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Lucifer: Devil Is as Devil Does

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Flawed doesn't mean weak."
"Sounds like something a weak person would say."

Actions and consequences. And one hell of a final image.

This episode was very much a direct continuation of the last one. Not only are the characters dealing with the fallout of the actions that they took, but the cases are connected as well. Lucifer may not have killed Julian, only(?) breaking his back, but the fallout was incredibly similar. His actions still had awful consequences.

Which may be the theme of this episode. Even actions that seem justified and valid in the moment can have awful consequences.

In that case, I'll be curious to see what consequences Amenadiel will face for insisting that his son stays on Earth. There has to be consequences, right? While it was fun to meet Remiel, her role in the story doesn't really make sense at the moment. She gave up incredibly easily for someone who insists that the child must be raised in Heaven. It felt incredibly anti-climatic, and I genuinely thought that it was her hiding in the shadows of Linda's house instead of Maze at the end.

Maze feels a little adrift and lost, doesn't she? Not in the sense that she doesn't know her place in the world, but more in the sense that she hasn't necessarily found her full social group. One of Maze's defining characteristics has always been how tightly she bonds with people, almost well past the point of hyper fixation. It can very easily be stifling to people who can't or don't reciprocate that kind of intensity. A partner of some kind does make a lot of sense for Maze. Maybe she could pair up with a certain woman from before the beginning of time? I get the feeling that she's going to be single real soon...

Eve has always been very consistent in what she wants: Lucifer, specifically the Lucifer that she first met in the Garden of Eden. She, more than anyone or anything, is what pushed Lucifer to enact his own form of punishment on Julian. But I don't believe that she's doing any of this out of some kind of ulterior motive or inherent evilness. She genuinely wants what's best of Lucifer, and due to her own history with Adam, is incredibly against someone changing themselves for another person. Even if that change is ultimately for the better.

But regardless of how much she may care for Lucifer, there are still going to be consequences for her being on Earth if the prophecy is to be believed. At the very least, her pushing Lucifer to punish Julian got an innocent man killed, something that Lucifer hates above all else. But I still can't root against her. Her first instinct when Pony Boy showed up to the penthouse was still to hide Trixie completely behind her. And Eve is human. She doesn't have some magical, celestial protection if she got shot.

Dan really screwed up with that, though. I mean seriously, what did he think was going to happen? What did he hope would happen? It seemed obvious that telling Julian's father about Lucifer would only end with him sending assassins after Lucifer, but Dan seemed absolutely shocked at the revelation. Hopefully this will finally snap Dan out of the downward spiral that he has been in all season. I miss the old Dan.

Also, apparently Dan and Ella are now a thing? Or at least an awkward hook up? I don't know, this just feels incestuous to me on so many levels. But that might just be because you lovely commentators have planted the idea of Ella being Trixie from the future in my head. (Well, if nothing else, I guess this definitely disproves that headcanon!) I'm curious as to where they're going with this new development, but right now it just feels weird to me.

But let's finally talk about the last scene. Lucifer, despite Eve's influence, desperately wants to be a good man. At least, I think he doesn't want to be an evil one. So really, it's no surprise that he's freaking out over his new leathery, demonic wings. Even if they were gorgeous, those were certainly not the wings of an angel. I just wanted to reach through my screen and hug him. He looked so much like a lost, scared child. Maybe there's some weight to the prophecy after all.

Random Thoughts

Ella's mug is adorable.

And we have yet another Supernatural crossover! This episode was directed by Richard Speight Jr, who of course played Gabriel and has directed a few episodes over there as well.

I really love how Eve and Chloe don't absolutely hate each other, even though they think the other is a bad influence. It's a refreshing change from how love triangles usually play out.

Trixie is also adorable, and I've missed her. That is all.

I also loved Lucifer admitting that he would never let anything hurt Trixie. Their relationship has always been one of my favorites.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies.


  1. Gonna try not to spoil this cause I've seen it all. Dan gets the idiot ball here..he put his own kid in danger..what the..
    Eve wants what she thinks is best for Luci..while Chloe wants him to be good. I do prefer Chloe. Because Luci does change for her, and it's done him good.
    Dan and Ella felt weird. I get the wanting to feel some connection after all their misery this season..but yeah, weird.

  2. I was glad that Lucifer didn't kill Julian, even though Julian is the scum of the earth. And hey, I'm used to this show gliding right past actual police procedure, but Eve at the crime scenes?

    Yeah, I want the "real" Dan back. He almost got his daughter killed. And the fact that Dan and Ella are the only ones not in the know feels weird now.

  3. I understand why Remiel's "giving up" seems strange by human standards, but I think it works by Silver City or upstairs angel standards. They are not as complex.

  4. Dan/Ella isn't quite working for me, either, but given how angry he is with Lucifer, I'm not that surprised he wouldn't care (in the moment) if he got Lucifer killed; it's not like he could have imagined Trixie would be there. Did anybody else wonder how Trixie got to Lux by herself? It's not very likely that she lives within walking distance, this being Los Angeles, after all. Did she call a cab?

    For that matter, I find it odd that everybody seems to be able to wander into Lucifer's suite. Maybe if you're the devil, you don't feel a need to lock your door for the safety of your person or posessions, but given the effect he has on people, wouldn't you think he'd want some security to avoid an endless stream of visitors?


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