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Roswell, New Mexico: You Get What You Give

“Sounds like I missed a couple of chapters of the Alien Book Club.”

This week was all about mixed messages and the vast difference between what is said and what was understood.

Max and Liz are the perfect example. They may want the same things, but they are not on the same page. Max is trying to protect Liz from the “other alien shoe.” Whether that’s to prove he’s equal to the protection task or afraid that this will be her last straw is unclear. Since Liz is not an idiot, she immediately realizes he’s hiding something, but she decides he just needs space. What they needed to do was talk to each other. Max’s secrets led to another near-death experience for Liz and may have pushed her towards the outcome he fears.

It shouldn’t come as a complete shock that Cameron has a better read on Max than Liz does. She’s known the adult version of Max a lot longer, both personally and professionally. She has no problem calling him out on his BS, while Liz is still discovering the contours of her and Max’s relationship.

Max isn’t the only one withholding information. As we’ve discovered, being part of a triad doesn’t mean you agree with or even trust the other members. Whatever Tezca is planning, she hasn’t seen fit to share it with Bonnie. Not surprising given Bonnie’s love of all things human. Yet, I wonder if even Clyde knows her true intentions.

Speaking of, let’s discuss Clyde’s relationship with Bonnie. He may be manipulative, but he’s not just using her. That it was Bonnie who made him believe Oasis could be a better place has the ring of truth. So does his claim that he’s protecting her. Of course, that leads to the obvious question of who or what does Bonnie need protection from? Tezca? Ophiuchus?

Why would they want to return to Oasis, anyway? It sounds like it was anything but. Clyde spent his time there hiding and stealing to survive and it seems like Bonnie’s life was as bad if not worse. If their precious Savior couldn’t fix the problems, what makes them think Max can? If that is indeed the plan.

The Valentis have been the so-called sky gods’ protectors since the crash. Yet, it seems even they are not immune to miscommunication. Eduardo never told Kyle he had a daughter, let alone that she was in Careyes protecting alien artifacts.

I wondered if Isobel was oblivious to Kyle’s feelings for her or blatantly ignoring them. That she believed he turned her down way back when because he didn’t want to date an alien never occurred to me. Although it makes complete sense. Now that they’ve both admitted how they feel, they have an opportunity to discover if they are each other’s “person.”

Isobel and Kyle weren’t the only ones to clear the air. Now that Maria has made her peace with losing her psychic abilities, she finally comes clean to Liz. And miracle of miracles, Max and Michael have a heart-to-heart where they agree on a plan of attack. It’s a bad plan, but it’s what’s left.

We’ve also learned several new bits of information. Ophiuchus is a movement, not a person. Does this mean that Tezca is not calling the shots? As Jones’ clone, Max has access to all the abilities Jones had edited into his genes. It’ll be interesting to see how many Tezca unlocked. We also found out that the fruit from the alien tree is fuel, not food. Yet, Michael ate it. Is this why he’s sick? And now that all the pieces of the alien puzzle have been assembled, we’ve got our first look at Oasis.

The list of things we don’t know is just as long. Bonnie thought that the aforementioned alien puzzle could take them home, but we have yet to learn how? We don’t know where Alex is or where Eduardo is presumably hiding. Speculations aside, we don’t know what caused Michael’s illness. And Ophiuchus’ plans for Max and Liz remain a mystery.

In the end, the Pod Squad was able to open lines of communication where the triad did not. As long as Tezca, Clyde and Bonnie are working at cross purposes. I like the Pod Squads’ chances.

4 out of 5 Sky Gods

Parting Thoughts:

This week’s title is named after the New Radicals 1998 hit.

That barn has served as soooo many sets. One might say, too many.


Tezca: “Rest now. The torch has been passed.”

Liz: “I’m sorry. Are you not worried about this? ‘Cause I’m definitely worried about this.”

Dallas: “The last time I was flexing my alien muscles, I triggered a memory of me and my father when I was a kid.”

Maria: “Are you saying Jesus was an alien?”

Max: “Do you tell Alex everything you’re thinking?”
Michael: “I was trained in the art of trust issues for 25 years. So no. I do not."

Liz: “Spoiler alert, I do not have a lollipop for you when I am done.”

Clyde: “I don’t care whose son you are. If your little chats with Bonnie hurt her in any way, I will destroy you.”

Cam: “Little Miss Science went off to the lab to mix my alien-freeing cocktail.”

Theodore: “The idea of home can live in many places."

Tesco: “Of course. This is your handiwork.”
Liz: “Sounds like you’re not a fan.”

"Butterflies don’t turn back into caterpillars, Max."

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. Agree about the barn-it has seen waaaaaay too much screen time the past 3 seasons. It amazes me that this show never really recovered from the cooties-majority of scenes have only 1-2 people & most action now takes place outside. Very different show from first 2 seasons.

    1. You're so right! I think I'd gotten so used to the scenes with few people or the group shots outdoors that I stopped noticing it. Except for at the Wild Pony. I did wonder how Maria stayed in business when there was never anyone in the bar anymore...

  2. This was the best episode of this season by quite a way imo. While still keeping the blend of relationship drama and alien weirdness that this and the original series had I felt this season had skewed too much into soapy drama at times. This episode has restored my faith at least.

    Great song too!


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