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The Flash: The Man in the Yellow Tie

“Well, just when I thought this day couldn’t get any more interesting.”

Do we have a destiny? Or do we make it? Or is it what happens when we’re working towards something else? This episode gave us so much to unpack.

If I understand Eobard Thawne’s origin correctly, he admired the Flash so much he wanted to be just like him. Yet the Flash thwarted his moment of glory and Thawne became his nemesis, the Reverse-Flash, instead. In turn, he traveled back in time, killed Barry’s mother, and set him on the path to becoming the Flash. Thus, they each created their greatest enemy.

Was that always their destiny? This episode uses that question to great effect as we meet an Eobard with no memory of the Reverse-Flash and no ax to grind against Barry. Will Barry’s justified hatred lead him to recreate his enemy?

It appears so when Barry jumps to the conclusion that Eobard’s goal is to destroy him. Meena is merely a pawn on his chessboard. Thawne’s claim that every version of Eobard is only out for themselves solidifies Barry’s belief.

The Powers That Be toy with that question even after Barry realizes this version of Eobard is a good man. A man whose only desire is to save the woman he loves. If the Flash fails to save her, could that push him into supervillain territory? Hopefully, the world will never know. Instead, his destiny is to be the lightning rod to Meena Dhawan’s Fast Track.

The same cannot be said of the current version of Thawne. He claims he once wanted to be like the Flash. But it’s not true. Thawne wanted the power and fame that came with being the Flash. He believed that would make him special. Barry just wanted to help people, and he would have done so as a CSI or as the Flash. Thawne never recognized that it's Barry's heart that makes him special, not his speed.

Yet Thawne refuses to give up. And even without his speed or resources, Barry continues to regard him as a threat. Those fears appear to be well-founded. Deon’s been looking for Thawne to fulfill his destiny. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s not good.

Eobard’s destiny isn’t the only one in question. John Diggle’s destiny has been courting him for years in the form of a small black box that fell from the sky. Many, including myself, assumed it involved a certain organization known for lanterns of a particular hue. However, if Thawne’s talk of drinking of the Bleed Mandrakk is to be believed, we’ve been woefully misguided. Apparently, Mandrakk was a Dark Monitor, and he made the Anti-Monitor from the Crisis on Infinite Earths look like a puppy dog. So, John’s decision to choose his family over greatness may be a blessing for multiple reasons.

Lest we forget, Cecile has joined the rest of Team Flash in leveling up — to the tune of 1000%. She no longer needs to dredge up her own personal fears to use against potential villains. She can use the emotions of those around her. I’d be a lot happier about her new skills if she didn’t seem to enjoy it so much. Besides, Cecile’s mysterious female stalker makes me wonder if Cecile was destined for an upgrade or whether someone else is responsible.

I was both pleased and terrified by Mark’s reaction to the condition of Caitlin’s apartment. I expected him to be wallowing in a pit of villainous despair by now. Instead, his science hat is firmly in place and he has a new and improved plan to get Frost back. The man is a genius and Caitlin is no slouch. But I have my doubts about their ability to resurrect Frost at this late date. Generally speaking, the dead should stay dead.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we have two episodes left and the pile of questions I have is increasing rather than decreasing. I love not knowing how the season will end. However, my faith that there will be a satisfying conclusion to the season is just one more question sitting atop that growing pile.

And while I stand by everything I just wrote, this is probably my favorite episode of the season. There was oodles of ground covered. A host of guest appearances (Hi there, Ray). And a subtlety this show is not known for. More please.

4 out of 5 serpent creatures from the Morlaidh dimension

Parting Thoughts:

Chester's scientific name drop of the week is Francis Sumner.

If you were wondering what Thawne was talking about when he mentioned The Orrery of Worlds, you were not alone.


Meena: “For the next three minutes and 52 seconds, I am the fastest woman alive.”

Robber: “Hey Teacup! You trying to be a hero?”

Eobard: “Well, the other candidates were idiots. I’m not.”

Diggle: “There is no power in the universe more powerful than the love I have for my family.”

Meena: “You gave up your dream. Your chance to save the world.”
Eobard: “You are my world.”

Barry: “You’re not the man I thought you were. You’re someone better.”

Meena: “This is who I am now, and killing the Flash is my purpose.”

Eobard: “I’d rather die right here, right now than lose you.”

Cecile: “Now that’s more like it.”

Deon: “It’s time to fulfill your destiny.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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