."

Lucifer: "Hey, Mama. Miss me?"
(Mary punches him)
Lucifer: "Is that a yes?"

Lucifer: "Do you have any questions that you want to ask? Don't let my status as a legend hold you back, now. Just fire away."
Jack: "Why does everyone hate you?"

Lucifer: "Your grandfather is God. Think about all the powerful families in history. Forget the Tudors, Trumps, Jackson Five. We're numero uno."

Dean: "Sam, go back and check out what Helter Skelter's saying to the kid."

Gabriel: "You're going to let Lucifer drive?"

Another excellent episode. I think it deserves four out of four school buses, even if just for all the amazing guest stars,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. So... all the hunters killed have been replaced and we are set up for next year with evil Michael and maybe couldbegood Lucifer set up as the big bads.

    I have to admit Mark Pellegrino impressed me. Was anyone thinking of that quote at the end? What does it profit a man to gain the world if he should lose his own son?

  2. Yeah, Mark Pellegrino was definitely in his glory here. But I have a feeling Sam is going to regret having left him behind...I saw Lucifer and Michael working together coming. There's something to be said for the old advice about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

    I'm confused about Lucifer sexually assaulting Sam in the cage. Wasn't Lucifer in Sam's body at the time? Being possessed seems the more fundamental violation.

  3. Joseph, I'm wondering if Lucifer might take this, betraying Michael in a deal, as an opportunity to prove he's changed, even if he hasn't.

    magritte, I'm probably being way too literal in a physical sense. When they were doing flashbacks to the cage, it certainly *appeared* that Sam and Lucifer weren't in the same body.

  4. Ah, okay. I didn't interpret those scenes as playing out literally in the real world, more as a dramatization of what's going on inside Sam's head. But I don't know what the author's intended.

  5. I can't believe that Gabriel is dead. We've seen his wings spread before, haven't we? On a happier note, it would be nice to see the AUrebels happily camping in the Bunker's biggest room. Lots of tidying for Dean.

    1. The difference this time is Gabriel was stabbed with the archangel blade. I think it's rip this time :(

  6. Of course they made a mistake that's going to bite them back hard. Next season apocalypse world in our world?

    If they don't want Wayward Sisters then I don't see ANY Supernatural spinoff being picked up because it's hard to see any other spin-off worthy themes.

  7. @Billie, I don't doubt that Lucifer will eventually turn on Michael. It's his essential nature to be treacherous, and the narrative pleasures of having him back in an uneasy alliance with the Winchesters is too tempting to be resisted. But he will help him get to Earth, and wreak havoc.

    I've missed a couple of episodes this season and am wondering what has happened with Heaven. I saw an episode where Lucifer was in control, then another episode where heaven was said to be down to 8 angels and running out of power, and Lucifer was nowhere to be seen. At the time, I wondered if the whole thing was a ruse to try and get Castiel's help, since they knew he'd never work with them if he realized Lucifer was in control. But maybe they kicked him out when he failed to make more angels?

    I'm worried that Heaven will welcome Michael with open arms. Yikes.

  8. I can't BELIEVE they brought Gabriel back after all these years, only to kill him off within a few episodes. I am P'EED. OFF. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, from Supernatural, but no. I've had enough. Stop killing everyone!


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