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The Flash: Keep It Dark

“I’m done hiding.”

The light metaphors abounded this week, but they all boiled down to trust and truth. Truth has a way of coming to light when we’re least prepared to deal with them. And if you want to earn someone’s trust, you have to be honest with them. Funny how that happens.

There’s a new speedster in Central City. One who starts fires then puts them out. One who steals cutting-edge technology and then returns it. And one without the tachyons associated with the Speed Force. At a loss, Barry visits the only living (former?) speedster who knows more about speed than him.

Thawne may hate Barry with the intensity of a supernova, but the mentor/mentee relationship runs almost as deep. Barry still respects Thawne’s intellect and believes he’ll tell Barry the truth. For his part, Thawne can’t seem to stop himself from guiding Barry. Or can he? Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that Thawne placed Meena Dhawan in Barry’s path, innocent though she may be? It wouldn’t be the first time (the original Nora West-Allen ring any bells?).

In Barry’s absence, Allegra is the sole powered member of Team Flash in town. A fact that doesn’t dawn on her till much later. For all her apparent confidence, Allegra has been content on the sidelines. She’s happy to work with Team Flash but is more likely to be at the communications console than out in the field unless it’s transporting people. She’s never asked for or been given a suit. No one has even thought about a moniker (a fact I never noticed until Chief Singh mentioned it). She has, however, made it a point to ensure no one could take her photo.

The same holds true at CCC. She may love her job, but Iris had to push her into a leadership role. A role Allegra’s still not comfortable with. While it’s true most of her staff has more experience than she does, Iris’ disappearance has forced the mantle of Acting-Editor-In-Chief on her and it’s clear she’s thriving. And yet...

Allegra’s confidence only holds up under specific circumstances. She recognizes the threat the Arañas pose to Central City and how the CCC can help to bring them down. Yet, instead of using the credibility her past would have given her when she brought the story to her staff, her shame caused her to hide it. Just as she consistently risks her life helping the citizens of Central City, but deflected Taylor from investigating the light meta on Team Flash.

Both decisions come back to haunt her. Allegra has thwarted Taylor’s ambition one too many times to garner any trust. Instead of preparing for Lydia’s interview, Taylor investigates Allegra and discovers her connection to the Arañas. This little bombshell undermines Allegra’s credibility with the rest of the staff just when she needs it most.

Unfortunately, the Flash is off the grid, and Chester’s energy shield only delays Sunshine and Dr. Light. Lydia may be willing to sacrifice herself to save the others, but Allegra knows the only way anyone will make it out alive is by working together. And the only way to get them all to do that is by being honest.

Allegra reveals her one attempt to lead the Arañas led to her and her cousin’s arrest and one of her crew almost dying. It left her convinced she was unfit to be in charge, despite all the recent evidence to the contrary. Even at this moment, it was her lack of other options, like in Iris’ disappearance, that forced Allegra to step up and acknowledge her criminal past and reveal her meta-abilities.

What happens now remains to be seen. Her co-workers have vowed to keep her superhero status a secret. However, as Taylor has proven, if someone is willing to dig, the truth will out. It’s only a matter of time before her relationship with Team Flash is uncovered.

And what of Caitlin? Barry’s decision to stop her from resurrecting Frost may have been the right call, but his methods were insensitive, to say the least. Is it any wonder Caitlin has no plans to go back to S.T.A.R. Labs? She may have signed off with words of love, but I feel this matter is far from resolved. Not to mention Barry still has Mark to contend with. Mark might have been on a redemptive path, but grief has a way of twisting one’s perspective.

Caitlin and Mark have unfinished business with Barry. Thawne appears to have a plan, which is never a good sign. Iris is still missing. And Allegra may have come out of the shadows, but she still has some ‘splaining to do. There are only three episodes left, and it still feels like we’re still mid-flight rather than coming in for a landing (sorry, I was all out of light metaphors). Should I be worried?

3 out of 5 temperature-controlled polymer cases with biometric locks

Parting Thoughts:

This is another directorial effort by Danielle Panabaker.

The fact we’ve never even seen a picture of Jenna has reached semi-comedic heights.

I’m so glad they explained why no one has ever recognized Allegra while she’s been out hero-ing sans mask.


Chester: “I guess we can cross them off the nice speedster list.”

Allegra: “You just have to trust that I know what I’m doing.”

Sunshine: “Sorry ladies, it’s the end of the road.”

Thawne: “What scared you so bad that you had to run all this way just to be sure I was still here?”

Allegra: “We promised to keep her safe.”
Taylor: “You did. I didn’t.”

Vanya: “You lied to us, and now it’s going to get us killed.”

Chester: “You can’t lead if you're trying to stay in the dark.”

Thawne: “Can you really not see how obvious this answer is? Are you stupid?”
Barry: “Well, enlighten me.”

Sunshine: “This isn’t over.”
Allegra: “Bring it on, Bitch.”

Meena: “I promise you won’t regret this.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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