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Roswell, New Mexico: 2 Became 1

"You want me to do a bad thing to do a good thing."

Where is your personal line in the sand? How close to (or how far over) it are you willing to go for what you believe? And how do you hold on to hope when all appears lost? This episode may not have been Roswell's typical drama-filled episode, but don’t let its slow pace fool you. It set the emotional stakes and moral dilemmas our heroes face in what promises to be an action-packed two-hour finale.

Jones poses the question I opened this review with to Liz because he believes he already knows the answer. Liz will choose Max’s life every time. He’s not wrong. Nor is he wrong when he claims Liz understands greatness comes at a cost. He’s also not wrong about Liz’s intelligence and creativity. Somehow, none of that stops him from underestimating her.

However, the more interesting question is where is Jones’ line? Does he even have one? If Liz had given him the science she promised, would he have upheld his end of the bargain and gone back to Oasis? He’s held information back but I can’t remember any time he outright lied or broke his word. Then again, he’s always very precise with his wording. I could see him going back to Oasis just long enough to gather his army. Just sayin’.

Once upon a time, Michael was convinced he was broken and unlovable. He’s replaced those fears with the possibility he could become his father. A man so convinced of his infallibility that the wholesale slaughter of his people is reduced to “a hard choice.” Michael shares so many of Jones’ abilities and he’s well aware of the times when he abused them. None of which is surprising given his rage filled youth.

Sanders, in his crotchetiness, reminds Michael that his abilities are weapons to be used. It’s up to Michael to choose who and what he fights for. He is nothing like Jones. If only because Michael knows where his line is. After watching the damage Noah and Jones caused, he refuses to strip people of their free will to suit his needs. Even when faced with the certainty Jones would force Sheriff Taylor to kill Heath if it served his purpose, he gave her options and warned her before he took over her mind.

Dallas is trying to reconcile his faith with the knowledge that he is an alien. What’s more, his father has burdened him with killing an innocent man in order to save billions. Where does God’s judgement fall on that? When his request for a sign is met with a phone call, he believes he has his answer.

Max is not so sure. Watching Jones commit acts of violence while wearing his face and using his reputation is tearing him apart. True to Max’s self-sacrificing form, he is prepared to die if it’ll stop Jones. Although, I find it interesting that suicide isn’t an option. Are there remnants of faith that preclude it? Or did Jones create some genetic failsafe that makes it impossible?

Either way, Dallas and Max’s conversation was fascinating. The title of Savior and its inherent comparison to Jesus has come full circle. Max was created to sacrifice his life to save his people from destruction. Yet, if Dallas is to be believed, Max, like Jesus, is also a symbol of hope. If Max can rise above his genetics to be a caring person, he stands as proof that a person’s history is not a prophecy for their future.

And that was the flip side of this episode. All the deep and dark discussions about costs and sacrifices were balanced with ones of faith and hope. And we’re not just talking about Dallas’ faith in a higher power.

Both Rosa's and Wyatt’s stories revolve around hope. Rosa views Wyatt as a mirror for herself. If he can slough off his past and become a better person then there’s hope for her. She fails to realize that it was her faith in Wyatt that gave him the strength to make those changes.

That said, Rosa has some decisions to make. If, and by that, I mean when, Liz is safe once more, Rosa wants to go to art school. ‘Bout damn time! There is nothing for Rosa in Roswell except the Crashdown and living under the shadow of her past life. The best thing she can do is start over somewhere far away. Preferably where there’s someone who is supportive... Say, they have art schools in Colorado, don’t they? Unfortunately, Rosa may not be wrong about the family curse. Unless they intend to write her off the show, I don’t see Rosa escaping Roswell.

Liz may no longer believe in God, but her faith in a solution to any problem is absolute. Liz negotiates with Jones, not because she has any intention of giving in. She does it to buy time and gain information. Defeating Jones is just another puzzle to solve, and she’s just the person to do it.

Heath is the Falcon to Liz’s Captain. He does what she does, only slower. And he doesn’t lack for courage. His ability to bluff Jones, knowing his life hung in the balance, amazed me. Let’s not forget it was his ingenuity that gave the Pod Squad the information they needed to plan their rescue attempt.

However, now that Jones has Liz, the only thing keeping Heath alive is as leverage over Dallas. Although if Jones understood what Dallas’ collar meant, he’d know that anyone would do. It’s why Dallas’ bluff to Jones was so good. After watching Dallas argue against killing Max minutes before and I almost believed he’d pull the trigger. The authenticity of his fury at being used as a pawn to threaten his father sold it.

Isobel is a little harder to quantify. She has full faith in her ability to hold her own with Jones. Yet, I doubt anyone was under the delusion she could beat him. Her goal was to distract him long enough for everyone else to enact their parts of the plan.

And they came so close.

Now we have a contest of wills within the confines of Jones’ brain. I couldn’t help but notice that Michael was the only one not trapped at Jones’ table. Could Sanders be right? Will it be up to Michael to go “all Harry Potter” on Jones? Or will the non-powered humans somehow ride to the rescue? I imagine they still have a part to play in the final showdown. My fingers are crossed that Dallas is right and hope does blossom out of darkness.

Only time will tell.

4 out of 5 Spielberg Props

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s title is brought to you by The Spice Girls’ 1995 hit.

The quote on Dallas’ knife was “Do you not perceive it?” From Isaiah 43:19. In it, God declares that he’s made a path through the wilderness. That could come in handy right about now.

I like to think I’m pretty smart, so I’m ashamed to admit that it’s only now that I fully understand what the original triad did to stop the Dictator and what Jones’ goals are. Is that me being slow, poor explanations in previous episodes or was this always meant to be a big reveal?

I apologize for all the Marvel analogies, but Jones’ justification for his actions on Oasis was downright Thanos-like!

Dallas may have finally convinced Max that his death, while possibly saving his loved ones from Jones, would irrevocably damage them, too.

Sanders and Michael’s relationship is quietly becoming one of my favorites. Their discussion also made me realize just how many people are now in on the Pod Squad’s secret, including Sheriff Taylor.


Dallas: “Is she always this direct?”
Everyone: “Yes.”
Isobel: “Look, just because I’m not sugarcoating it doesn’t make me wrong.”

Rosa: “You did not tell me you got mood ring powers.”

Liz: “You lit a planet on fire. What about that makes me want to partner up with you?”

Jones: “There’s a line in every person’s heart that tells them how far they’re willing to go for what they believe in. I am simply reminding you where yours is.”

Wyatt: “You changed my life. I’m curious to see what future versions of us might be like... if our paths cross again.”

Jones: “I was hoping to do this over champagne and pleasantries, but if you prefer a hostile negotiation... well, I’m happy to oblige.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. I also loved the scene with Michael and Sanders. Michael has such low self-esteem and he's such a good guy.

    Those light sabers are just a bit too psychedelic for me. :)

  2. They don't look particularly threatening, do they?


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