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This Week: Television’s Reality-Grunge Answer to Superhero Sagas

Jensen Ackles makes everything better.
Billie: So, Agents of Doux, what are you watching this week?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is making me so happy. It's everything I was hoping for. I'm also halfway through the first season of Big Sky, and Jensen Ackles, that's entirely because of you. Third season of The Boys, Jensen ditto. I'm also rewatching The Good Place, a show that lends itself to bingeing. The Good Place gets better every time you watch it.

Over to you!

Victoria Grossack: I adore The Good Place. It has so much to it! So brilliant! Furthermore, there's no violence as in dramas and not the same level of embarrassment as in many sitcoms, so I find it quite restful.

I'm watching Fargo this week. It's not really my cup of tea, but I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Shari: I'm early for once! Honestly, I've been in a bit of a reading slump so my TV viewing has increased. I've been watching Obi-Wan Kenobi and Strange New Worlds. I love the latter almost as much as you do, Billie. In fact, it has made me start rewatching the original Star Trek series, which I have not done in decades. Mostly because I know there are so many references I no longer remember. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying Obi-Wan too, just not as much. I've also watched the first episode of The Time Traveler's Wife. The jury's still out on that one. I still have to catch up on The Boys. I only watched the first season. I too need Jensen back on my TV screen.

Mikey Heinrich: I've let my desire to get to the end of my Star Trek project totally overwhelm all other viewing. I still haven't gotten around to watching the back half of Supergirl's last season, and I'm totally out of the loop on this season of Flash and Superman and Lois. It's all Trek, all the time.

There's a chance I may have an obsessive/addictive personality profile.

Anyhow, I'm halfway through season two of Star Trek: Discovery and really enjoying it. I kind of wish they hadn't so openly caved to the people complaining about the Klingons looking too different, but there you go. I'm coming to the season after already watching Strange New Worlds, so I'm cheating a bit as far as Captain Pike's story is concerned. But I'm unrepentant, because Strange New Worlds has just been SO good. I am a little worried that Nurse Chapel's extra involvement in "Spock Amok" probably means that we won't be getting a dedicated Christine Chapel episode this season, which is a real shame because she has absolutely been the knock out hit of the series. And her chemistry with the Doctor makes every scene that the two of them share a treasure.

And having typed that, now I want Christine Chapel to be Ncoti Gatwa's companion on the next series of Doctor Who. I can dream, can't I?

Samantha Quinn: Oh, The Good Place, how I love that show. Seriously, I'm getting choked up just thinking about Eleanor, Michael, Chidi, Tahani, Jason and Janet.

Anyway, I'm mostly caught up with Obi-Wan and I'm planning on doing a season review when it's over. Also, I'm more than halfway through season four of Stranger Things, and I'm starting to really get into the story. It may be a touch too long, but I do like how the characters are being utilized.

Ms. Marvel episode one was good, and I love the lead, but it was all set up so I'm reserving judgment until I'm further into the series.

The Boys is starting off well. I have one more to go from the current batch of dropped episodes, but I'm liking it so far. Although that first episode... oof, I did not need to see what an Ant-Man knock off does behind closed doors.

The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix turned out to be kind of awesome and I recommend it. The lead is subtle but great, and the rest of the cast really brought something special to the table. That being said, I do feel like it was missing something and after a bit of research on what was adapted, I know why. I won't spoil the show at all, but apparently there is a certain cop character that should be in this series, but was replaced likely due to character ownership rights.

Lastly, I was a bit disappointed with The Munsters trailer and Black Adam, but was surprised by Prey (Predator 5) and was happy to learn that the movie was shot trying to honor the Comanche. It was filmed in English, but the cast did record a language track in Comanche for those that would prefer a more authentic experience.

Sunbunny: The Good Place is my all time favorite comedy. I actually just bought creator Mike Schur’s book How to be Perfect which discusses the moral philosophy he learned while writing the show. Honestly, I haven’t been watching anything recently. Every few months I let The Sims take over all my free time and that’s kind of where I’m at right now.

Josie Kafka: The Good Place is so wonderful that I'm skittish to rewatch it. What if I don't like it as much?!

This has been my week of catching up on Peaky Blinders to prepare for the sixth and final season, which premieres on Netflix at 12:01am on Friday morning, aka six minutes from now. I am so, so excited. So excited.

Victoria: I've also been watching the Congressional Hearings, which Stephen Colbert has called, "America's Got Treason."

Billie: Me too, Victoria. It's Must See TV.

Joseph Santini: This week I discovered The Boys, too – television’s reality-grunge answer to the superhero sagas currently glutting our film and tv. I’m currently on season two bingeing my way out. There’s so many great characters on this show a comment can’t do it justice. Not for everyone though – the violence level is way too high – and yet it’s a fairly realistic take on superhero abilities. I love seeing the adapted American Sign Language in the episodes, and Kimiko, Frenchy, Mother’s Milk and the rest are amazing characters. Can’t wait to see what season three holds.

So what are you guys watching this week?


  1. Ditto the above on Strange New Worlds. This show is becoming something very special. Watched the latest, "Serene Squall", last night and I'm still walking around babbling.

    Stranger Things: can't wait for half 2 to drop. Sadie Sink is going to be a major star some day, and her character, Max, loves Kate Bush!

    Tehran: If Homeland and 24 got together and had a baby... Shaun Toub, one of my favorite actors, is villain/victim Faraz. This show is realpolitik/spycraft, where if anyone has a moral center at all, it becomes a target. Not for idealists.

    The Man Who Fell To Earth: where all the episodes are titled as Bowie songs. An oddball sci fi character study. Not as weird as, say, Raised By Wolves, but up there. I loved the episode about jazz.

    On tap: getting ready for Westworld. Getting up the courage for another season of Handmaid's Tale. The Cuphead Show. Russian Doll. The Ipcress File. Severance. And I'll probably find another excuse to rewatch the movie "The Vast Of Night" yet again.


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