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Doux Top Twenty! Number 13: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is number 13 on Doux Reviews' list of top twenty hitting shows.

I watched Breaking Bad (2008-2013) from the beginning, raved about it to my friends, and kept telling myself I didn’t have time to review it. I was already reviewing a bunch of other shows and just couldn’t take on another.

That is, until "Face Off," the fourth season finale. It was so unbelievably good, so droll, so explosive (pun intended), that I simply had to find the time. (Something similar happened to me when I fell in love with Outlander in the summer of 2019 and went on a reviewing binge. It doesn't happen often.)

In the months between November 2011 and July 2012, I reviewed the first four seasons of Breaking Bad, finishing just in time for the fifth and final season premiere on July 15. I reviewed the final season as it aired.

Enough has been said about the brilliance of this show. (It even has something I’ve never seen before – an episode, "Ozymandias," rated 10 out of 10 on IMDb.

In my opinion, Breaking Bad is as good as all of its hype, and the series finale stuck the landing. I've been putting off doing a rewatch, worried just a bit that I won’t love it as much since I know how it ends, but I'm sure I'll get to it someday soon.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I started watching Breaking Bad but had to stop after a couple of episodes. My own life was pretty dark at the time, and I decided to postpone watching it. When I got around to it, I actually started with Better Call Saul (so good) and continued straight into BB. Both of these shows deserve all of the praise and awards. I do wish there had been reviews of BCS (because, for so many of my favorites, the experience is only complete with reading a review by one of the Agents of D.O.U.X.).

    1. Scott, I did try Better Call Saul but didn't connect with it and didn't watch much of it. I know it's supposed to be very good, though.

  2. I watched this at your urging, Billie, and I am so grateful you urged! It was all-consuming; I binged it very quickly.

    I really admire this show, but I can't imagine watching it again. Too much of an emotional roller-coaster.

    Your article on "Five Shows That Were a Bear to Review" is worth linking here, I think, since this show was so intense: https://www.douxreviews.com/2018/07/five-shows-that-were-bear-to-review.html

  3. I'm a little surprised to see such a well-known juggernaut of a show "only" placed at 13, but I also have to admit I personally didn't even notice, somehow, that you reviewed this show, Billie, until now! It's probably because, as you say in your post, you reviewed the first four seasons somewhat belated and not when they were first airing. I guess now I can look forward to finally reading your reviews from 10 years ago the next time I rewatch this brilliant show ;-)

    1. Chris, it's really just as you said, it's probably because I reviewed BB so late.

  4. I found this show while channel-surfing as a teenager. Suddenly I'm seeing Hal from MITM in this serious drama/black comedy, he's got cancer, he's breaking the law, etc. I just had to see more, only later realizing I was watching a sleeper hit that rose to be one of the most acclaimed shows of the early 21st century. Hell of a ride.

    One of the few TV series I describe as Damn Near Perfect.


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