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Roswell, New Mexico: Fly

“I guess power just shows you who you really are.”

With great power comes great responsibilities. It looks like the Pod Squad still needs to define who and what they’re responsible for.

There may be no wedding in the offing, but Max and Liz are in a good place, at least personally. However, Max has reverted to his season one self in the sense that he just wants to be a boy from Roswell and pretend aliens are just a marketing tool for the Graham Greens of the world. Unfortunately, Bonnie and Clyde keep reminding him that aliens are alive and well and wiping memories all over town. And neither his authority as Sheriff nor his alien abilities may be enough to protect the people he cares about.

Liz’s matrimonial fear isn’t just about the alien shoes dropping from the sky, or, in this case, light shows and glow in the dark rain. Her track record of being able to balance the science with her life isn’t exactly stellar (see what I did there?). She’s chosen Max over science, but she has her doubts about being able to honor that commitment. Her desire to teach and make a difference in her students’ lives is admirable, but is it enough?

Enter Shivani, stage right. Is it just me or does she seem too good to be true? What does a tech billionaire want from Liz? Does Shivani truly not know where Allie is? Because showing up in Roswell at the same time as Tezca is a tad suspect. So is handing Liz an alien-infected locust to “science.”

Michael continues to take two steps forward and one step back. He may have moved in with Alex, but he’s having trouble letting go of his old life. The one where he was on his own and could only depend on himself. It wasn’t true back then, and it’s certainly not true now. But since it’s Michael, he needs someone to slap him upside the head and remind him. This week that task fell to Saunders.

I’m glad Saunders is good at his job because it looks like it may be a while before Alex and Michael are reunited. I knew something bad was going to happen. Alex and Michael spent too much time explaining how they would always find a way back to each other. Alex wasn’t deploying for a year or two. He was going away for what they each thought was a few weeks at most. However, if Alex was willing to burn down the world for Michael, I wonder what Michael’s going to do to Tezca when he finds her. And that’s with the belief that Michael will eventually find Alex alive and (relatively) unharmed. If Alex dies, all bets are off.

And it would still be a healthier response than Izzy’s.

Isobel, oh Isobel. What the hell were you thinking? For all Isobel’s talk of facing the truth in the last episode or Kyle’s not subtle at all reminder that white lies are still lies, Isobel laid a few doozies on Anatsa. It’s true that Anatsa was poking her nose into the Pod Squad’s business, but Isobel had been about to reveal her immigrant status last week. This could have been a good opportunity to come clean and potentially get a little cover from the Fourth Estate.

Instead, Isobel does what should be unthinkable after what Noah did to her. She manipulated Anatsa’s mind. One, does she believe Anatsa won’t find out what she did? And two, does she believe Anatsa will forgive that betrayal? She didn’t forgive Noah’s. Yes, I know Isobel’s not an alien serial murderer, but we’re not grading on a curve.

Speaking of Noah, did my ears deceive me, or was there a mention of the return of Ophiuchus? Would this be a clone or is Isobel’s murderous husband about to make a return engagement?

I’m so confused about Jones’ contingency plan. This new triad was already on Earth when they received his message, and they’ve spent the last six months collecting items for the Alighting. Is this to transform Earth into a new Oasis? Clyde said they’re not here to change Earth, but they did edit the DNA of locusts. Then there’s Bonnie’s claim they should enjoy their limited time on Earth, while Clyde seems to imply that it’s the Earth’s time that’s limited. What do you think will happen when they discover the Savior is no more?

I know there’s the theory that power corrupts, but I think this show is going on the premise that power reveals. Max isn’t above ambition, but he uses the power he has to protect the people he cares about. Science is Liz’s superpower, and she’s always looked at it as a way to make the world a better place. For Michael, it was always the means to protect himself, but he’s learning it can be so much more. Regrettably, Isobel still has some lessons to be learned, and I suspect they may come at a steep price. Power is a tool. It’s our choice to use it for good or ill.

4 out of 5 pieces of alien glass

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s title is from Sugar Ray’s 1997 hit.

Allie’s wife was played by none other than Cylon 7, Rekha Sharma.

Still no Rosa or Heath. But Saunders was there, and that made me happy since I wasn’t convinced he’d survived last season.

What is Vanessa’s story? She lied about her home life, she’s angry and disruptive, and I’ve yet to see anything that suggests she’s a good student. What about this person is tugging at Liz’s heartstrings? Or is it just Liz’s savior syndrome kicking in?

I love Liz and Michael sciencing together.

If Cameron has a type, it’s labeled “Do-gooder.” First a cop and now a preacher. Or maybe she just likes aliens.


Anatsa: “Obviously, it’s the aliens controlling our minds.”

Graham: “Last night was a harbinger of what is to come.”

Shivani: “Not everything is about money, Liz.”

Clyde: “What’s wrong with your eyes?”
Bonnie: “Well, apparently, this is how the females in their species convince the lesser males to do their bidding.”

Kira: “When you’re deciding whether to call me, would you please imagine I was clever and coy?”

Michael: “Consider the bug goo baton passed.”

Cameron: “You want to bust out the stash of rye in my trunk and mope to some Reba?”
Max: “Tempting.”

Cameron: “The infamous Pod Squad preacher who can hear prayers. It’s a good thing I’m an athiest who says everything that’s on my mind.”
Dallas: “Uh... Not everything, apparently.”

Clyde: “There can be no pleasure until there’s no suffering.” (That would be a mighty long wait!)

Kyle: “Your intrepid reporter girlfriend is being a little too intrepid.”

Cameron: “Put down the magic hands.”

Isobel: “I promised myself I would never do this to someone I loved.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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