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Roswell, New Mexico: Dear Mama

“The world has a way of clouding our judgment when we need it the most.”

This week was about loss. Lost opportunities, lost history and, more palpably, the loss of loved ones. Luckily, there was also hope.

We opened with the death of Mimi Deluca. Maria is gutted. Not only by the loss of her mother, but by knowing her mother died to give her information she doesn’t understand. Maria has defined herself by her psychic abilities. It’s the Deluca legacy. Who is she now that she has no powers and her mother is gone? The belief that if she hadn’t kept the loss of those abilities a secret, she would at least know what her mother sacrificed her life for just piles guilt on top of her grief.

Maria isn’t the only one suffering. Mimi Deluca was everything Liz’s mother wasn’t. Namely, she was there when Liz needed her. Liz is at a loss both on how to help her friend and how to deal with her own pain. Especially when it seems to be affecting her work.

Shivani arrives with just the right words at just the right time to keep Liz on task. She makes my spidey sense tingle. Maybe it is all to save her daughter, but Shivani knows way too much about all things alien. Plus the Pod Squad seems too trusting of someone with that much knowledge and unlimited resources.

Isobel’s loss also centers on a person. Yet, unlike Maria, she has no one to blame but herself. Anatsa has begged Isobel to open up for over a week and Izzy’s response has been to “mindscape” her and push her away. She’s rationalized this with the very justifiable argument that telling Anatsa about the Pod Squad risks Anatsa outing said Pod Squad. Very publicly.

Yet, the actual issue is only superficially related to secrets and aliens. For all Isobel’s Warrior Woman rhetoric, she’s terrified of opening her heart to another person again. Noah’s betrayal scarred her on such a fundamental level Isobel would rather torpedo her relationship with Anatsa than risk being hurt. To her credit, Isobel tries to fix the issue the moment Cam points it out to her, but by then it’s too late.

Michael may be channeling his inner Donnie Brasco, but his yearning for information is about more than discovering Jones’ contingency plan. It is a chance to learn about where he was born, who his parents were, and how he came to be. In short, his legacy. Michael has never known his family and here is his chance to find out.

I suspect Clyde recognizes that desire, even if Michael hasn’t earned his trust. This is why he showed Michael the device his mother created. I have no doubt Michael will be responsible for activating the device, directly or indirectly. I wonder whether he will try to steal the device from the triad or bring them the final piece. I also question whether the device can transport them back to Oasis or if that is another of Clyde’s manipulations.

Amidst all the love and loss, we learned a few tidbits of information. Alien tissue can essentially play possum, which calls both Jones and Noah’s deaths into question. Especially now that we know the woman we thought was Tezca is in a pod in Careyes and not traipsing around Roswell. Speaking of Tezca, we’ve learned that a) she hasn’t been killing people, b) while she can shape-shift, she can’t get rid of her tattoo, and c) whatever she is doing to them leaves genetic traces that turn their eyes blue.

If Tezca is trying to resurrect Jones, I don’t believe it’s going as planned. That’s why she needed the clone. Can Max’s blood do what hers could not? Wasn't it supposed to be about the power of belief?

We’ve also learned there’s a venomous Oasian flying salamander called Fortune that, unsurprisingly, is supposed to bring luck. And there’s a sacred Oasian tree that sent Mimi on her final quest and whose fruit tastes like emotions. Maybe?

What about the hope I spoke of? It can be found in the little things. Maria didn’t need psychic powers to find her mother’s clue. Dallas’ attempts to use his abilities led to a memory we all know will be important soon. I don’t trust Clyde as far as I can throw him (and I doubt I could lift him), but Bonnie seems decent and definitely pro-human. I have faith that if Anatsa discovers the truth about aliens, she would protect Isobel’s secret despite their breakup. And finally, I suspect that should Isobel and Anatsa not reunite, that Isobel will find love again.

There isn’t much more to say. So much of the episode was spent setting up future events and yet the character development was fascinating enough that you overlook the exposition you’re being fed along the way. Another strong episode.

4 out of 5 sacred trees

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s title was brought to you by 2Pac’s 1995 hit.

I loved that Maria knows Liz would drop everything to help her and Liz knows that somehow she’s said the wrong thing.


Mimi: “I’ll never leave you. You’ll always have the power to find me.”

Max: “I guess Deep Sky isn’t the Fort Knox we thought it was.”

Anatsa: “I know there’s something that you’re trying to get out. Just take a leap of faith.”

Bonnie: “Earth is proof that things can be different.”

Isobel: “Alright, Dr. Dyson, why don’t you tell me about this, uh, alien ectoplasm, hmm?”
Liz: “I prefer the term goo.”

Max: “You said together we could do anything. So, let’s prove it.”

Isobel: “This symbol has followed me around like a bad tweet my whole life.”

Eduardo: “If you run, they’ve called your bluff.”

Cameron: “Last time I checked, I’m still the only legally blonde gunslinger in town.”

Isobel: “So, my brother found the balls to get down on one knee, and meanwhile, I, for some inexplicable reason, lose all nerve when it comes to telling my own truth.”

Max: “You’re not Cam, are you?”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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